Westinghouse Electric Corporation 37" LCD Monitor - 16:9

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With more than 2 million pixels, this state-of-the-art 1920 x 1080 progressive scan LCD display brings you the ultimate in digital video. A full range of inputs, including 2 DVI with HDCP connectors, lets you connect to a PC and the latest multimedia video sources. External tuner required for TV viewing.

Quick Glance

Broadcast Format Displayed: 1080p (HDTV)

Digital Tuner: No

Display Type: Active Matrix LCD

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)

Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Brightness: 550 cd/m2

normalized-Diagonal Screen Size: 37


Product Title: Westinghouse Electric Corporation 37" LCD Monitor - 16:9

Manufacturer: Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Power Score: 4.0 | 19 Reviews

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No HMDI Input

Strengths: None

Weakness: All

If you expect an HDMI input on this unit, you're in for a shock. It does not have one. The advestising is misleading. I would look at other possibilities.

By anonymous; - Nov 21, 2007

Worked Great While It Lasted

Strengths: Resolution and Picture Quality

Weakness: Quality

I bought mine from a big-box electronics retailer in Sep. of 2005. Loved it until the popping and smoking happened some 13 months later. I even bought the LVM37W3 to replace the LVM37W1. Well, the W3 lasted about 24 hours before all inputs went dark, although the sound still worked. At least there was no smoke this time. Westinghouse wants me to pay for shipping (from Missouri top California) the...
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By jimlayton - Nov 13, 2006

3 yrs shopping

First of all the price is a real value for these specs. I needed a high resolution big screen that could be "rolled" out onto our covered backporch as a alternative (and primary) viewing location. Weight was a constraint. First connection was to my HP laptop. Output looked very good, and I was hopeful. Microsoft would want to use the image in a commercial to shoew off their Media Cemter. For...
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By anonymous; - Mar 18, 2006

Great Value

Strengths: Nice brite colors w/ great viewing angles. Incredible DVD playback, Digital Cable HD, and computer monitor via DVI-D.

Weakness: All 4 corners are lighter than the rest of the screen. Only noticable with a dark picture showing. The model in the store shared the same light corners issue.

Overall great value. Works with my Comcast universal remote. One of a few 37" LCDs that could fit into my entertainment case but 1/2 the price. Speakers are decent but lack any "real" bass. Bought it w/ my amex card so they double the mfg warrenty.

By hepnerb - Feb 20, 2006

A perfect match for MCE

Strengths: 1920x1080 resolution Decent-sounding (removable) speakers Power Management PIP Attractive design Easy access to cable connections Plethora of inputs PRICE!

Weakness: Backlight issues (chirping, reverse-vignetting) Glaring blue LED that cannot be turned off Remote sensor not very responsive Some ghosting/smearing (depending on resolution, content)

Over the past year I've been searching for the "ideal" display to connect to my Windows MCE 2005 HTPC box. I had been using S-Video out to a 32" Tube TV, so I was definitely ready for a digital connection. I was also itching to start watching high-def content so I knew I wanted a widescreen display. I had read enough to know that I wanted to find a TV set that used one of the standard high...
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By d_esmond - Feb 8, 2006

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