Sony WALKMAN SRF-HM33 AM/FM Stereo Headphone

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Sony's WALKMAN SRF-HM33 AM/FM Stereo Headphone Radio will fit right into your workout. Features include an AM/FM Stereo Digital Synthesized Tuner, and 20 Station Memory Presets (15 FM/5 AM), which allow you to switch between memorized stations at the press of a button! You won't ever have to stop to change the station. Enjoy our Mega Bass Sound and utilize the LCD Tuning Display to check the radio station frequency, station preset number, or time of day. Your workout begins with the SRF-HM33.


Product Title: Sony WALKMAN SRF-HM33 AM/FM Stereo Headphone

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 4.0 | 5 Reviews

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Sony SRF-HM33 Walkman AM/FM Stereo Headphone Radio

Strengths: They have excellent sound and pick up stations well inside of a building if you are close to a window.

Weakness: The headphones do not stay on well if you are running or jogging. Slow walk and treadmill do work well.

I needed these headphones as I am post a heart attack. I am going to rehab and they serve as an excellent diversion while I am doing my workout. The headphones would not work well in an agressive workout setting.

By jfactor - May 9, 2007

To be expected

Strengths: Sound quality is acceptable, and of course the integrated design eliminates wires. Although it hasn't been used too much, the batteries seem to last. The LCD screen is clear and crisp.

Weakness: To change stations, you usually need to take it off or feel around for the proper buttons. Also, due to the integrated design, the quality isn't perfect and you can't upgrade the headphone component.

You might not want to walk around wearing headphones with a prominent yellow-tipped antenna, but it works. However, spending just a bit more can get you an MP3 player (albeit not a new iPod at current prices), possibly with an FM tuner, and let you use whatever quality headphones you want; if one component breaks, you can replace just that component. For simple listening, it's a fine product, but...
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By filburt1 - Dec 27, 2005

sony srf-hm33 walkman am/fm stereo headphone radio

Strengths: lightweight, clear audio, no wires

Weakness: none

this walkman extremely useful. has no wires and control of band selection and stations very efficient. has 20 presets, 15 fm and 5 am easily selectable. lightweight, clear with wide audio range. sony has made a great product.

By litaben - Jul 31, 2005

The best headphone radio available

Strengths: comfortable to wear, great sound

Weakness: only 5 am presets

This radio replaces my current Sony Sports Headband radio that is almost worn out & has always been uncomfortable to wear. It has Great am/fm sensitivity, with 20 memory presets, digital clock display, adjustable double headbands. DX/Local FM sensitivity switch, light reflector on the antenna, and a really great mega bass setting. I love this radio.

By stevepaint - Jul 14, 2005

My big concern when buying a...

Strengths: fairly nice sound for a headset

Weakness: some stations fade in and out

My big concern when buying a headset was getting all of the stations I love-- all of the time. And clear reception of them. This headset does a decent job at pretty much everything, except occasional fading in and out of some FM stations I listen to. It's still better than most other headsets I have heard. These same radio stations have at times gone a bit fuzzy even at home or in my car- so it...
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By jessicaroth - Nov 2, 2004

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