Reviews for Toshiba 50L1350U 50" 1080p LED-LCD TV - 16:9 - HDTV 1080p

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ClearScan? Huh?

Picked up this TV since the picture quality looked good in the store, and the quality of the black was very nice. Colors are pretty good in general, sometimes a bit over the top. This TV has a ClearScan feature, but is no way accessible, doesn't matter which option is on or off. A bit disappointed by this, hope Toshiba comes out with a Firmware correcting this. So basically, you're buying a 60Hz TV until the CleanScan function is fixed

By on - Aug 25, 2013

120hz ClearScan???

No options for clearscan. On the website in the knowledge base there is an answer to "where is the 120hz clearscan feature" where toshiba says "it is only on when "cinema mode" is on. However in the manual it states that it is "Always On".... Most of the time cinema mode is not available and the only time I see a clearscan option available is when it is unselectable and reads "OFF" in the "game" picture mode. I cannot notice any type of image interpolation here I am suspect that ClearScan isnt actually available on this model there is noticable judder and furthermore it seems like Dynamic Contrast cannot be fully turned off or there are power management issues. Lots of stuff going on here that is outside of the user's control. Its probably going back to the store :(

By on - Dec 16, 2013


I cant find the advertised clearscan 120Hz anywhere...i have not been able too get this tv above 60 Hz.

By on - Nov 7, 2013

Very Enjoyable

Picture is terrific... Sound acceptable Menu display in white only 5 stars for the value.

By on - Jul 5, 2013

ClearFrame 120Hz Issue

The t.v. is nice but I'm a little unhappy as to how there is supposed to be a ClearFrame/ClearScan feature that I should be able to turn on/off in the Advanced Picture Menu (Not there). I called tech support about it they were puzzled as of right now I'm still withing 30 days of returning the tv or waiting for some follow up on this can be corrected. If this issue can be resolved soon then I would recommend this to a friend.

By on - Jun 4, 2013