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iRock 450FM Wireless Music Adapter

Strengths: 100 Channel Digital Tuning; Backlit LCD Display; 12 Volt Auto Adapter Included; Strong Transmission With Minimal To No Interference; Slim, Sleek, Stylish Design

Weakness: Faulty LCD Display; Reliability Uncertain

I was excited about ordering the iRock 450 FM transmitter because it seemed to get decent reviews. After looking at other transmitters, I fell in love with the sleek and pocket-sized design of this particular model. I especially loved the fact that I could choose from 100 different frequencies instead of just the usual four that other transmitters restrict you to.

I originally ordered the iRock transmitter on 3/22/2005 from because they were offering a competitive price at the time. Surprisingly, they sent me the transmitter within 2 days and I couldn’t wait to test my new toy. Unfortunately, after I installed the battery and turned on the transmitter, the LCD display was completely blank. The backlight worked, but there were no numbers on the screen. I assumed that I might have installed a low battery, so I put in a new one thinking that was the problem. Again, the results were the same. The unit would turn on, but no numbers would appear on the display screen. For some reason, I did not want to believe that my unit was defective, so I tried yet another battery, but with no success. Just my luck, I ended up getting a lemon. I was frustrated because now I would have to wait until the company received the defective unit, processed it, and then send me a replacement.

After waiting almost 2 weeks, I finally received a new transmitter on 4/5/2005. This time I made sure to install a brand new AAA battery. Right when I thought that nothing else could go wrong, I turned on the unit only to find out that the numbers on the LCD display were all incomplete. I could not read the frequency because there were only fragments of each digit that were displayed on the screen. I could not believe that I had received another defective unit. By this time, I was ready to give up and just request a full refund since it seemed that the latest iRock 450 FM transmitters were faulty with the LCD display.

I don’t know why, but I decided to exchange it one last time. Sometimes people say, “The third time is a charm”, so I decided to take a chance. If this last exchange ended up being defective, then I was going to return it for a refund. On 5/23/2005, I received the third and final replacement transmitter. Finally, after all the headaches and delays with this wireless music adapter, the LCD actually worked. The numbers were clear and quite visible as they should have been when the first unit was sent to me.


It has now been a little over a month since I received the last transmitter. Unfortunately, it ended up being too good to be true. Some of the numbers on the LCD display have broken up. Since it has been over a month, I must go through the warranty of the manufacturer to fix this problem, which I have yet to do. Even though the LCD screen is faulty, the transmitter has worked surprisingly well. I can be up to 10 feet away with minimal to no interference. The package claims that the music adapter can work as far as 30 feet away. I haven’t tested it further than 10 feet yet. It seems to be a powerful unit considering there was barely any static when I listened to my mp3 player at home or in my car.

My advice to those of you that are considering buying this transmitter by iRock is to research other music adapters from different manufacturers before you decide to buy this one. There are probably other brands that are better made and more reliable than the iRock 450FM. Other people have been lucky and have not experienced any problems with their iRock FM transmitter, but after what I went through, I don’t think I would recommend this adapter until iRock fixes the problem with the LCD display.

By Jcp824 - Jul 10, 2005

I have used this device to play...

Strengths: compact size battery or 12 volt car adapter(included)

Weakness: none

I have used this device to play DVDs thru my car stereo. I have used this many times and have had no problems with it. The only problem I had was when I tried to use a Duracell battery. This brand has a smaller + end than other batteries and the unit wouldn't power on. Other than this I would reccomend this to anyone.

By mikenice232 - Mar 5, 2005

I had it for one day. It ran...

Strengths: style, quality of transmission and audio

Weakness: shaky reliability

I had it for one day. It ran beautifully.

But alas, it became non-functional in less than one dya. It lost the fourth digit when was turned on and ceased transmitting at any frequency.

Prior to that I detected a minor yet annoying problem, that is, the battery operation won't work simply because the way that the device is designed makes it difficult to contact to the positive terminal of an AAA battery. Was told by iRock's customer service that, yeh, they are aware the problem, in particular if it is Duracell!!

The sad thing is that because it ran beautifully, I am going to order another one (in replacement) just in case I got a lemon last time. Wish me luck.

By billchenys - Feb 3, 2005

this is a very nice product. it...

Strengths: very easy to set up. very appealing sleek look, not bulky. the sound quality is good. uses cigarette lighter for power.

Weakness: Doesnt turn off your mp3 player when the car is turned off. you must remember to turn your mp3 player off when you turn off your car or else the mp3 player will play until its battery is dead

this is a very nice product. it allows me to never have to burn a cd again. i'm sure better ones will come out in the future, but this one is great compared to others i have seen. it is similar to what a cd disc changer does. it transmits a radio signal, so it that type of sound quality. things on my wish list for this type of product are a power source for the mp3 player, having the system turn the mp3 player off when the car is turned off, and a direct link of some type so that the music is digital quality.

By joeynation - Feb 20, 2005

This is my first FM transmitter...

Strengths: The strong signal, the compactness, the simplicity

Weakness: The battery cover

This is my first FM transmitter via audio output. I have also a FM transmitter via USB port but it is restricted to only 5 stations , plus has to be set with lifting a cover and changing the dial. The most disadvantage is that it only works with PC with USB port, and that takes time to configure. But this iRock 100 channel FM Transmitter eliminates all these problems. The station can be changed with a click of the button. It can plug into any appliance with audio output, including PC with sound card that has audio output. The only problem with this transmitter is the battery cover; it has to be pressed down very hard and use great force to push out. That results with my finger hurts quite a bit sometimes.

By alasam - Jan 30, 2005

If you need a quick and painless...

Strengths: This is an amazing product.Hands down the best FM modulator on the market. It maintains a strong signal allowing for amazing sound quality from a very small product. I highly recommend this.

Weakness: So far there are no weaknesses. The unit is small and extremely easy to use. The design is unique. The battery life is excellent and the power cord just makes it better.

If you need a quick and painless way to connect your mp3 player to any stereo with an FM receiver this is the way to go.

By n8_dogg41280 - Jan 28, 2005

I just have to write to someone...

Strengths: great signal,stylish exterior,versatility

Weakness: none yet!

I just have to write to someone and tell them how GREAT this adapter is! I just happen to do a search on "MP3 to FM Adapters". The style is HOT! It's better than that ugly 400FM..sorry. The silver looks so cool with my SanDisk Ruby Red MP3 player.

Today was my first day using it and I've already raved to 10 people. I want to buy one for everyone! I love this little thing. Previously, I bought a cheap product that claimed the same claims. When I used it with my CD Player, if I crossed city lines on my drive to work, I SURELY lost my signal; SUPER high volume thrown at you with static - stumbling to turn the volume down or the power off... that's REALLY safe driving. I did a little research and heard great things about 450FM. I tried ebay, but was weary. Your site looks very safe so I said I'd pay full price (it wasn't less on ebay! Might as well get it from the source to be sure!!!).

I plugged the 450FM into my car adapter (I have a 2002 Beetle; no cigarette lighters), plugged it into my MP3 player, Turned on the 450FM, Tuned it to 88.7, Powered on my MP3 player and was in HEAVEN. Crystal clear sound (well as great a quality as the original mp3 is)! I completed all of that in less than a minute and then started my hour drive to work. It was a pleasure! I went from Philadelphia, PA to Newtown PA without ONE interruption.

THAT is the best selling point right there. I'm sooo happy I took a leap and purchased this product.

By niseynisey - Dec 23, 2004

I would recommend buying a similar...

Strengths: Sends a signal clear enough to be very satisfactory in an automobile. Selecting any FM band is a must on such a device.

Weakness: Extremely flimsy design was evident immediately. Stopped working after less than a month of use.

I would recommend buying a similar device from a more reputable company. Belkin makes one that looks good, and I know Sony make one too. I strongly advise not purchasing this product.

By minorninth - Mar 23, 2005

I purchased this item almost three...

Strengths: Compact size and light weight with AAA size battery or optional car A/C adaptor.

Weakness: Weak signal. No preset function. Tiny LCD screen.

I purchased this item almost three months ago. Upon I received this item, I immediately tried to use it in my car. It turned out to be weak to send out shaky signal to my car FM receiver. Right now, I only use it with MP3 player for my home stereo music system without MP3 function. I have to put this transmitter very close to the music system to get a satisfactory quality.

By james42427 - Jun 29, 2005

Excellent product that offers 100...

Strengths: Light weight and compact.

Weakness: None.

Excellent product that offers 100 stations for you to tune in on. Automatically saves the last tuned station so you don't have to re-tune after every use.

By russellbills - Feb 17, 2005

Overall, this is a very good FM...

Strengths: Very good signal, multiple channels, digital.

Weakness: Quality not as good as cd quality.

Overall, this is a very good FM transmitter and probably the best one that I have ever used. It gives you the option of a 100 different channels so surely you can find one that works well. The range is quite well and there is very little static. I would recommend this product if you are looking for a good way to play your portable tunes in your car.

By ashishjm - Feb 15, 2005