Syntax Olevia 537H 37" 720p LCD TV - 16:9

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The Olevia 537H LCD TV is designed for exceptional video performance, displaying picture quality with cinema-quality high definition. Advanced technology displays up to 37% more of analog images and 11% more of digital broadcast images, without distortion. Scrolling icon wheel simplifies use and features preset video and lighting modes for different environments and content types.

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Broadcast Format Displayed: 768p

Digital Tuner: Yes

Audio Video Connectors: HDMI Yes, VGA Yes, Component Video Yes, S-Video Yes, Composite Video Yes, Digital Audio Yes, Headphone Yes

Display Type: LCD

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Max Resolution: 1366 x 768 (WXGA)

Green Compliance: Yes

normalized-Diagonal Screen Size: 37


Product Title: Syntax Olevia 537H 37" 720p LCD TV - 16:9

Manufacturer: Syntax

Power Score: 3.5 | 36 Reviews

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Worked greaat for 10 months then the picture went out

Strengths: when the screens black there are none

Weakness: no picture-remote stinks

It appears this tv is so bad that target isnt selling them anymore. BEWARE pay a little more and buy namebrand.I haven't priced getting it repaired.I can only imagine its going to be a problem. Stay away from this brand.

By lazydog66 - Dec 16, 2009

Excellent Buy ...and the blue light people talk about IS NOT A ISSUE ....just read

Strengths: Great picture, excellent price, good sound

Weakness: One HDMI input, PIP

The TV is excellent. Very good picture and surprisingly good sound. It does have a subwoofer output. This is nice if you choose to stick with the TV speaker, just hook up a powered woofer to it and you will have very nice sound. The menu take a few minutes to get the hang of, but once you get it, it is fairly simply and easy to use. The remote is fine, it could be nicer but you could also be...
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By ntr880 - Apr 5, 2008

537H Nice Picture, but...

Strengths: Clear picture, lots of inputs

Weakness: Static popping noise. Insufficient speakers.

If I turn the bass up past halfway, I get a white noise echo which when I called Olevia they claimed was on account of the "cheap" speakers being unable to handle the input. If you are looking for a tv with good sound, this is not it. Plus, as mentioned in other reviews, once in a while the tv lets out a loud static pop that startles the heck out of you and the sound will not come back on until...
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By Brian; - Mar 10, 2008

Customer Service Issues

Strengths: Great picture, great value.

Weakness: Imagine trying to configure a complex electronic unit without the remote.....

I was like a little kid with a new toy when this arrived and couldn't wait to set it up. It was a bit of a drag that the instructions were only on the CD, but what the heck, how difficult could it be? I hooked it up to the DirectTV, the stereo and everything else, fired it up and Wow! What a picture. Granted, it was only a huge image of the Olevia logo, but it screamed BIG TIME. Then, the fun...
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By JLMoon; - Jan 9, 2008

Bargain of the year

Strengths: Great High Def pictures

Weakness: Grainy picture on non-HD stations

With the price of 1080i in this size range being close to a grand, this one's a good deal at sub-$800. What's more amazing was that Target had a Black Friday sale on this TV for $549. You don't think I was absolutely tickled getting it at that price? Wow!

By Joe Phoenix; - Dec 14, 2007

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