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Protron LCD TV: Not for me!!!

Strengths: Bright Clear Picture, Great Sound, Easy Hook-up, Easy to use remote and Features. Good Design.

Weakness: Stopped Working after a week.

Bought this TV from Sears Week Later the screen turned completely Black with Blue lines while watching a DVD movie. Unplugged and Re-Set the TV worked for a couple of minutes and then same problem. Remote would not work either at this point. Returned the Tv to Sears and the rep said that many people who bought this Tv were returning it for the same reason. Protron (Of which I had Never heard of ever before this TV) as a company should start making better quality TV's. Do your research and read the forums for this Tv if you are planning to buy.

By JediKnights - Dec 4, 2005

Protron 32" has changed - new model is great!

Strengths: Great picture, Great price.

Weakness: Lack of brand recognition.

I have been looking for an LCD set for a while now and after reading reviews was skeptical of the protron. Skepticism was set aside after seeing that they had redesigned the 32" to the same specs as the 26" which was getting rave reviews. I purchased the 32" from Sears around the first of May for $895 and have not been disappointed. This new model has the speakers across the bottom, has quiet internal power supply, very easy to set up, remote works flawlessly. All in all for the money, this is a great set.

By LTS1 - May 31, 2006

Big dissapointment

Strengths: Bright, clear, color & picture, but difficult to get picture to come up even with their own remote. A $200.00 universal remote control I bought was even more difficult to use. Set returned to dealer.

Weakness: Not compatable with dish network remote control or any other remote from any company I contacted. BIG HANDICAP. Do check first!

Unable to use most of the time. Picture difficult to obtain. It was excellent when and I could get a picture. The only problem was using any remote control. Set is "finicky to operate". Used part of two days with many hours of frustration. Do check with companies who make remote controls before buying this set. They have remotes for Proton TVs but not PROTRON. Set was in my house for 1 week but not useable.

By Wisernow - Jul 7, 2005

Need to work around some things

Strengths: Picture for the money

Weakness: remote conrol, powersupply

I purchased this product through Tiger Direct Canada - pick up. I heard about the loud power supply before purchasing however I have worked around this issue by having the unit wall mounted and the powersupply mounted under the floor. The power cable has pretty good length. The remote is finicky and not of much use. There is support of this unit by Harmony(logitech) remote controls. I use one of these remotes to control this tv and other equipment. The ir interface is still a bit finicky though. It is as if the ir receiver on the tv is asleep - therefore requireing multiple presses on the remote. The 1366x768 resoution of the unit is very good. Color seems ok. HDTV channels are impressive, I use a scentific atlanta HDTV cable reciever. the built in NTSC tuner picture did not seem great but I didn't play with this much. I also use a samsung upconverting dvd hd941 player which seems to suit the HDTV input well. I switch this input through a receiver. The vga and DVI inputs work well although the DVI input does not support 16:9 aspect resolutions - alhtough most pc's don't either. Speakers are detachable so a good quality wall mount speaker solution could be added without looking silly. Tihs TV was less than half the cost of an equivalently sized sharp at the time I purchased to the cost outweighed the issues for me.

By rgill - Oct 7, 2005

Protron PLTV32C

Strengths: price

Weakness: none

This was such an exceptional deal, I couldn't pass it up. Other name brand flat panel tv are so much more expensive it makes it hard for the working class to afford one. Not protron this tv supercedes all my expectations. Easy to set up. great picture {like being there} Thank you for making it possible for my family to enjoy a TV that not only was affordable, but makes us feel rich with all it has to offer.

By cdf36 - May 27, 2006

Great tv with some sacrifices

Strengths: Great price, Bright clear picture

Weakness: only one of each type of input, no HD in component.

I bought this TV almost 4 months ago, I love it. The picture quality on HD is amazing, the quality on SV and AV are also pretty good for an LCD, however the over the air TV channels are pretty bad...even with an antenna i cant get several of the channels to even come in.

The remote for this TV is pretty good, although if your one of those people that has to have everything controlled by one remote, i would suggest looking at buying a learning remote controll, as no universal remote will have the codes for this TV.

My only gripe with this TV is that the component inputs don't support HD. The only HD inputs on this TV is D4 which is standard in japan, or so i have read) and DVI, this isn't a big problem as you can find these cables on ebay...i bought a xbox 360 D4 cable on ebay for only 12 bucks and my 360 looks heavenly on this screen!

By odin0425 - May 5, 2007

Completely dissatisfied with my Protron PLTV-32CM

Strengths: There ae none

Weakness: There are plenty

In July 2006 I purchased two (2) of the Protron PLTV-32CM LCD TV through ShopNBC. Within 6 months the first television that was turned off the night before would not turn on. It was returned under warranty and replaced with a refurbished TV, this was obvious because I checked the serial number so the company replaced my defective TV with someone else defective TV that they repaired. Two later the second of the televisions had the same exact problem and Protron again exchanged my returned television with a refurbished TV because I checked the serial number. When I complained I was told that was there policy. Now one of the refurbished televisions sent to replace the originally purchased televisions has the same problem as the new televisions. The bottom line is none of the Protron televisions have worked for one year. Now I've been told that my warrant is up and there is nothing that they can do for me. STAY AWAY FROM PROTRON PRODUCTS. THERE IS OBVIOUSLY A DEFECT WITH THERE PRODUCTS, BEWARE.

By Hinkson - May 9, 2008

Great TV for the Price!

Strengths: Great Price, Great Picture!

Weakness: Slow picture.

I bought the SpectronIQ TV from their online store. I was extremely impressed with the price! I was also happy to see the warranty option through the online store. I looked at this TV at Sears and found it to be cheaper at I also found that the extended warranty offered online was 100's of dollars cheaper than Sears. The TV has been great! Although the picture is slow to come on, I was really impressed with it. My TV looks different from the one pictured here, but I also have the new version, Spectron IQ not Protron. Unlike other posts, my remote picked up the TV code quickly.

By msp353 - Feb 25, 2007

32" Protron LCD HDTV - From Sears

Strengths: Very affordable - Very light - Easy setup - Good picture

Weakness: First TV purchased had a burned out mega pixel and had to take it back to exchange for a different one.

I went to Sears looking for a new TV and found the 32" Protron LCD HDTV on sale for $549.99. They only had 5 floor models. One that they wouldn't sell because it kept shutting off. One that I know nothing about. Two that the boxes got some water damage from their warehouse. And one that was brought back from a customer, which is the one that I have. Because the TV didn't have a box, I got an additional 10% off, which brought the price down to $500.00. It seams to be a good TV, but I am a little leary about it, as I have never heard of the brand Protron and I know that there may be a ligite reason that the other customer brought it back. I would appreciate any comments.

By anonymous; - Feb 17, 2007

Great LCD tv at a great price

Strengths: Cost

Weakness: None

Great TV brought it from at a great price should buy this tv it shows a great Picture. I like the PIP (picture in picture) it has nice graphics with the xbox 360 and the PS3.Great TV at a great price

By anonymous; - Jan 1, 2007

Protron-32 32 inch LCD TV

Strengths: Excellent picture quality, Great price

Weakness: HDTV ready and not HD out the box. No HDMI imput

Purchased this set from Shop NBC and was very uneasy due to never hearing this brand before, to my surprise once I set up this TV, I was astonished to the picture quality of this set, I have seen just about every LCD TV on the market and this set in my opinion matched that of power houses Sony and Sharp with a much better purchase price. I have not been dissappointed and recommend this set to anyone looking to purchase an LCD. I am looking forward to purchasing the 42 inch which should be out soon.

By anonymous; - Jul 7, 2006

Very Happy

Strengths: Good picture and low price

Weakness: None so far.

We bought our set from Sears in Nov 2005 for $800, which seems to be a good price even today. We have had no problems with the picture or the remote control. We use Dish network, but do not yet have HD service so have not used the set in HD mode, but just the improvement over our normal reception is very noticeable. This week we may get another Protron 26 inch set.

By anonymous; - Mar 31, 2006

Things You Should Know......

Strengths: Great Picture in HD and progressive scan. Great for PC use. Price not bad either.

Weakness: Connections Connections Connections. DC power supply and remote.

This TV only has TWO HD (480p, 720p, and 1080i)connections one is there own D4 cable to component (cannot find this cable anwhere else in the world)and the DVI connection. This means that the standard COMPONENT IN connection is analog and does not support HDTV. Makes it difficult to hook up HDTV cable, DVD player and XBOX. DC powersupply is very loud and reminds me of a hair dryer. I believe the remote is sleeping you will have to press button once to wake up then it will work normal but is slow in response. I have had this TV replaced two times already for poor picture but they finally sent one that works. Picture is very clear, very sharp, and hardly has any shadowing during fast moving scenes. If you can live with TWO HDTV connections then this is a great TV, otherwise spend the extra money and get the quality HDTV connections.

By anonymous; - Mar 6, 2006


Strengths: picture

Weakness: sound

While watching the tv the sound went off only static. Send the tv back to

Protron. After waiting a week to two weeks their customer service is lousy. Will not recommend to buy protron tvs


By anonymous; - Jan 11, 2006

PLTV32C (Note this is the "C" model without the removable side speakers)

Strengths: Great picture. Intuitive remote control layout.

Weakness: Volume control is coarse - Goes from mute to loud in two steps. "Protron" isn't offered in programmable remotes.

I bought this for $800 from Sears on Thanksgiving Day. The price was right and it appeared to have most of the features a person could want. I'm not overly saavy about LCD TV features but here's what I've found. It provides a great picture with my non-progressive scan DVD player. With Comcast HD cable it's spectacular. The picture is very bright and provides a great daytime backup to my front projection screen which gets washed out during daylight hours. I need to bring the brightness and contrast down to the minimum settings when the room is dark. My Radio Shack remote operates ON/OFF and Channel UP/DOWN using the "Proton" code.

By anonymous; - Nov 30, 2005

Great Picture

Strengths: Picks up strong signals on indoor "rabbit ears" antenna. Works with external HDTV tuner.

Weakness: Heavier than I first thought

I connected with a Sylvania 9600DTE tuner and an indoor antenna and receive about 20 HD stations (I'm about 18 miles from most of the transmitters). I'm happy with the TV. also connected to a VCR and DVD recorder. Both work well (Using splitters from antenna).

By anonymous; - Nov 21, 2005


Strengths: Ready to go right out of the box. Great picture, sound quality and price.

Weakness: Picture in picture is difficult to get to work.

I've had this LCD television in my house for over 2 months. The picture is fantastic especially when used with a high definition satellite and box. The sound is good and with such a great price, how could anyone complain. There is little to no set-up. Just open the box, slide it out, plug it in and connect it to your cable or direct tv service. Worked perfectly from the moment I got it. I'm in the market for another LCD for my living room and it's not whether I will buy another Protron or not; it's whether I buy the 32 or the 37 inch that is now available.

By anonymous; - Sep 6, 2005