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Viewsonic N3250W EXCELLENT!

Strengths: Vivid Colors, Multiple Video Connections, HDMI

Weakness: Not quite as dark on the black side as CRT, but holds it's own with "name brand" competitor

I recently purchased the N3250W through JandR Music for $799 after rebates. The main selling point was cost for me, but I am also pretty hard to please when it comes to my electronics. The N3250W has not been out long, but has made several good impressions with reviewers, so when I found a 32" LCD for this price with good reviews, I didn't hesitate to take the plunge. Setup was a breeze and the factory settings were pretty much dead on. I do find that I am adjusting the brightness between DVD's and some Xbox 360 games, but that is a minor issue. The complaints about the menu being a little slow are valid, but hardly worth passing on this unit. There was one stuck pixel in lower right corner, but it is gray and with this much screen real estate, from about 8 feet away in my bedroom, it is hardly noticeable. Component, VGA and HDMI all produce outstanding quality. The source is key though. My standard Directv is ok, HD is excellent and over the air HD is phenomenal. 360 is outstanding, and DVD via component is exceptional. The blacks aren't quite "black hole black", but they are about as good as I have seen on an LCD TV. Only my Dell 2405FPW 24" LCD creates deep CRTish blacks, but that was about $200 more than this 32". Do not hesitate on this deal. Well worth the $1000 average price in my opinion, but it is nice to save a few dollars for my other toys :-)

By hadjih - Jan 27, 2006

Viewsonic n3250w - Great for the price

Strengths: price, color, weight, sound, assortment of inputs including HDMI.

Weakness: stand not removable.

First of all, do yourself a favor, if you don't have a good digital signal source, do not get any LCD TV. This ViewSonic Unit exposed the inadequacy of my first DVD player with progressive componet output, which cost $40 dollars and worked well enough for the 15 yr old 20" Sony Trinitron though AV connection. I later bought the popular 'oxxo' digital DVD player with 720p dvi output, and have been very very happy with this ViewSonic LCD TV.

The bottom line is this LCD TV by ViewSonic is capable of delivering stunning pictures with great clarity and color accuracy. The trick is to feed it well processed digital signals. It does not have a great signal processing circuitry built in, translating to average performance from analog input signals from the TV, S-video and component connections. This is why the cost is so low, and I would rather take the savings and spent it on a good digital DVD player, and a HDTV tuner; the latter I still need to purchase.

It works very well as a computer monitor too. When using VGA input, remember to 'auto-adjust' to get the correct sync. When I first connected it to my computer video card, I saw fuzzy lines, and was very disappointed. After clicking through the menu and applying the auto-adjust, the text and images on the screen turned out to be clear and sharp.

I have also received the promised rebated within 2 months from ViewSonic, making the total cost of this LCD TV to be less than $850. I just hope that this unit will last me at least 3 years.

p.s. Just got the off-the-air HDTV tuner. The image is simply gorgeous, if not better than the upconverted digital DVD image. I am very happy that I got this LCD TV.

By hk19104 - Apr 23, 2006

N3250w 32

Strengths: Great colors, Cheap !!!!, high resolution, easy to set

Weakness: So so blacks (contrast)

I hooked up the monitor (or TV) to my Windows Media Center PC through VGA. It was easy to set and I was seeing huge Windows Desktop when I logged in. The colors looks brilliant and very bright (I have to adjust the brightness). The static pictures looks a bit blurry but I am guessing it is because of the VGA connection. I haven't tried DVI (HDMI) on the monitor yet. The main weakness of the TV is the contrast. It is difficult to separate tones of blacks in a darker scene. Other than that, this is a great TV/monitor. And most importantly it is really cheap compare to others.

By bkoc - Feb 5, 2006

Excellent 32" HD Monitor

Strengths: Great Value, Great Picture, Great Sound and Connections.

Weakness: No optical digital audio input but with a A/V Receiver no problem.

I got this TV for $999 plus $200 in rebates. $799 from Fry's and As far as picture goes, make sure to use higher res connections, S and Composite video are not high quality. As a computer monitor through VGA the TV looks awesome and it came with a VGA to VGA cable. TV has 2 component inputs 1 with progressive scan. This TV has HDMI and it looks great with my Comcast DVR/HD box. Another cool feature is it's wire management system. 2 panels on the back cover all connections and route them down the middle behind the TV. Save your money and buy this TV. It's excellent value and 4 high res connections make it a stand out. You could spend $500 or $1000 more and not be any happier than the Viewsonic makes you. My plan is to eventually put this TV in my bedroom when prices on the larger LCD's come down. The $500-1000 dollars I saved today will go toward my future 50" plus LCD.

By constantine2003 - Jan 30, 2006

Viewsonic N3250W

Strengths: Great picture on both low-def TV signal and DVD. Appearance is clean and fits in well with stereo equipment

Weakness: None in my application.

I needed a TV to fit inside an existing cabinet and not designed to be a room dominator. I've heard comments about LCD's not handling low-def analog well; I find the opposite comparing to a 27 inch RCA. I was however more interested in performance as a computer display for digital photographs and for DVD's. Viewsonic seemeed to be a good choice from that point of view and and that's turned out to be the case. I find no viwing angle brightness problem which is sometimes evident with computer monitors. I paid $995.00 so campared to the few other vertical units out there, it was a good deal. I don't have the turn-off snap mentioned in other rerviews. perhaps that's been fixed.

By boothbfc - Dec 31, 2005

Great gaming TV

Strengths: Picture quality, appearance, HDMI input, price

Weakness: Colors a little off, may be too small for some, menu navigation confusing

My goal was to purchase an HDTV to complement my new XBox 360. I decided on LCD because of its small footprint, and great picture quality. I researched LCD HDTVs, and found the Viewsonic to be a great combination of price and features.

At the time, this was the cheapest TV I could find with an HDMI connector. And while I don't have any devices that support it, it's nice to have for the future.

I've mainly used this TV for gaming, and watching movies. This display is excellent for gaming. Even though it is quite large, the picture is free of ghosting or smearing. Both games and movies look great.

This TV gives you the option of viewing an image in its native size (with the potential for black bars), or scaling it to fit the TV. While scaling by nature introduces problems, this TV handles them quite well. Even images scaled up from 480p look good.

The disadvantages are minor, but worth noting. I wouldn't reccomend this TV to an A/V nut, as I'm sure they'd find something to nit pick on with the picture quality. While the colors look good to my eye, I didn notice some strangeness of yellows.

While 32" seems like a lot, this TV is not taller (although it is wider), than the 27" 4:3 SDTV that I am replacing it with. If you can, I'd reccomend spending a little more and going with a 37 inch TV.

Overall, I am very pleased with this TV.

By goluphi - Dec 7, 2005

Nice TV. Weird Mount.

Strengths: HDMI. Price. Response Time.

Weakness: VESA 600 X 400 mount. Only 1 HDMI input. Electrical snapping noise when turned off.

I'm very satisfied with the N3250W. I wall mounted it and could only find one adapter plate from Peerless to fit the VESA 600X400 mounting holes, but Peerless apparently discontinued the adapter, so I went for an OmniMount universal adapter plate (PLAD-UM1) with the OmniMount FP-CL Mid-Sized LCD Cantilever.

The manual is a bit weak in that it does not even mention wall mounting.

When turning off the TV a pop sound is heard that is somewhat loud and a little annoying, but now that it is mounted on my wall I'm not taking it down.

By SlimTim - Sep 13, 2005

What a TV ViewSonic N3250w

Strengths: Great Picture quality for the price - Great connectivity easy placement

Weakness: Makes a small snapping noise when turning off. The blacks are not perfect but very good.

This lcd is very good for the money. I have reviewed many lcd's and this is one of the best. I took a good look at the Sharp lcd and they are better. But if you are looking a fantastic lcd with great picture and sound this is the one. I was a little worried about this purchase but after 4 weeks I am sold.

By sjwireless - Oct 18, 2005

Viewsonic N3250w

Strengths: Price; Picture; Inputs

Weakness: Included Remote doesn't seem to fully support Comcast Digital Cable box and Comcast remote doesn't support this TV

I wanted to replace my 27" CRT TV in the bedroom with a 32" widescreen flat HDTV. Since it had to go into a cabinet I already had, I was restricted to sets with the speakers on the bottom and not on the sides. The Viewsonic is one of the few that is configured that way and for the price, I figured why not. Set up was easy and the multiple inputs allowed me to set up my combo DVD/VCR player and HD cable box rather quickly. The picture is very good and (again) you can't beat the price. While there may be better pictures out there, this one is fine to my eyes (I am not a videophile, but it looks more than fine to me). The biggest problem I had was the remote. The included remote doesn't seem to fully support my Comcast Digital HD cable box (made by Motorola). The code for it only partially works (the OK button doesn't work, so I can't select anything). To make matters worse, the remote that comes with the Comcast box doesn't seem to have a code for the TV and doing a code search came up empty handed. I had to revert to an old Sony programmable remote that can learn codes, so now I can use one universal remote. If anyone knows the correct codes, please let me know. Anyway, these are minor gripes. To me the most important part of a TV is the picture and this one is very good.

By jglev - Jan 24, 2006

ViewSonic n3250w

Strengths: Analog 480i picture quality, brightness, and sharpness is far superior to any CRT.

Weakness: Viewsonic has yet to publish the user guide for this product on their website. Therefore making my decision to purchase this TV/Monitor a little more work.

I just took the leap in to High Definition. I was a little hesitant about my choice of going with Viewsonic, but I have been pleased thus far. I was impressed with the spectacular difference between my old Zenith and the n3250w. The only issues I had was with Viewsonic's ineffectiveness to promote the features of this good product. But realistically all you need to do with any of these new TVs is plug it in and turn it on. This is only my first step in to the Digital Relm, but over the next year I plan to purchase a Progressive Scan DVD Player with upconverting feature and a High Definition Satelite Receiver with a built in PVR. But if Viewsonic would like to sponser my good taste in products, perhaps I'll receive a random act of kindness delivered to my front door ;)

By semery74 - Aug 23, 2005

Poor Quality, Poor Support

Strengths: Cheap.

Weakness: Small view angle. Poor Viewsonic Customer Support. Poor Quality set.

The TV actually has a very small view angle with the correct color displayed. Sure you can see the image from the side, but all the images are off-colored unless you are directly sitting in front of the set, may be 20 degrees to each side.
It broke down after 5 month of use. Viewsonic support can make you wait up to 35 minutes at a time or just simply hangs up on you and tell you to call later. Once you get their support folks they'll take your email address down but will never send you any information promised via email so make sure you get them to tell you the return locations via the phone (This mistake cost me 3 weeks time.) Once they've received the product, they'll tell you it's a 10 to 14 days fix and return, but it hasn't happened for me yet at 43 days and counting. Calls to the support has resulted in the standard, "I'll email you the information and you should expect the TV delivered to you in 5 days."

I use to buy Viewsonic products a lot (4 projectors, 16 monitors, TV, even 2 keyboards, etc.), they are not the same as they use to be. Never buying another Viewsonic anything again. The discount isn't worth the headache.

By JSTC - Mar 3, 2006

Great TV for the price

Strengths: Great color and contrast when using with HD signals and PC connection. Memorize settings per input source. Good sound and great price

Weakness: Not compatible with Comcast remote control. So so analog display. Clumsy menu access. Changing input source is kinda slow

This is a very good value TV. Quality is definitely close to other popular brand name (from my opinion). Good feature set -- PIP, HDMI input, VGA input, 2 components (progressive and standard), AV. The quility of HD and VGA input is great. The analog input is average. Menu access is a bit slow. Not compatible with Comcast remote control -- my big complaint. Overall very good built quality, feel very study and solid -- although height is not adjustable. I am satisfied with it.

By Bz Gadgets - Feb 25, 2006

Excellent LCD HDTV monitor

Strengths: Crystle picture for HDTV, high response speed (8ms), Good price for a brand name, HDMI connector

Weakness: 10W speakers are on bottom, I prefer them on two sides. No DVI port

Viewsonic N3250W HDTV LCD monitor is an excellent product from Viewsonic. It has vivid color, clear image and reliable quality. After I connected it to HDTV, the picture is awesome! I strongly recommend it. The drawback is no DVI input port, needs to buy a HDMI/DVI cable if customers want to using vedio card of computer.

By shwang6 - Feb 15, 2006

Tv quality not that good

Strengths: the price of purchase, size, hdtv ready

Weakness: picture blurriness

I have owned this tv for exactly one week, and i couldnt take it anymore. I do not have cable tv, therefore I wont be writing about its quality regarding regular broadcast channels, since for every tv, that wont be good. I tried this tv out with high action movies, such as spiderman and matrix. It is understandable that there will be sum blurriness due to the intense action. BUT i also watch flightplan, and even when the people are nodding their head, you can see the response rate of the pixels is not that good. Pixels has a hard time keep up with the figure making it look like a blob. SO u WONT be Seeing spiderman.. you'll be seeing a red blob... The price is good for the size, but i would recommend another tv, such as the samsung or in my case, i replaced it with a SONY KLV-S32A10.

By scarylarry422 - Jan 29, 2006

speaker problem

Strengths: great picture for price, perfect size for average bedroom

Weakness: i only noticed one weakness so read on

i bought this tv and when i finally got it all set up to my dvd player and ps2, the speakers made a loud fuzzy humming that soon turned into an even louder, constant thumping noise. i planned on exchanging it for another figuring it was a problem with just the one tv, only to find it was to popular and some hotel manager/owner had bought all 50 of the m that were just shippied there that morning. so now i am probably going to buy a samsung 30" slimfit tv instead.

By dosntknow - Apr 13, 2006

N3250W is okay

Strengths: Price (after rebates), HDMI input, Styling (I prefer centered speakers over side speakers)

Weakness: Lack of inputs (single YPbPr input,YCbCr input is only 480i,S-video and Composite video input share the same audio input), Slow input switching (480 to 720), Makes crackling sound when turned off

This is my second LCD HDTV (previous one was Syntax 26" LT26HVE). I had such a great experience with the 26" I decide to trade up and get a 32 inch before the SuperBowl. Instead of going with Syntax I went with the Viewsonic because I had great experiences with their PC monitors and read good reviews on this TV.

I was a dissappointed with the HDTV quality because it was not as 'clear' as my old 26 LCD TV. The TV was slow as switching modes (480-> 720-> 480) and inputs (TV to VGA etc) this took some patience and getting use to. (I have not tested the HDMI input) After turning the unit off after several hours of use, the system make crackling sounds when cooling down, which can get annoying.

The two reasons that I did not return the item was that after rebates the TV will cost me $850. The store would charge me about 15% to accept the return.

Overall this is a good LCD HDTV for first time owners because after rebate its one of the cheapest 32" TV around.

As a trade up (depending on your previous set) it may be a step down in quality and inputs.

If I had to do this over again, I would probably would have kept my 26" LCD TV and waited until the some other 32 TV fall below $900.

By g5achou - Feb 7, 2006

Viewsonic N3735 - Nice TV but it won't last.

Strengths: Out of the box the picture is real nice and the high def is real nice.

Weakness: The unit only lasted 2 months out of the box.

When the TV started fading to black two months after buying the unit, Viewsonic had this to say. "I apologize but our system shows that your unit is already out of warranty based on the serial number you have provided. Currently, we do not support out of warranty service. If your unit needs to be serviced, please have it checked by any of your local repair centers." I don't know about you but whn i spend $1000 on a TV it has to last more than two months and you need to back your product. Thumbs down for Viewsonic. Go with the guys you can trust like Sony, Panasonic or Sharp.

By anonymous; - Jun 1, 2009

Viewsonic N3251W not working after 16 months

Strengths: None

Weakness: Low quality and realibility.

After having this LCD TV for 16 months it just stopped working with no apparent cause at all.

I will never buy any viewsonic product in my whole life, it is unacceptable that after 16 months the thing just stops working, it turns on but I got no image either from cable nor computer.

This product is garbage do yourselves a favour and do not buy from viewsonic and since viewsonic warranty is only 1 year............ they should have a warranty of 10 years based on the low quality of this product.

By rene12345 - Apr 16, 2007

Save your money

Strengths: Picture quality

Weakness: Everything but picture quality

Bought this TV Jan 06 because I have owned their computer monitors which are pretty good. Had to send it back to VS the first month because the tuner went out. 90 days later and without my permission they send back a repaired TV that some guy in Calf owned and had sent in. I sent that back and 4 months later received another TV. I have that one now and the speakers REALLY stink. I have to keep the bass and treble turned way down because the speakers are cracked. The picture looks good. The instructions for set-up are terrible and this company does not participate in the universal remote code standard so you have to keep two remotes.

By justaguy12345 - Dec 23, 2006

View Sonic N3250w Problomatic

Strengths: Cheap, customer service to viewsonic was ok.

Weakness: TV doesn't rotate on stand, slow response to remote control, gives off a lot of heat.

Bought this TV eight (8) months ago and is awaithing my second replacement. The first TV malfunction after five (5) months, the second TV malfuncton after one (1) month. Wouldn't buy another one.

By anonymous; - Aug 18, 2006

Viewsonic N3250w

Strengths: Good picture; good inputs; good speakers; price

Weakness: Faulty capacitor

I needed to replace a 32" traditional TV with a LCD/HD. The design, price and consumber reviews for Viewsonic were all excellent. I purchased the N3250w on line from for $850 and it was delivered in less than a week. When I set it up, I noticed a periodic (about every 20 seconds) "snapping" noise coming from the inside. It sounds like a discharging capacitor and is loud enough to be heard over normal volume levels. does not accept returns of TV's larger than 27" so I contacted Viewsonic. The customer service was prompt and very helpful. They agreed that the TV is defective and agreed to send me a replacement. I submitted all the necessary documentation and was sent an email notifying me that the new TV would be arriving in 5-6 business days. When I called nearly two weeks later, I was informed that they have none in inventory and I will have to wait until further notice. I hope that Viewsonic will eventually send me a replacement rather than a refund because, except, for this one defect, the TV is excellent.

By nhg48 - Feb 20, 2006


Strengths: Price. Lightweight. Slim. HDMI. Sound.

Weakness: Slow Input Switching. Analog picture is poor. Too less connections.

For the price after rebate, it's an ok lcd tv. Picture on analog isn't that good, but digital quality isn't bad. You need to purchase additional cables like YPCPR, HDMI, or DVI cables for digital output. This replaced my Sony Wega TV which was bulky and heavy.

By chan168 - Feb 8, 2006

Best Bang For Buck LCD in the Market

Strengths: HDMI-HDCP with audio, 720p, 8 ms, brilliant and vivid color, no burn-in

Weakness: Black could be a bit blacker, slow channel switching, lacks ASTC and CableCARD

This is the best LCD you can get for this price-range. I looked at the Olevia LCDs but when I saw it side-by-side at Microcenter, the ViewSonic beat it out in terms of visual quality (plus brandname) and the price isn't bad at all. It has HDMI-HDCP which is a must if you are planning to get a PS3/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD player. The color on it is fantastic - I played Quicktime-HD trailers on it and the HDTV rocked the house! On a side note, the black isn't so great (no current HDTV LCDs are) and it's slow when channel surfing through the NTSC cable channels... It also doesn't have HDTV built in - meaning no CableCARD or ATSC tuner, but I figured it didn't matter if I got these equipment right from my cable company...This is definitely the best bang for your buck LCD you can get.

By proxy635 - Feb 1, 2006

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