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Westinghouse TX-42F430S 42

Strengths: Multiple Connections, 1080P Resolution, Integrated TV Tuners and 4 HDMIs.

Weakness: HUB HDMIs, Incompatible with ATI video card drivers.

About a month ago, Best Buy had this on sale for $1049.99. I was able to use a 10% off coupon and gotten this for about $1K after CA Recycle Fee ($10) and tax. For the price, I got a steal but with two complaints.

1. First, with 4 HDMIs they're hubbed and aren't dedicated; meaning they share the same setting.

2. Second, with ATI video card drivers, there is no signal unless two options are deselected.

I have a Playstation 2, a desktop PC, and a DVD Player connected to this LCD. I connect my PS2 via component, my computer via HDMI to DVI, and my Philips DVP5982 1080P Upconversion DivX DVD player via HDMI. The PS2 looks great but the screen does not fill perfectly. There are a few centimeters that is black around the whole screen. My computer is excellent with 1080P resolution (1920 x 1080). I have a ATI X800 video card and with the original ATI drivers I was unable to get a signal until I deselected two options, "Reduce DVI frequency on high-resolution displays" and "Alternate DVI operational mode". Make sure you are connected via DVI with another monitor to deselect these two options before attempting to connect to this Westinghouse. One, the DVI options does not appear until you are connected via DVI. Two, you won't get a signal if you connect this Westinghouse before deselecting those two options. My DVD player has excellent picture quality with this LCD.

For the price I paid, I couldn't be happier.

Here is my user picture settings if anyone is interested:
Brightness: 48
Contrast: 74
Saturation: 54
Hue: 50
Sharpness: 25
Backlight: 40
Color Temp: Warm

By BlazeBoy - Aug 20, 2007

So close...

Strengths: Digital HD/SD tuner Plethora of inputs Good black/color levels Attractive styling

Weakness: PIP Nonfunctional Power Management doesn't fully work on HDMI Not all remote input buttons are discrete Can't upgrade set firmware in the field

I own several Westinghouse TVs/monitors and have had such great experiences with them I decided to pick up this latest in the 1080p line. Compared to the other 1080p Westinghouse set I have (37w1) this model adds a digital TV tuner and several extra digital inputs. In addition, the styling is a bit better (with a matte black/brushed metal bezel instead of a matte silver one on my 37w1).

Picture quality is on par with the 37w1 and improved in some cases. For instance in certain scenarios I see ghosting artifacts on the 37w1. But with the 42F320S I haven't seen any of that (granted I am not a gamer so I have not tested this set's performance in that regard).

Black levels are about the same as the 37w1 and really I consider them quite good (I am not very picky about that though). A big key to getting decent blacks is to turn the backlight down to its lowest setting (or thereabouts).

Color seems great--again no big change from my 37w1.

One puzzling thing is that PIP has been a standard feature on all the Westinghouse TVs/monitors I have purchased previously and appears in the menu for the 42F430S but is greyed out. I don't know if Westinghouse had to disable it at the last minute or never intended to provide it, but in any case it doesn't work. No big loss for me as I don't use it, but it would be nice to have it available if the set is physically capable (which it would seem to be).

The remote is far better than any of the other Westinghouse sets I own--both in terms of the number of buttons and the sensitivity of the IR sensor on the set. My only quibble (which has always been the case with Westinghouse remotes) is that several of the inputs buttons cycle between multiple inputs rather than having dedicated IR codes for each discrete input. This really only comes into play when trying to set up macros on programmable remotes like the Harmony. Casual users aren't going to care, and major home theater buffs are probably buying more expensive TVs so this is not a big issue--just something that could be improved.
I am not a typical user of this set, as even though I have cable hooked up the QAM tuner, I actually never use it. I really only use one input on the set--HDMI1. I have that connected via an HDMI->DVI cable to my Home Theater PC running Windows Vista Media Center full-time. So for me this is really just a big computer monitor.

As a result I depend on the power saving function of the computer and monitor to turn the set on and off as needed. I've been doing this for a couple years now and it worked really well on my 37w1, which in power saving mode used only about 1W of power.

Unfortunately the 42F430S (at least the one I have--there have been a couple of other reports from other users too) does not enter the true power saving mode over HDMI when signaled by the computer. It turns off the backlight (which I will concede is the largest power draw in the device) but it leaves the panel itself running (if you look carefully you can actually see the TV picture continuing on in the background even though the set is supposed to be "off". The result is that palpable heat is given off from the set 24/7 and it will draw at least 50W of power all the time.

Let me reiterate that this bug will not affect most users of this set. As long as you're using the power button on the remote (or using DPMS on the VGA input I think) then you won't be affected by this.

I'm sure this would be a very easy bug for Westinghouse to fix and issue as a firmware update. However, despite the presence of a USB port on the back to facilitate such updates Westinhouse has never provided one. People end up resorting to exchanging the entire set for one with a newer firmware (I'd consider that if I knew Westinghouse had fixed this bug)--which is a total waste of money and effort for all parties involved. In this day and age companies like Westinghouse are very foolish to not provide some method to upgrade firmware in the field.

But I digress... this really is a nice set for TV watching, HD-anything, and even use as a monitor. My biggest gripe would be a small one for anyone else--the inability to enter a very lower power state when connected over HDMI. With that bug (and given my need for just the monitor part of this set) I wish I had purchased the previous generation LVM-42w2 instead. But I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the 42F430S to anyone with "normal" needs for an HD LCD TV set.

By d_esmond - Nov 30, 2007

Stay away from Westinghouse TX42F430S

Strengths: Good TV when it works

Weakness: It doesn't work

Have owned this tv for just over a year. Suddenly stopped working. Only then
did I find out that many other owners have gone through the same problem as
myself trying to get it fixed. Westinghouse provides NO support to the tv repair
shop technicians, except to suggest they trying replacing everything, only to find
out that Westinghouse doesn't even make any replacement parts, such as the main
power board. The set cannot be fixed, and I am out over $1000 after just 14 months.
Stay away from Westinghouse.

By Shaftedbywestinghouse - Mar 13, 2010

Alaska Purchase price was matched by Best Buy's online price:-)

Strengths: Picture Quality is fantastic

Weakness: Sound is average

I shopped HDTVs for a couple of weeks before settling on this one, first, because of the price and next the picture quality. Best Buy's rep tried to upsale me saying that this set was cheaper because Westinghouse wanted to dominate the market. Fact is, why pay more? $989+cables+extended Warranty(I don't usually purchase these, but after all the things I've read about HDTV's in general, it seemed like the right thing to do)$1369.

By Johnchooch; - Nov 20, 2007

Westinghouse has done it again!

Strengths: Value, picture quality, 4 HDMI inputs, auto input switching, well made and good looking product.

Weakness: Some overscanning when in normal view using Xbox 360.

This TV is a steal at $1000 for what you get. No other brand can touch this TV in terms of overall quality and features for the money. Dish Network HD via HDMI looks fantastic, Xbox 360 via component looks fantastic. Everything that is not native 1080P is upconverted to 1080P. This is my second Westinghouse and I am still amazed at the quality for the money. I was talking to a friend at Crutchfield and he said tha they are bringing back Westinghouse because it had been such a wonderful product for them in terms of sales and reliability.

By clarkeworld - Aug 2, 2007

1080P Full HD Flat Panel for any Budget

Strengths: A lot of HD Inputs, all of which take 1080P. 4 HDMI Ports is Unheard of. 1080P looks fantastic. Ive used PS3 Xbox360 BluRay & HD-DVD and they all look phenomenal. Upscaling SD Content

Weakness: Contrast Ratio could be better so the blacks and grays get washed out in some pictures. With some proper adjustments it improves. Also Dynamic Contrast Cannot be turned off.

Probably the nicest 1080P TV you will find to fit any budget. This TV can be had for under $1100 which is a steal, considering a year before i paid $850 for a 32" 720P Westinghouse which has now been downgraded.

This TV offers a great picture for almost any source, Even SD cable looks great. The upscaling is very good, and the de-interlacing makes all 1080i stuff as good as 1080P, I cannot even tell the difference between the two.

So if you in the market for a new Flat Panel HDTV and looking to make the jump into 1080P without breaking the bank this TV is definitely the one to look at.

By layddly - Aug 20, 2007

Excellent value

Strengths: 1080i/1080p pic quality, price, connections, price, energy-saver mode .... & price

Weakness: Remote, HDMI ports are "hubbed", minor pixelation in high-speed motion

This TV can't be beat in its price range. To get similar specs & pic quality, I would have spent $400 more to get one of the major brands (i.e. Toshiba, Sharp, etc.). It has plenty of connections for my use including 4 HDMI ports. The picture quality on 1080i broadcasts is BEAUTIFUL. Don't let the 1000:1 native contrast scare you - it has a 5000:1 dynamic contrast that isn't advertised in many places for some reason. 720 and 480 signals still look good, considering. Power consumption is less than 250W in use, and it has a power save option that uses less than 1W while off.

As I had read in a few review before buying, the remote leaves something to be desired. I did notice a small amount of pixelation when watching high-speed video, but it's not enough to outweigh the pic quality you get 90% of the time. I've read that all 4 HDMI ports actually lead back to only one hard-wired HDMI connection internallly, so you can't customize video settings for each HDMI port individually - not a problem for me at this point. Audio quality is OK for news, etc., but I would recommend use of a home theater sound system for movies, sports & such.

Overall, excellent value - paid $871 out the door after coupon from a big-box retailer.

By BrianVA - Oct 15, 2007

Never again

Strengths: Nice Picture. Good price from Best Buy.

Weakness: Burn in.. Burn in is not covered in warranty. Power consumption is high. No firmware upgrade OR screen calibration available.

Burn in..the menu boxes stating video and signal input burned in and even though I bought the 5 year extended warranty Best Buy said Burn in is not covered. Power consumption is high. Unit locks up in power saver mode. Audio sync should be included as the audio doesn't always sync up. Westinghouse customer service is friendly both phone and Email but not helpful. Would never buy again or recommend Westinghouse to a friend.

By Sakurabiteme - Dec 10, 2008

Westinghouse TX-42F430S 42 * * * * * YOUR CHOICE

Strengths: 1080P Resolution for cheap price, Clear but no burn out, Integrated TV Tuners and 4 HDMIs

Weakness: Some trouble w/ audio set up.

Well this is my first HDTV. It was great quality at less then half the price the big boys. Cant compare it to other sets in-home, (it's as good as the expensive bigger sets that were in C.C.). I was completely sold on LCD.

By joeno2007 - Nov 15, 2007





By e3787hir - Mar 10, 2009

Great TV

Strengths: Works great in sunlit room unlike SAMSUNG Nice Picture with no glare Provides many external inputs

Weakness: Remote Control touchy

I love this TV, bought from Costco about 5 months ago because of the price. I had Samsung that I returned to Amazon, I could not watch the Samsung in daylight unless I sat on the floor...Westinghouse gives great picture night and day. Westinghouse scanned antenna channels better than Samsung and has more options if you want to make adjustments.

I am sorry to see there seems to be very few available, I was one of the lucky people to get Westinghouse 1080p LCD TV.

By cdunigan - Feb 15, 2009


Strengths: good

Weakness: ok

i like the plasma thing its really good i like to watch tv its great yes and i also like tv cos i am lazy. overall plasmas are good and so are other tvs

By anonymous; - Oct 31, 2007

Great bang for the buck.

Strengths: Value, image quality, connectivity.

Weakness: HDMI hub and passing only 2.0 via S/PDIF output.

LCDs in general have poor black levels versus other technologies (CRT, Plasma, DLP,...). They do have other advantages though. This model cost around $870 before tax yet it would be easy to spend twice as much on another LCD for only a modest improvement in image quality.

Still, even the highest-end LCD's have issues whether that is banding, clouding, dead pixels, black levels, overscan, HDCP handshake issues, and so on. Without seeing them side-by-side with ideal calibration and source, you will not find this model wanting. If you did see them side-by-side, chances are you could not justify the competitor's higher price.

The only minor issue apart from mentioned weaknesses is lack of more overscan options. Firstly, an exact 1:1 pixel display is possible from the source which is great for connecting a disc player, PC, or game console. However, for TV it also means that a line may be visible at the edge of the panel due to broadcaster error inserting extra information for CC services and the like. The overscan/fill options available are meant to zoom and crop 4:3 sources so are too extreme and it would be useful to have a minimal overscan option of 1% or so to crop such lines.

Also worth mentioning is the inclusion of a USB service port however user firmware upgrades have not as yet been made available. If purchasing this model, at least check the build date and try to get the most recent to avoid problems with previous ones such as locking up after E-Saver. Mine is 2007 September which was current at the time and so far there are no known issues.

One issue with 2007 September build is the subwoofer option being grayed-out in the menu and presumably disabled.

By drstrange - Oct 30, 2007


Strengths: Great pic for the price.

Weakness: None from me.

Boy, what a steal. We brought this 42" TV from Best Buy for $979.00. When we say that we couldn't believe our eyes. It took us about 1/2 hour to set it up. With our HD receiver from Direct TV the picture is awesome. Sports with this TV so sharp we fill like we can touch the people.

By patr1ce - Oct 24, 2007

Westinghouse 42 TX-42F430S

Strengths: Tv rocks.. Great Tv for the price. Excellant picture quality on HDMI, and HD tuner.

Weakness: Locked up once after a power failure. HDMI connections seem to be shared/set up as a hub.

Overall very happy with the TV. Took about 1 hour to setup. The menus could be layed out a little better but once you get used to them they are pretty easy. The blacks on the S-Video and component in are not that great, however they are fine with the HD tuner and HDMI. So it may be the source. Great TV especially for the price.

By missfittsx - Oct 14, 2007

westinghouse tx-42f430s 42 in. lcd television

Westinghouse Tx-42f430s 42 In. Lcd Television receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 2 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #147 LCD flat panel TV of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features,...
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By - Jul 16, 2008

Westinghouse TX-42F430S has collected 4 expert reviews for Westinghouse TX-42F430S and the average expert rating is 55 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to find all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
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By - Oct 22, 2008

ReviewGist for Westinghouse TX-42F430S TV

Display is Average according to 5 Flat Panel TV experts. -- "Contrast numbers were excellent, to my surprised, measuring 622:1 peak and 523:1 ANSI (average)." -- "Black levels are close to what the best plasmas achieved just five years ago, and the consistent gamma performance - even in high-brightness picture modes — was unexpected." --...
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By - Jan 7, 2010

Westinghouse TX-42F430S

The Westinghouse TX-42F430S is a 42" LCD HDTV offered as part of Westinghouses TX series of HDTVs. It offers 1080Pure - 1080p (1920 x 1080) HD resolution which accepts a 1080p signal from the 4 HDMI inputs, 2 component inputs or VGA input. It also accepts a 1080p/24Hz signal and has an integrated ATSC/NTSC/ClearQAM tuner. The 42" screen is contained in a 5.5" thick housing with a...
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By - Nov 19, 2011