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Best in the 40 Inch Range

I purchased this 2013 HD Toshiba Tv and I have loved every second of using it. I did not need a more expensive Tv with Wi-Fi and apps since my blu-ray player connected with wifi and already contained all latest Tv and online apps that made a more expensive Tv model with more features unnecessary. I also wanted a super slim line name brand model with an amble amount of HDMI and USB ports. This model contains no featured apps but does have advanced screen controls and set up features for maximum color control, screen size ratios and brightness. It has enough screen features to satisfy all of your technical perfectionist needs. Also features a 120hz refresh rate. There is an identical Toshiba model that is more expensive and it does have all the wi-fi ,online ,TV and featured apps. This model also doubles as my home studio video monitor for computer music production. And although I do not play video games I can tell you this model is ideal for gaming. Perfect size for people who want a 40" Tv on top of your desk like me. For the about the same money as a lesser name brand product. I also want to say that all my hundreds of Blu-rays and Dvds look amazing. This Toshiba Tv fit all my needs perfectly. What is even cooler is this model has been carried by everyone from Best Buy to Walmart.

By on - Nov 1, 2013

good tv

this is a good tv and when I play back my home videos at full hd 1920 this picture is great. very easy set up. thank you Toshiba and qvc for a great product a good price

By on - Sep 7, 2013

Toshiba 39L2300U

THE GOOD: The <b>Toshiba L2300U</b> LED-based LCD TV is relatively inexpensive; stylish two-tone exterior design; accurate color; uniform screen, ample connectivity. THE BAD: Produces a light shade of black; so-called 120Hz refresh rate does nothing to improve picture quality; relatively weak bright-room image. THE BOTTOM LINE: Toshibas basic, inexpensive L2300U series LED LCD TV...
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By - May 30, 2013

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By - Aug 16, 2013