Toshiba REGZA 42RV530U 42" 1080p LCD TV - HDTV 1080p

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Upgrade your viewing experience to 1080p True HD with the 42RV530U, featuring DynaLight dynamic backlight control, offering significant improvement in black levels for deep images. Enjoy the best of both worlds, the spatial resolution of 1080 HDTV material and the smooth stable image of a progressive scan format.

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Broadcast Format Displayed: 1080p

Digital Tuner: ATSC

Audio Video Connectors: HDMI Yes, VGA Yes, Component Video Yes, S-Video Yes, Composite Video Yes, Digital Audio Yes

Display Type: LCD TV

Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Brightness: 500 Nit


Product Title: Toshiba REGZA 42RV530U 42" 1080p LCD TV - HDTV 1080p

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Power Score: 4.1 | 9 Reviews

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Product Reviews (9)

Great picture (Hi-def) when the TV works

Strengths: Great quality picture and sound when viewing high definition channels. Easy to set up.

Weakness: Poor picture quality on standard broadcast. Television video intermittently shuts itself off.

Purchased this television based on good reviews and am very satisfied with it when it works. However, the intermittent shutoff problem is very frustrating and I am experiencing poor customer service from Toshiba in attempting to get it repaired. Have had it in the shop twice and repairman can't fix it. Toshiba says it will make no more repair attempts until I exchange the cable box to eliminate...
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By kipperspal - Oct 12, 2009

Toshiba REGZA 42RV530U 42" LCD TV

Strengths: Fantastic picture, size, weight, connectivity, and variety of adjustments

Weakness: The built in audio system leaves a lot to be desired. Its quality of sound and variety of adjustments are fine, however the sound level must be brought up to mid range or higher in order to hear.

I've had this TV now for over 3 1/2 months and I couldn't be happier. The build quality is fantastic. The amount of HDMI connections (4) is wonderful. There's plenty of other connection possibilities here including a PC connection. There is virtually no glare on the screen at any time and the price is certainly right. I would recommend this TV to anyone.

By kjary - Aug 29, 2008


Strengths: Easy to setup, easy to use controls, great picture with HD service, great value for the price

Weakness: poor picture , fuzzy with non-HD broadcast channels

I am very impressed with the Toshiba REGZA 42RV530U that I recently purchased from It is a very good quality HD set for the price and it has all of the features you need for a low cost yet high quality LCD HD setup. If you do not have an HD dish or cable and do not intend to upgrade to one with the purchase, then do not but this set. The picture quality for non-HD broadcasts is...
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By kmbsr - Jun 23, 2008

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Strengths: price/quality/ swivel base/color/ look of tv itself

Weakness: sound

This tv is very impressive, we did not have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars, it was very reasonibly priced and it is a very nice set. It is LCD and the picture is great it also has a very nice appearance, the sound could be better but it is not terrible. I would recommend this tv is was about 1200.00 which i thought was a great price for a 42 LCD

By anonymous; - May 26, 2008

Toshiba Rezga 42RV530U 42" 1080p LCD TV

Strengths: Gorgeous HD picture! Pleasantly aesthetic bezel & speaker. Easy to use menu system. Nice shortcut buttons on universal remote. Rear cable straps help organize connected cables.

Weakness: RF Input points down making it harder to plug in if rear space is limited. SD picture is OK. No headphone jack. No shortcut to change from Antenna to Cable input.

This is my first LCD TV. So far the overall verdict is awesome. The cons above are more quibbles than real negatives. Regarding the SD picture, I haven't had too much opportunity to play with the settings... Actually, I haven't changed anything, I'm using it with all the default settings. So it might get better with adjusted settings. I'm comparing it against my old Zenith tube TV which had a...
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By balohhm - May 21, 2008

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