Upstar P32ETW 32” LCD TV

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Product Title: Upstar P32ETW 32” LCD TV

Manufacturer: Upstar

Power Score: 1.0 | 1 Review

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Horrifying customer service - AVOID THIS BRAND

Strengths: TV is cheap

Weakness: Customer service will accuse you of breaking the tv when you try to get them to honor their warranty.

We purchased an Upstar TV and after using it for a month it stopped working mysteriously. We sent it back to the company per the warranty with all the correct paperwork. A very rude lady called me back and asked me if I opened the back of the tv or dropped it. I told her I didn't (why would I do that and nullify the warranty?). She proceeded to insist that I wasn't being honest with...
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By JaneO66 - Nov 14, 2012

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