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Sony KDL40V2500

Strengths: Picture color quality and contrast (7000:1) is excellent. If you don't own a home theater system, the 20 watt speaker system sounded better than any other comparable model.

Weakness: None. Go to a store several times and take your time inspecting the Sony against the comparable Samsung, Pioneer, LG, etc.. 40" LCDs and 42" plasmas. You'll see & hear the difference.

I highly recommend this product based on its quality.

This LCD HDTV looked better than all the 42" plasmas offered at the same price. Great TV if you watch television during the day or have skylights in your room... NO GLARE! The Samsung LNS4095D speaker system did not even come close to the Sony's sound system.

I spent one month researching top of the line 40" LCDs and 42" plasmas to finally choose this Sony HDTV. My decision was based on performance and looks. 1080p resolution will be great when Blu Ray's come down in price.

By ironman403 - Nov 6, 2006

Great LCD in the market!

Strengths: The quality, function and weight are the strength of this HD LCD.

Weakness: The exterior evelop design could be more sheek, just like XBR3!

This HDTV is the best deal you can find in the market right now. I researched for a good month before I decide to get this one. I narrowed my list down from plasma to LCD and then brand and model. Finally, I compared Sony KDL-40V2500 with Samsung LNS4095D. There are very similar in function, but I decided to go with Sony because of higher digital contrast ratio 7000:1 and I’ve always liked Sony’s reputation in function and quality. It’s worth it to pay $80 more to get Sony. I got it from It was a great deal to choose their special package with warranty and accessories. I'm very happy with my purchase, even though there was a delay in delivery.

By will2w - Dec 19, 2006

Amazing LCD TV

Strengths: Highest available native resolution, Very high contrast ratio, 2 HDMI inputs

Weakness: Relatively costlier

I bought this TV for my bedroom. I was debating between plasma and LCD TVs for ~40 inch screen range. After comparing amongst various brands and also comparing DLP vs Plasma vs LCD, I decided to buy this one due to highest native resolution and excellent contrast ratio. It has two HDMI inputs, one of which I have been using with my up-converting DVD recorder. It is simply a great experience watching HD TV shows as well as a Blu-ray disc. Highly recommended.

By HPALS - Dec 11, 2006

KDL-40V2500 LCD TV

Strengths: The picture quality is excellent. HD pictures are picture perfect.

Weakness: Unit does not ship with HDMI Cable. Minor issue.

The TV has meet all my expectations and more. The HD picture quality will stop you in your tracks. Several times I was passing the TV and had to stop an watch. GREAT PICTURE. The unit has two HDMI inputs, which I use with my Dish Network receiver and my DVD player (up converted to 1080i). I found the HDMI input produces a much improved picture over the component input (Y/Pb/Pr). I recommend this unit.

By mkmarkussen - Dec 3, 2006

great entertainment

Strengths: large screeen, fine detail, lots and lots of options and capabilities

Weakness: you need to purchase programming to get full effects so can get expensive in the long term

The delivery service had a few kinks. Purchasing the product and payment all went smoothly with very minimal kinks. Lots of options and capabilities that makes all forms of entertainment optimal. HIghly recommended for the avid dvd watcher or gamer. Great showpiece mounted just right. Does well with surround sound.

By dvaldez40 - Dec 5, 2006

Great value for a 1080P LCD HD TV

Strengths: excellent picture quality for HD programs, easy setup

Weakness: mediocre video quality for none HD programs

I made up my mind to buy this TV when I and my wife stood in front of the 30 plus HD TVs playing the same program at BestBuy. Sony TVs stand out obviously. We even compared this model with XBR2 of the same size, and we believe the quantity of XBR2 is a hair better. But with at least $500 difference, we decided to take this toy home with us.

We have used this device for the past 3 days; the video quality for the HD programs is superb. The color is vivid, and you can adjust many settings easily with the remote. We sit into the couch and don't want to get up. We are watching too much TV now than we should do. There are totally 8 different video inputs, which sufficient for most users, and there is one set input on the left side of the panel for easier connection to camera or camcorders.

However, the quality of showing the standard channel is so-so; depending on channels, some of them are not as good as my Sharp CRT. If you plan to connect your PC, there is another shortcoming – it uses RGB analog input rather than DVI interface.

If you have deep pocket, then go for XBR2 or XBR3, which are the best. 40V2500 is a value buy, and we recommend it. You are not buying the best, but close to the best.

By puzeyang - Nov 28, 2006

Excellent HDTV!

Strengths: Picture quality; 7000:1 contrast; 1080p; QAM tuner, sound quality

Weakness: High price

This is a very nice LCD HDTV. I looked at other brands but came back to Sony because I thought it offered the best bang for the buck. HDTV is jaw-dropping and simply stunning. I'm finding myself watching a lot of HD shows, even some I've never watched previously. Regular TV (analog/SD) is okay (especially the further away you sit). The TV's built in scaler is excellent and watching DVD's with my upconverting DVD player is darn near HD quality. Black levels are more than adequate on this set with an amazing 7000:1 contrast ratio. I am able to connect this to my Mac to use as a second monitor via HDMI > DVI and 1:1 pixel mapping is excellent with no overscan. The ability to tweak the picture to my desired taste is also excellent. Sound quality is better than expected though I usually use my surround sound system. You cannot go wrong with this Sony!

By anomie612 - Nov 27, 2006


Strengths: HD 1080p, QAM/ATSC and Sony quality

Weakness: high price and no HDMI cable

Purchased this TV 2 days ago. Overall, I am very satisfied with it. It is the best Sony LCD TV with a price tag under 2K. The HD is amazing and the sound is good. 1080p resolution can be delivered by PS3 games and Blu-ray/HD DVDs.

BTW, 7000:1 is the widest possible ratio between black and white contrast levels. Its real contrast ratio is 1300:1.

I highly recommend this product!

By SnF - Nov 25, 2006

Bravia KDL-40V2500 40

Strengths: Compact, good quality picture for an LCD

Weakness: See some pixelation and jagged type in quick motion sequences, but not as bad as other LCDs I've seen.

I wanted to purchase a compact unit that had an excellent picture, multiple HDMI inputs, and could be hooked to my computer. Great choice, I've been extremely happy with the Sony.

By Emisare - Dec 3, 2006

Sony Bravia KDL-40v2500

Strengths: Excellent quality

The Sony LCD 40V2500 has excellent picture quality and sound. We looked at several brands before deciding on Sony. The cabinet is stylish and blends well with any decor. Highly recommend this LCD.

By penninger - Dec 10, 2006

A great TV that use to cost $3,000 USD

Strengths: Full 1080P HD, price is just right $1,298, anti-glare screen, the TV stand swivels

Weakness: none to report

I read a lot of comments before posting my review. I noticed that there was several reviews that did not like the look of the analog channels. I agree with all of them, but I don't think of it as a problem. The channels on my old 32 inch Panasonic, "Which I purchased 8 years ago", look a whole lot better than my brand new Sony HDTV LCD.

LCD's and Plasmas were designed exclusively with the use of a Digital/HD cable or satellite box. There is no difference in picture quality for any LCD or Plasma, a $500 TV or a $15,000 TV will look EXACTLY the same for the analog channels. You just have to ask your Cable/Satellite provider for the HDTV service to get the best picture quality. It may cost you a few more bucks but its worth it.

I hope this helps everyone deciding on whether to buy this Sony LCD model.

By moviefanaticfan - Jan 26, 2008

Simply Amazing

Strengths: Picture quality, 1080p at a reasonable price. Sony Bravia engine

Weakness: No PIP, lacking the ability to update software/firmware (typical Sony TV issue)

Life like coloration, bright display, amazing contrast, true 8ms black-white-black response (not grey to grey like others), picture quality equal to units twice this cost, this LCD has it all. It rivals the best of the plasma market for picture quality and clarity without the headaches attributed to that market segment. With the price dropping everyday this model is a shoe in for TV of the year accolades.

By marcusofcf - Feb 1, 2007

Excellent HDTV

Strengths: good picture and sound quality

Weakness: did not include HDMI cable

I recommend this LCD. Overall it has good picture and sound quality, which is the most important thing. Also, it has a nice design, an easy to use menu, and you can fully adjust images. This HDTV includes 7000:1 contrast ratio and 1080p resolution. The only negative is that regular television looks just ok and you will need to purchase HDMI cables for better picture quality.

By fryinpan1 - Oct 27, 2006

Sony Bravia KDL-40V2500 - Overall good buy

Strengths: 1080p display easy configuration wizzard, pricepoint

Weakness: non HD picture quaility, power on takes a few seconds

I have been using this TV for about 1 week now. I found it on Amazon with free shipping and free wall mount after looking at it at a local store. . HD pictures look great at 1080i and I can not wait until the 1080p DVD players come down in price so I can see the highest quality. Non-HD pictures look poor (like with most HD-LCD TV's I have seen) I believe plasma may have an edge here but I chose to go with a LCD instead of plasma because it is being used in a bright room. The setup wizard once you power on the TV is nice. I never had to look at the directions. Scanning for digital channels the first time can take up to 50 min. One slight annoyance is that when you turn on the TV each time, it takes about 5 seconds to power up. Over all however, I am very happy with the TV and would (and have to friends) recommend it.

By brandonz - Dec 13, 2006

We love our Bravia KDL-40V2500!

Strengths: Picture Quality, Style, Size and Weight

Weakness: None so far

Time to replace our heavy weight 36 in Panasonic, we looked at both plasma and LCD. Decided on the LCD for better performance with glare. The set is almost the same size as the old 36 so it fit right into our entertainment center. Setup was easy with plenty of inputs. The viewing angle is excellent. Watched an underwater film on Discovery HD and it was spectacular! I set the wide mode to full, producing 4:3 when for regular TV and some HD. The picture is good for non HD TV. Sound quality is good but have home theater which is obviously better. The remote is adequate.
We've had the set for 15 days and are very happy with the purchase.

By pamlicobirdie - Dec 3, 2006


Strengths: HDtv picture

Weakness: picture on regular cable-not what I anticipated

The HDtv picture is excellent. The picture on regular cable is ok on some channels and not so good on others. I had read some other reviews that said the sound was not good, but I would disagree, I thought to sound was very good. The picture is great when watching a dvd. The tv is light weight and easy to hang when you get the correct mount. The remote is basic but rely on the cable company's remote any way, and instructions are fairly simple to understand. Overall I would say that I'm happy with the product-got what I expected-but not blown away.

By pyk - Nov 26, 2006

Great Picture, Lots of Flexibility

Strengths: HD picture quality, easy setup, nice on-screen menus, wide assortment of video inputs/connections, simple, non-overwhelming remote control

Weakness: remote control (not backlit, controls only tv), standard def picture quality not great (but no more than other hd sets; problem is that SD just doesn't look all that great when enlarged to this size)

I looked at a number of HD sets in the 40-42" size range before settling on this one. Ultimately, I decided to go with LCD technology instead of plasma to avoid the glare from nearby windows and that turned out to be a great decision. I have much less of a glare problem now than I did with my old conventional 32" CRT TV. I had also considered the Samsung 4096, but disliked the shiny, piano black border around the screen. (It seemed sure to have distracting glare from the windows.) I also considered two more expensive Sonys: the 40" XBR2 and XBR3. I didn't choose them because they were significantly more expensive and didn't seem to have any additional features; instead, the price difference seemed to be due to their fancier styling (which also made them larger and heavier). I wasn't looking for a tv to make a fashion statement, but for something to just blend into the room, so the "plain Jane" looks of this model were just right for me.

Picture quality is terrific right out of the box with no real adjustment necessary. I will probably try to calibrate at some point to see if I can make it even better, but no need to rush to do that. There are a ton of video inputs of different sorts, and they are well-labeled and easy to access, so it was very quick to setup. Also, the on-screen menus are intuitive, so setup was quite quick. I especially liked being able to label each input and to skip those not being used.

By jalperin - Nov 30, 2006

Far from great!

Strengths: Good looking when its turned off

Weakness: Picture sucks

Ok, I just both the TV and set it up with the component cables to my HD cable box. The cable box doesn't have a HDMI cable plug.... So my picture is average...I actually prefer my old CRT better...I am going to buy a HDMI cable and I am thinking that either the HDMI cable would make a great difference or the Sony is going back to the store...

By geogeogeo - Feb 13, 2007

sony bravia 40" hdtv

Strengths: nice picture

Weakness: terrible sound, wavering picture

Maybe I bought a dud, but our Bravia is awful. The sound is the most obvious problem, but I'd tolerate that as opposed to the wavering picture, as well as an unstable image. I have a few days left on the warranty, so here's hoping.

By jimbob69 - Sep 21, 2009

One word: awesome!!

Strengths: Picture quality , clear bright

Weakness: A little hard to find the input selection , remote feels cheap

I was dead set on getting a a Sharp Aquos or a Samsung TV
I was looking at a 42 inch in both of those models, however after actually seeing the picture in the store and comparing the ones that I was interested in , I was blown away by the Sony.
Do yourself a favor and actually go to a store and look at the TV's side by side you can't tell by a pic on the internet.

The screen size that I bought was the 40 inch. Sony comes through big time on their newer LCD'S.

This model has been out for about 1.5 years I think and the newer Sony XBR TV's are nice , but I couldn't justify spending 700.00 more for those sets . Picture quality differences were minimal at best.

However you do get a really nice floating glass frame with the XBR sets!

This TV can be had for around 1,200.00 not bad for the unbelievable picture quality.

There are quit a few settings options for color, hue ,backlight , brightness, backlight , etc. etc. and even an impressive advanced settings menu.

I mentioned about the input selection.

What happened was I got a HD cable box with A HDMI connection , but I couldn't figure out how to select the right input.

After calling the cable company ( which was unable to help me ) I scoured through the owner's manuel and noticed that the HDMI input on the TV was labled #6 so I had to go to label video inputs on the TV and select #6 and cable box and Voila! , blown away.

I have always bought Sony products in the past , but recently I felt that the company was a little behind the times, boy was I wrong !! They have definitetly raised the bar!

There is a reason you pay top dollar for Sony products but after you do some comparing their worth every penny!

Of course this is a mid level TV there are three levels of TV.

I have looked at pioneer and panasonic but you have to hit the big game to buy these products, which imho are awesome sets also.

Hope this helps some.

By anonymous; - Mar 21, 2008

Review from a guy who knows nothing about TVs

Strengths: Picture even looks decent on old analog cable

Weakness: No individual source buttons on remote (Vid 1 Vid 2, etc..)

Ok, I know nothing about TVs. My cable service is so old and got bought out so many times that I am now with Comcast, but paying a rate my friends can't believe is so low. It's analog cable but for under $20/month for what is expanded basic (normally over $50 in my area) but I don't want to switch.

My old TV went out so I decided I'd take the plunge and by this one since I saw it at a friends house at superbowl party. The picture with HD (at his house) is awesome, I love it!

Well, when I got mine, I plugged it in right out of the box and it looks pretty darn good for being analog. It has a digital/analog setting right on the remote.

I was figuring on having to buy digital cable or a dish, but the picture is so good without I will now wait until I am forced to switch to a more expensive service. I know this review is not for most as I am not a TV afficianado who needs/knows every function, I just wanted to share for those who may be in my boat. Also, bought from Abes and the experience was positive.

By anonymous; - Mar 8, 2008


Strengths: better than i thougt

Weakness: none

just bought mine for 1,199.00 at best buy compared to 1,299.00 that was the sale price. i got a steal !!! picture is unbelievable when direct tv and hooked everything for hd. at first i was disappointed at the picture quality. but that was just regular satalite. when it got connected , holy crap, i was amazed and fell in love! i would recommend this tv to anyone!!!!!!!!!

By dannyboi12 - Jan 29, 2008

Still loving my KDL40V2500

Strengths: Color, detail, sound, visual display of 480p signals(dvd, some ps2 games ect)

Weakness: 7000 to 1 contrast cant compare to 2007 models 13000 to 1 - slight motion blur on fast images.

I have owned this tv a full year, and am still quite happy. I sell HD tv's for a living, so I am rather picky about picture. Compared against most any lcd tv at the time, this set blew them away. Had taken home a Samsung first, and the contrast in dark scenes was terrible, if I turned up the brightness, all black turned grey. The V does a very good job on contrast, and even though Im watching the v3000 at work, I still find my v2500 great. As most people have said, standard definition is ok, same on most hd tvs. But give it a 1080 source, and the set is jaw dropping... and for games, its bright vivid colors really amaze. One warning, if you use older game systems, the 'upscale' time can make fast games difficult to play.. so my ps2 deosnt get used anymore.. its ok, Im playing my 360 with an hdmi cable, and HALO 3 looks perfect!

By anonymous; - Jan 2, 2008

Wow! What a Picture!

Strengths: This picture brings TV and DVDs to life. I'm saying this, despite the fact that I do not presently have either HDTV or an upconverting DVD player.

Weakness: I don't like that you have to turn the TV's speakers off in order to be able to operate the external speaker volume via the remote. Why can't the volume control work for both?

I purchased this unit after much research and deliberation. It came down to the Sharp Aquos 42" unit and this smaller 40" unit. Since I was purchasing the unit on-line, I did not want to have to deal with returning a defective unit, so I went with the brand and model that seemed to have higher quality conrol: Sony. The unit arrived in perfect condition from BestBuy Plasma, and worked perfectly out of the box. I have never seen HDTV, so I don't know what I'm missing, but I can say that this unit brings regular TV and DVDs to life. My wife and I absolutely love the vivid, sharp picture. An upconverting Toshiba DR 400 is on its way, and we're looking forward to enjoying an even better picture. However, we aren't yet ready to pay $20 extra per month for Dish HD service (plus the $150 setup fee). We don't watch much TV, so we're not sure this will justify the cost.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this purchase, and I would recommend this unit to anyone who is willing to put around $1500 into an LCD TV. You can't go wrong.

By GentleGrey - Jul 13, 2007

I've bought 2 of these now because...

Strengths: the best HD1080p LCD on the market period.

Weakness: the price... but if you look hard enough... you can get it for the same price as a crappy HDTVs.

I've bought 2 of these now because I was able to get great deals of them from the internet. I read dozen of reviews about this and dozens of other HD 1080p TVs... and it was clear that this was the best of the best (with the exception of the XBR series from Sony... but those are just way to expensive).

By cesarkuriyama - Jun 25, 2007

40" BRAVIA XBR series LCD Flat Panel HDTV

Strengths: Picture clarity, sound quality, functionality, wall mount

Weakness: None

For months I seached for a new bedroom TV to replace my old 35" RCA. I was torn between a Plasma and an LCD Flat Panel. I had heard great things about both types but wanted to do the "hands on" testing to draw my own conclusion. After comparing these TVs side by side at many stores I found the LCD Flat Panel far surpassed the Plasma. In comparison, the Plasmas picture quality was dull and lacklustre. I was very disappointed in the Plasma because , like I said, I heard great things about it. So with the field narrowed down to the LCD Flat Panel I set out to find the best of the best. During my review I found that side by side comparisons showed that the Sony 40" BRAVIA XBR series LCD Flat Panel HDTV with 1080p far surpassed all others Flat Panels of the same relative screen size. Since I already have a Sony 53" Projection TV, which I purchased seven years ago and have never had a problem with, I went with this TV. I am very glad I did! It is awe inspiring each time I turn this TV on to the HD channels. It actually looks like you are looking through a window instead of watching a TV. It's that good. I highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for the HD experience.

By anonymous; - Jun 16, 2007

An Excellent LCD TV

Strengths: Excellent sound, 2 HDMI ports, vivid color, beautiful picture both in HD and regular cable. Video Inputs.

Weakness: none

Well, I bought this TV in November. Seven months later, I still havent found something that I dislike about this TV. The 2 HDMI ports work well for my digital cable box and my Playstation 3, and I dont have to disconnect either one for the other.

There are several(8) video inputs which allow for more than one gaming system to be hooked up to it. Also, there is a video input for a computer monitor, which I have used to play movies off my laptop on occasion.

The picture quality is absolutely phenominal. Blu Ray movies look ridiculously clear, and the sound is pretty much unparalleled.

All in all, this is a great TV. It may be a little costly, but for something of this quality, its very well worth it.

By anonymous; - May 25, 2007

Sony KDL-40V2500

Strengths: HD pictures

Weakness: SD pictures

If you send a good HD signal to this TV it shines. Discovery HD is incredible on this TV. Colors are what really impressed me, not so much the clarity. Although the clarity in HD is excellent. I have seen some comments on here about viewing angle but I observe very little fade viewing from the side. Simulated surround is not bad for what it is. Life will be good when content providers get on the stick, like Discovery, and start offering true 1080i. I also considered the 37" LG that just came out. It would have been $400 less but it has the new piano black finish and I could just not get past that. It took me four months to make my decision on what TV and I am sure I made the right one.

By kbestle - Apr 14, 2007

A real winner

Strengths: Picture quality, Picture quality, picture quality !

Weakness: no cable card slot/on screen guide

I haven't purchased yet, but it will be a Sony. What do you buy a HD television for ......picture !

As already stated by another...let me be clear. You cannot and will not beat picture on this unit......the resolution and brightness (which brings out the colors) are untouchable.

Go to any big store where tv's are playing side by side and look.....none of the other brands look like the sony does....this included all the other brands vs all the Sonys.

All the Sony's look superior.....resolution....brightness, color.

I'm going with the sony....this sony.

simple as that when you look !

By anonymous; - Mar 20, 2007

Nice picture, shame about the PAL

Strengths: Good picture. Excellent viewing angles.

Weakness: Faint "clouds" visible on dark background; does not display 576i (PAL) properly

Nicely engineered unit; clean looks. Picture is very good: sharp edges with no over-emphasis, good color and contrast (for an LCD), and fast response time so it is good for sport. As discussed on some forums, "clouds" are slightly visible when viewing in a completely dark room with a dark (or black) picture. The faint clouds don't affect my enjoyment of the set.

Lack of 576i is a big disappointment. I am from Europe and I have a collection of 576i DVDs. This TV only displays the top 480 lines of the 576i signal. If you want to display 576i correctly, you'd have to get an upconverting DVD player.

Sound is surprisingly good for the small front-mounted speakers.

By sparky_socal - Mar 2, 2007

great tv

Strengths: HD picture quality,size,

Weakness: remote is fair

This is an outstanding set 1080i looks better than any other tv I have looked at including the xbr. No regrets. If you are hesitating about buying this tv, do not, it's worth every dollar

By dodgeguy1 - Jan 28, 2007

Great TV right out of the box

Strengths: full HD1080p, amazing sound and color

Weakness: none

If you are fortunate enough to have scored a PS3 then this is the TV you want. 2 HDMI ports for simple setup. The X series has 3 which is sweet but for an average of $1000.00 more not worth the money. I saw no difference in picture quality at the store, only difference is a frame around the TV. So glad i purchased this V-series.

By anonymous; - Dec 31, 2006


Strengths: Excellent picture quality! Adequate sound quality. Lightweight unit. Muted, trim design. LCD decreases sun and lighting glare. Price is right.

Weakness: None so far.

Really like this TV. Priced as low as some projection TV's we looked at with a picture quality that was the best we saw while shopping. Comes with better than average sound quality, but is best hooked into home theater system. HD programming on this TV is outstanding. We are really happy with the purchase of this product!

By anonymous; - Dec 11, 2006

Sony KDL-40V2500

Sony KDL-40V2500 receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 2.2 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #99 LCD flat panel TV of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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