Syntax-Brillian Corporation Olevia 242T 42" LCD TV - 16:9

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Olevia 242T FHD 42 LCD TV with its brilliant images and vibrant colors, this Olevia 242T FHD model LCD HDTV provides high-definition viewing enjoyment in any room or office.


Product Title: Syntax-Brillian Corporation Olevia 242T 42" LCD TV - 16:9

Manufacturer: Syntax-Brillian Corporation

Power Score: 4.5 | 15 Reviews

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Low quality product, lower quality service

Strengths: Has lots of great features, for ex. external speaker wire connecting speakers to TV for easy and dynamic stereo hook ups... and much more!

Weakness: Very low quality product. I received a defective TV, turned it into warrenty only to get another defective TV. And on top of that the picture wasn't even CLOSE to the Panasonic Viera I bought

To summarize, poor quality of the TV (I owned 2 that were defective), horrible customer service, and it can't do 1080p on certain sources, like an xbox 360

By zeroz52 - Nov 20, 2009

42" LCD TV (Widescreen, 1920x1080, 1600:1, HDTV)

Strengths: Amazing picture

Weakness: Average sound quality

I purchased my Olevia 42" LCD TV from Target back in May of 2008 for a Christmas gift later in the year. I think I paid $799 for it. Push came to shove and it ended up opened in October with no regret! The picture quality, especially going from a digital TV to the LCD screen is amazing! Until you actually have an HDTV, you really don't know what it is you're missing. The sharpness and depth on...
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By anonymous; - Dec 29, 2008


Strengths: Excellent picture. Price excellent. The HDTV built in tuner is excellent. Plenty fo INs and OUTs of every type I can think of!

Weakness: sound. seriously suggest sub & surround sound system..

Sears had one left, I grabbed it. Manager added discounts. $650 out the door. In the store it was washed out, I took the rmeote and it matched nearby tvs costing 3 times the cost. The smaller 42 screen really looks better in my opinion than the "over-sized" ones for distance under 50ft. HDMI was required to allow best picture from my DVD player. Split screens was really fun to compare 480 vs...
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By CC51 - Aug 1, 2008

Just right

Strengths: Price,picture quality

Weakness: No included manual,weak speakers

Overall I am very happy with this television. Picture quality is quite good when you factor in what this tv sell for compared to similarly equipped tv's.
My biggest complaint about this tv is the low quality speakers. The sound quality in my opinion is marginal at best.
I have heard that Olevia is having financial problems and this should maybe factor into any buying decisions you make.

By mces - Mar 21, 2008

42"lcd tv

Strengths: great price and picture many extras

Weakness: no writen manual

I've been looking for LCD HD tv 1080p for some time. I can tell you that this was a great buy. From what I seen while I was looking around is that you can't touch this tv (with all of the extras 2 comp and 2 hdmi ) any where else for less then 1200.00. It was easy to set up and the picture looks great. Sound is also very good. It maybe a so called off brand put I bet it will last just as long as...
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By jca2008 - Feb 28, 2008

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