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HDTV, SDTV and DVD movie content...

Strengths: Very good picture quality

Weakness: The screen blinks when the temperature in the room below 68F. I was told by Sharp technician that backlit lamp does not operate properly in lower temperatures

HDTV, SDTV and DVD movie content is great. Its slim, detachable speakers, the cable clutter is behind component rack. I'm using satellite 811 recever for HDTV source. The screen is very bright and auto/user adjustable depends on room light condition.

By zlatsin - Mar 16, 2005

This is probably one of the best...

Strengths: Colors are so natural it looks like you are really there. Design of the TV is the best out there and the AVC keeps all connections clean.

Weakness: Although the blacks are rendered well, it is still not as good as the best HD CRT TVs. However, black adjustments are available so it still works super well!

This is probably one of the best LCD TVs that is more than 32". I used to own HD CRT TVs and this Aquos model is comparable in terms of clarity, sharpness, crispness and overall picture quality. Highly recommended!

By md2md - Feb 21, 2005

I spent alot of time deciding on...

Strengths: Exceptional bright, vivid HD and DVD picture. Very easy to setup. Menu is extensive for picture quality optimization.

Weakness: None really. Fan noise is slightly audible.

I spent alot of time deciding on this set.
I chose a flat TV because of how narrow my den is, and an LCD because it is a mature technology which is not suseptable to image burn-in. This one will be used for a PC and gaming console monitor as well as TV/movies and burn-in would be an issue for me.

For digital images, this display is amazing. I have VOOM HD and it is stunning. Looks better than being there. Text is perfect. Credits stand right out at you.
It can get sloppy with low-quality analog, standard definition signals and the digital rendering is less forgiving than my old JVC CRT. I think all Digital TVs have trouble sampling low-quality signals though. This is not as big of an issue if you are not too close. (I sit ~8 feet from it).
Bottom line here: If you send it a good (especially digital)signal, it will amaze you; If you send it a weak, lossy one, it will look worse than your old CRT set.

I almost hate to mention it because it is really a small thing, but I notice it and I want you to have all the data.
Being on my wall, I can hear the fans in the back. Since there are two, there is a slight constructive/destructive interference pattern noticable as well. Not loud at all, and easily drowned out by voice/audio tracks. Its a white noise which fades away in your consciousness anyway. Probably not even noticable if you use the stand.

Overall: this is the nicest display I have ever seen. My friends all say the same. It changes the whole experience. I wish I could afford another (I would get the 45" 1080p version). I am a very satisfied customer and about to converge my PC and AV system under this display.

By ozium - Nov 21, 2004

Purchasing this television was a...

Strengths: Technology, aesthetics

Weakness: Leading-edge technology, handling of standard (480i) television image, whiz-bang bells & whistles, only one S-video input, fan-driven ventilation noise.

Purchasing this television was a MAJOR financial committment -- one that I do not regret in the least! The out-of-the-box experience has been extraordinary and I'm looking forward to years of viewing pleasure.

The first thing I noticed about the 37G4U was that it weighed considerably less than the 27" Sony Trinitron it replaced. I've chosen to not mount the speakers as the television will serve as a monitor -- audio chores will be handled handled by my sound system.

The 37G4U is a very attractive unit -- its narrow silver frame and black bezel balance atop a sculptural metal base. Although the screen is large and dark, its non-reflectivity causes the television to visually recede when not in use -- it's not the "big black behemoth" one expects of a large-screen television and, at a mere three inches deep, its "gee-whiz" factor is off the chart!

I live too far from an HDTV OTA broadcaster to receive signal, I don't have a clear southern horizon for dish, and my cable provider is charging a premium price for only one HDTV channel -- so my only experience with the 37G4U and how it handles an HD signal is from in-store viewing: The image is STUNNING.

My primary use for the 37G4U will be to view DVDs and cable television. Sitting approximately nine feet from the screen, progressive-scan (480p) DVD playback is gorgeous. The same cannot be said for regular cable programming: The image is a bit "soft" -- almost blurry. I wish my digital cable box was able to provide the television with a digital (DVI) signal -- DVI makes a real difference with my LCD computer monitor...

Sharp has used the 37G4U as a test-bed for a number of seemingly frivolous technologies -- not the least of which is the television's ability to record still photos and short videos onto memory cards held in an unsupplied PCMCIA adaptor card. It also has the ability to read a 32-image slide show from images recorded to the memory card, if those images are recorded to the card in a carefully prescribed manner. I have not tested this feature and, probably, never will.

The 37G4U does not automatically detect the type of signal it receives: One must manually select the input and than choose the manner in which the signal will be displayed. The menu offers four screen size/shape choices: One displays standard NTSC 4:3 with black sidebars, one proportionally stretches that image to fill the entire 16:9 screen, one zooms the image to fill the screen, and the last -- for widescreen films -- fills the screen from side to side with black bars above and below the image.

I've found that television shows broadcast in widescreen format look best when using the zoom mode. Widescreen DVDs look best in the last mode, and I prefer to view standard television programming in the 4:3 mode. The stretch mode loses a bit of the top and bottom of the image and makes everything on screen appear a bit wide.

The television has the ability to adjust the picture automatically in response to lighting conditions in the room. I'm still endeavoring to find the perfect balance of backlight, contrast, and brightness -- the 37G4U tends to be overly bright at its default settings. The automatic adjustment, however, tends to make light too light and dark too dark.

There are two fans built into the rear of the 37G4U -- they're really only noticeable when one is behind the television. The fan in the external tuner, however, is just plain loud -- about the same level of sound as a desktop computer. The film, "Contact," has moments of absolute silence -- the fan in the tuner unit was clearly audible during those scenes.

My cable box has an S-video output, but the only S-video input on the 37G4U external tuner is on the front of the box, beneath a decorative panel. This necessitate my using the composite video input, further lowering the image quality.

As I mentioned above, "leading-edge" technology -- I'm sure that many of the things I've mentioned will be corrected or automated in future generations of LCD televisions. For the time being, however, I'm delighted with the 37G4U -- I hope that my pleasure will grow as I learn more about optimizing its many settings and become more familiar with its operation.

I purchased the 37G4U from Setco, a PriceGrabber Storefront Merchant, at a very good price. The unit was shipped the within two business days via FedEX -- again at a reasonable price -- and arrived at my home four business days later without major incident.

The television has no "dead" pixels and, as an LCD, will not suffer from "fade" or "burn-in" -- the destroyers of plasma displays. When an LCD's brightness diminishes over time its lamp can be replaced -- plasma displays can only be discarded.

By kerbe - Nov 21, 2004

I shopped for many months before...

Strengths: Beautiful, extremely detailed menu, and unreal picture and sound.

Weakness: no atsc tuner built in.

I shopped for many months before purchasing this display. The final conclusion was based on the fact that I will most likely want to use this unit in situations where a static image could have burned in a plasma if I had gone that way. The idea of not having to worry about screen burn in was the final factor.
Sharp has done an amazing job of putting a highly detailed HDTV picture together with drop dead looks. The price is a value for the quality you get.
The input selection on the external box (another great feature) is impressive. The HDMI and DVI interface allows future proofing as need be.
The sound is better than any tv I have heard. I am thinking of having the unit's speakers be my center channel, as this is one of the options it gives you.
I purchased it from on the phone. I was amazed at the fact that shipping was free and it came fedex in 4 days! They were one of the least expensive retailers out there and I expected I put it on the visa to be safe. There were no issues, came new in the box fantastic customer service.

By macinnis - Jun 20, 2004

Spent a lot of time researching...

Strengths: Bright vivid picture. Outstanding Clarity.

Weakness: Was not able to use the included outboard speakers in my cabinet. Option to purchase without speakers, or an optional under display speaker would be nice.

Spent a lot of time researching HDTV before purchase. Made several visits to Stores doing comparisons. Ideal size. The ability to install in my Entertainment Center which had an interior width of just under 37 inches was also a determining factor. There are a lot of Entertainment centers made for 27 to 32 inch 4 x 3 TV's into which this unit will fit. Measure carefully, I made it with a little to spare. I also spoke with Sharp support after purchasing for clarification on a couple of items and was very pleased with the prompt courteous treatment I received.

By remnett - Feb 28, 2005

This is my first Widescreen LCD TV...

Strengths: Picture,Sound,AVC System,Detachable speakers

Weakness: None.

This is my first Widescreen LCD TV and I am very happy with my choice. TV fits perfectly in my entertainment center without the speakers. I connected TV with an external speakers instead and also connected with Home Theatre system. The sound is perfect. I subscribed COX HDTV cable service and HDTV programs are showing so perfectly on this TV. A separate AVC system is easier to hook up all the cables. I used Monster THX cables to ensure the best quality of picture and sound.

By itechand - Nov 7, 2004

I spent little time in deciding...

Strengths: Very sharp picture, very fast response speed, easy set-up, I am so pleased with this LCD TV. The best TV I have ever known in the world.

Weakness: Don't know any weakness. Maybe a better speaker will make it even better.

I spent little time in deciding this one because it is so distinguished that I can just pick it up form so many projection TV or Plasma EDTV.

I choose this one because I love the bright and vivid pictures and the LCD 16 ms response time. The screen is also very good with little reflections. The text is so good with high contrast. Looks excellent in the living room.

My wife wanted smaller TV with good resolution and I wanted a bigger one. The 37 inches LCD is the compromise. I am glad I bought this one.

Even with the low quality analog standard signals, the image is also great.

Overall: this is the best display I have ever seen. All my fiends, relatives and children like it very much. I am a very satisfied customer and highly recommend this fantastic TV.

By yichongfu - Jan 4, 2005

The speakers come off for smaller...

Strengths: Sharp picture. Worth The Extra Cost. clearly the best LCD TV I have ever seen. HDMI is excellent.

Weakness: Of course, the price is heavy. But, here's a situation where you pay for what you get.

The speakers come off for smaller cabinets. I used it through my sound system, thus, the speakers were not needed. Easy set up. HD Box a must. Superior to Plasma in just about every way. In a nut shell--the Best Television I have ever seen!

By lmiele - Dec 3, 2004

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