Toshiba 32C110U 32" 720p LCD TV - 16:9 - HDTV

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Think you need to break your budget to enjoy blockbuster HD entertainment? Not with Toshiba's 32 class C110U LCD HDTV. Featuring all-new design, this value-packed television looks great and works well in a living room, kitchen or bedroom. Increase detail and depth of the images on your screen with our impressive Dynalight technology.


Product Title: Toshiba 32C110U 32" 720p LCD TV - 16:9 - HDTV

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Power Score: 3.0 | 46 Reviews

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Wont power on after a week

TV stopped powering on after only 1 week of operation

By on - Feb 9, 2012

Tinny Sound

The picture on this TV is fine, but the sound is so tinny, I cannot recommend it. It sounds like the audio that comes out of my laptop -- thin and hollow. I expected better from Toshiba.

By on - Feb 4, 2012

Lasted 23 days

I am returning this t.v. It was good while it lasted; however it lasted only 23 days. It won't turn on. The green light stays on for 15 seconds, and turns off. Won't kick over! What happened? Maybe I just got a lemon?

By on - Jan 26, 2012

Toshiba 32 LCD tv

Bught this tv for my young son's bedroom. Easy set up out of the box. Hooked up the cable and was very happy with the picture. I know their have been complaints about the sound on this tv bit I am not sure where it is coming from. The sound on the tv works absolutely fine. I have the cable hooked up through an HDMI connection and I can not be happier. For a low end tv this set Is fantastic.

By on - Jan 19, 2012

Excellent Picture And Sound

This TV is actually a 1080p with 16:9 not a 720p with 4:4 like TOSHIBA claims it to be they miss printed it I hate the fact people are lieing about this TV threes nothing wrong with the picture or sound this is an excellent TV the only reason people are getting choppy pictures on this TV is because of the type of cable service if your running try to call your local service provider to get a new...
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By on - Jan 17, 2012

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