Sceptre X328BV-FHD 32" LCD TV

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Stylish glossy X328BV-FHD 32-inch LCD 1080P HDTV features crystal clear LCD display that emits brighter and more robust colors with 3 HDMI to connect all your high def components all at once. An ultra fast response time of 8ms to create crisper and sharper image that is flicker free for a complete entertainment experience with 1920x1080 resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, 16:9 Wide screen resolution, and 10Watts x 2 audio sound all while saving energy.


Product Title: Sceptre X328BV-FHD 32" LCD TV

Manufacturer: Sceptre

Power Score: 2.0 | 1 Review

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Not Great Quality

I'm ashamed to admit it but I have two sceptres. One lasted only 2 years, including two repairs before we finally put it to rest. The other, this 32" lasted 8 years but didn't have the best sound and only average picture quality. I don't think I will be getting another sceptre.

By jmslebaron@gmail.com_926796041 - Oct 1, 2013

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