Reviews for Samsung UN75ES9000F 75" 3D LED TV

$3,699.99 - $6,791.00

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Would buy it again in a heartbeat!!

Purchased Nov. 2012. We have never seen a TV with the picture quality of this one. Watching movies at home is much better than in a crowded, noisy theater. Features are obviously over kill, no one could ever master all the things this set will do. Not a c

By GaryinTexas on Adorama - Mar 4, 2013


Too, expensive, only rich people could afford to buy. If price lower, maybe people starting thinking about getting one for 75" it is perfect for the home.

By ttheum on Adorama - Aug 20, 2012

Blown Away

I've been in the Cable Television industry all my adult life and have seen/installed all makes and brands. this new 75" Samsung has blown me away with its clarity, 3D capability, picture crispness. Given how pricy it is, and worth it, it need to come with

By CableGuyFL on Adorama - Nov 23, 2012


We love our Smart TV. It's awesome to have the capability to browse the Internet from the recliner. We have immediate access to YouTube, Netflix, blogging and much more. If you are a techie you will love this TV.

By OMGtechie on Adorama - Sep 27, 2012

un75es9000 samsung smart tv

I have looked at a lot of tv's and never saw one as sharp and clear and bright as my un75es9000. The color is has good as the top of the line Samsung plasma. The viewing angle is great from the side of the tv. the smart control to the internet is as easy

By ClinRus on Adorama - Sep 18, 2012

Amazing Tv

I think this television is simply amazing! Hard to Imagine why you would have anything else before. the only thing that's a killer would be the price. maybe a little lower can be better, but beggars cant be choosers so good job! :)

By xchaoticsoldi3rx on Adorama - Feb 6, 2013

Outstanding Picture

Although this TV is a major investment, it is worth it especially if you plan on owning it for at least 5-7 years. By then they will have perfected the new OLED's and the HD tv's that now cost $15-25,000 for smaller screens with not content. In the meanti

By HarrisJ on Adorama - Dec 12, 2012

Superb TV.

I don't normally write reviews, but I am doing so now, as this is a huge investment for anyone thinking of buying this TV and I would like to share my own observations. We have owned this TV for less than a month, but after many hours getting acquainted,

By textileguy on Adorama - Dec 11, 2012

The picture quality is simply stunning!

I bought this for the size and quality of the picture. The room it went into, a 65" was just too small. I looked at others 70" and 80" top of the line units, there was no comparison, this one blew them out of the water in my opinion. Let's be real, it's e

By SandhillCrane on Adorama - Nov 26, 2012


I realy love this tv.I had an older samsung tv that was awesome but this tv is absolutley amazing. I love it and I couldn't be happier.

By joseph99 on Adorama - Apr 4, 2013

Today's Smart TVs

Today's smart television promise to deliver capabilities such as Internet access, gesture features, and applications; however, Samsung has actually delivered a smart television that lives up to its name. Most major brand smart televisions miss the mark wi

By Steel525 on Adorama - Aug 17, 2012


It is beautiful in every way. It is big and has great quality and is very smooth and thin.

By Hreyes123 on Adorama - Apr 4, 2013

Overall Amazing!

I am a real fan of all samsung LED tv's. I install and sell a lot of them everyday. About this tv: The size x thickness is incredible. the power plug coming out of the back straight forward does not make any sense!!! all the 7000 and 8000 series have the

By FredTech on Adorama - Jan 3, 2013

Sharpest and clearest tv I have ever seen.

The features on this product are terrific except for the fact you cannot zoom to fit the screen a blu ray or dvd. Want to do this to prevent screen buhrn in. Otherwise the features are great. The tv is not heavy and the sound is better than any other tv I

By edky3 on Adorama - Jun 22, 2013

Simply Amazing

This TV is simply amazing. It is easy to use and i love gaming on the large screen! So clear and crisp!

By JTwerda on Adorama - Feb 25, 2013

Most impressive TV ever

Great for TV, Movies, Gaming etc... This TV does not disappoint at any level.

By sgs3tab2101 on Adorama - Feb 5, 2013

best product i seen

Installed this tv in someones house and its one of grates tvs i ever seen. picture is perfect

By Echo1989 on Adorama - Feb 1, 2013

Best tv ever

I love the size and everthing about it and the price is just right

By coltsrock46 on Adorama - Jan 26, 2013

Got It

Strengths: BIG

Weakness: to small

bought it for the kids to play Halo 4 so they can beat up on your kids playing on that weak 40 in

By anonymous; - Nov 13, 2012


All i can say is in the title it helps me get impressed friends to stARE AT MY 75" AWESOME TV

By huuu on Adorama - Nov 24, 2012


the camera image is poor, what has happened? are the days of high definition? and the price?

By willy2shopp on Adorama - Nov 8, 2012

Absolutely stunning TV!

Great TV with great contrast and blacks. Been watching my blu ray collection over again just to see what I've been missing. Only wish it came with a tutorial on how to use all the features.

By IHookItUuuup on Adorama - Nov 2, 2012

Great product

This is a great unit!! I have seen it and action and picture is really awesome

By mknightaw on Adorama - Nov 2, 2012

Insane picture

Wonderful experience. Expensive. 3D is superb. Eyewear has great design. Buy.

By DisneyNot on Adorama - Oct 21, 2012

It's amazing tv

This Samsung es9000 tv is such a beautiful piece of work I just put it on the wall a couple days ago hook it up to my denon receiver and man it's and looks amazing the screen just pop at u I put in madden13 for the Xbox 360 and uncharted for ps3 It looks

By Ghostxp4life on Adorama - Sep 16, 2012

Perfect TV for Bedroom or small area

I was looking for a small TV for my bedroom, was considering 32" sets but most were only 720p resolution, and the sets that were 1080p were uber expensive for their size... I looked at the 40" sets but they were simply too large for my area... I then saw

By Anonymous on Adorama - Sep 6, 2012