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Flashy with flaws

Have had this tv for about 4 months now. The picture quality on blu-ray and video games is good. Have had alot of problems with the tv though. Had the screen replaced once to attempt to fix a problem. Tv has horrible viewing angles. Pretty much has to be

By ihrtpillowpants on Adorama - Feb 5, 2013

Would Recommend this TV

I have been a loyal Samsung Customer for many years now. The two main reasons I continue to purchase products from them is because, 1. They have the best products. 2. I have had a flawless experience with the Customer Support Department at EVERY level. They have always gone above and beyond what I expect and they truly want the customer happy with the Samsung Product they own. So if you have a problem with your Samsung Product, make sure to go to and register the product and request support and they will make sure the problem is resolved ASAP. Thanks Samsung!

By DJH0303 on Adorama - Jul 30, 2013

Best of the best

greatest tv we ever had! i highly recommend this tv to everyone. just loved all the features!

By TXGirl on Adorama - Jul 9, 2013

We bought this model 4 months back, works fine BUT...

We bought this model 4 months back, works fine BUT after some use we realized that WiFi network interface is operating @ 8 to 10 mbps, as we noticed YouTube and other apps hang...after calling support and spending hours with them I realized they are not i

By AAAbbasi on Adorama - Mar 1, 2013

Samsung UN55ES8000

Crutchfield has collected 6 user reviews for this product with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The most recent reviewer said, "great tv,best i have seen."

By on - Aug 27, 2012

Good Picture and can be update/new hardware

For a couple more hundreds, got this TV. A wise selection on my part. It can be updated with the evolution kit( we hope it will have a quad processor). All of my Samsung(5) TV's has above average picture.

By A5SamsungFamily on Adorama - May 19, 2013

Best contrast rating in the market!

Everything is as advertised. Astonishing picture quality. Wireless Internet works smoothly. It is connected to satellite TV, Blu-ray and 7.1 A/V Receiver, quite an experience. 3D is mind blowing!

By eapi on Adorama - Apr 3, 2013

Picture perfect

The picture is so clear, it's almost distracting. It's like everything you watch is bluray -- it actually took some getting used to. The other super cool feature is the edge to edge picture with virtually no bezel. Almost feels like you are looking out a window and the world is moving. Very impressive technology.

By ZJMBZ on Adorama - Aug 6, 2013

Great TV

I like everything about this TV. Crystal clear picture.

By Sam1Suey on Adorama - May 4, 2013

awesome play toy

great TV i can not wait to get some more in my home

By LOPRD on Adorama - Apr 14, 2013

Best TV that I have ever bought

Screen resolution and colors are striking! the TV speakers are far above average and the use of the remote is easy to handle.

By rhlarsen on Adorama - Apr 10, 2013

Great TV

I've had the TV about 2 weeks. The picture is wonderful. Voice and hand control is a little shaky, but nothing to make me not love this TV. Well worth the money.

By MadamG2u on Adorama - Apr 1, 2013

Excellent product

Love the feature rich components of this TV. Easy to set up. All screen, light weight, numerous inputs and multiple ways to communicate to the set. Little extra cost for this higher end model is worth it if you are not freaked out by technology. Would def

By AtlantaAce on Adorama - Mar 27, 2013


My Samsung was still going strong after 8 years but we decided to upgrade for HD and 3D capabilities. Love it and we are so happy with our new TV. Thank you Samsung for a great dependable product.

By DawnCastle on Adorama - Mar 23, 2013


This Tv is has excellent Picture quality best 3D view very good colors one problem is only 3 hdmi inputs.

By HoTxKasH on Adorama - Feb 25, 2013

Sweet T V

Have had t v for a month now. Still can't get over image quality. Have done some tweeking, to the picture. Very happy with the results. Have not played too much with internet yet. 3 D looks awesome. Glad wife is happy with it also. Audio is pretty good to

By PAPAJOHN1 on Adorama - Feb 23, 2013

love it!!!!

you couldn't have done better Samsung. Thank you!!!!

By mkeyb on Adorama - Feb 23, 2013

Great Smart TV

The TV has a great picture & sound quality. Looks great when matched up with a samsung blu ray player... TV needs to have more HDMI ports.

By Belisle on Adorama - Feb 20, 2013

Luv My Smart TV

The TV has a great picture & sound quality. The universal remote is a plus. I have a few game consoles & I feel the TV needs to have more HDMI ports.

By LuvMySS on Adorama - Feb 17, 2013

Smart TV

I love this TV I am glad I bought it. There are so many things you do on it I am still learning.

By LuvSmart on Adorama - Feb 12, 2013

Good but needs improvement

Got it a few months ago. All worked well initially till TV started getting overheated and would shut down automatically. Got it fixed under warranty but wasn't expecting it. Overall TV is very good with goood picture quality and features. Rooms for improv

By Raj123 on Adorama - Jan 30, 2013



By B75092 on Adorama - Jan 30, 2013

Best TV I have personally owned

Has an amazing picture, is extremely slim on the wall, and the Smart TV capabilities like netflix, vudu, and skype have made this TV unbelievable.

By coke187964 on Adorama - Jan 28, 2013

Change the way you see your TV

If you're looking to enhance your TV viewing this TV is for you!!! The picture quality is simply amazing and no matter what TV I compared against it nothing even came close. I took a long time before deciding to purchase this TV and visited multiple store

By WantedSaint on Adorama - Jan 18, 2013

Great TV!

Great picture. 3D experience is great. Really thin TV, great design. Applicable are really easy to get access.

By Patou on Adorama - Jan 9, 2013

great features

The picture is awesome, Smart hub is cool, can't wait for the evolution kit to become available

By malidan on Adorama - Jan 8, 2013

Love this product

I just love this Tv. Design is amazing. Quality of picture is amazing. Only I am missing a litle speed in apps and more hard drive place. MORE APPS PLEASE.

By freely on Adorama - Jan 8, 2013

Commands Style and Hippess!

The whole family is in love and anyone that walks into our home cannot get enough of this TV. Enjoying the voice control and internet capabilities

By SamsungAddictIL on Adorama - Jan 5, 2013


A Most Excellent product, as is my Note II and BluRay! Beautiful Pix. Love it.

By Anonymous on Adorama - Jan 5, 2013

Has Everything

Great TV a lot of functions I still have to learn but I am having fun with it!! Picture quality and 3D graphics are the best I have ever seen!!!!!!!

By ClevelandDawg on Adorama - Jan 4, 2013

Amazing Product in Many Respects!!

Full of features that were a little overwhelming for a non-techie like me. A lot of reading of the owners manual and trial and error actions before I acquired a reasonable understanding of the many capabilities of this television. Very satisfied with my f

By Flyte99 on Adorama - Jan 4, 2013

Samsung LED TV super grate

This Led TV has some unique features like Camera and Networking 3d etc. Color display is excellent . All App are really good this tv act like big LED Computer Screen..

By patelvinz on Adorama - Jan 4, 2013

Great TV. You get what you paid for!

I have recently purchased this TV. I am so far blown away by everything it has. No doubt, it is one of the most advanced tv's on market. Although the motion sensor and voice control aren't quiet there, they are still really fun to play around with. Overal

By PaCkAtTaCk12 on Adorama - Jan 4, 2013

A shift in the way we access information and entertainment

Despite the somewhat ridiculous motion and voice commands, which prove to be a nominally, the TV is very smart and with the use of the Samsung keyboard, it makes web navigation as easy as if you were in front of your computer. This TV is somewhat a game c

By Anonymous on Adorama - Jan 2, 2013

Best features in Smart TVs

Impressive advanced features of Smart TV on top of totally satisfying video quality.

By BBB555 on Adorama - Dec 31, 2012


This tv's picture quality is amazing along with the beautifully sleek design of it. The features are awesome and eve though the price is a little high it's well worth. It.

By Barca79 on Adorama - Dec 30, 2012

3D ploblem

When u watch a 3d movie stop for moments the 3d view need fix that ......need work in the 3d feature

By 3030 on Adorama - Dec 29, 2012


This t.v. is ahead of its time. The picture quality is so good you will have to get used to it because its so clear.

By Jermear on Adorama - Dec 28, 2012


Samsung by far has the best tv's. This is my first 3d smart tv and am very happy with it, I enjoy how everything is in blu ray form and having the option in converting to 3d whenever I want. Picture quality is amazing! Everything is in life like form. As

By Electronicfreak on Adorama - Dec 27, 2012

Awesome TV

Love everything about this TV. Great features and picture quality is incredible.

By crowe1113 on Adorama - Dec 26, 2012

Samsung Smart TV UN55ES8000FXZA

The quality of this picture is simply superb! I love the SmartHub and applications that tie in my Samsung TV to my media player. I can play my movies, show my pictures and play my music from my PC to either of my Smart Samsung TVs

By TechMadness on Adorama - Dec 25, 2012

Pure Junk

This was my second Samsung TV. The first one (a 42 inch) lasted 20 months before it stopped working. I bought the 8000 series 55 inch shortly thereafter. This one lasted 9 months, but it was under warranty and a repairman came to my house and installed a

By Jontfun on Adorama - Dec 22, 2012

Poor Performance makes, experience not worth the wait.

Bad: 1. The performance of the smart TV is slow. I have a 15MB Cable Modem internet connection. My internet streaming is fast except for this TV. I am using a wired Ethernet connection to my local home network. YouTube, and the web browser, the uStream ap

By jmwallace74 on Adorama - Dec 21, 2012

An incredible experience in media!

Set up was very thorough and the set handles it all automatically, then the fun begins. I feel as if my eyesight has improved with the quality of viewing provided by this set. An incredible journey into new worlds of entertainment. Thank you!

By Hankster57 on Adorama - Dec 21, 2012

Amazing TV lots of fun

This is one of the best TV i have ever bought. Lots of features and best quality of picture. Kids love it. Thanks Samsung you are doing gr8

By CHA2VAN on Adorama - Dec 20, 2012

55 inch led 8000

Great tv! love the picture. My daughter loves the remote free volume and the voice turn tv off and on.

By tvlearner101 on Adorama - Dec 17, 2012

Just amazing!

For a TV savvy like myself I must say this is by far the best TV I tried before buying. The display is very natural and brilliant. 3D is amazing! and it is super stylish! Super happy!

By Tisusa on Adorama - Dec 13, 2012

NEW 55" LED 8000 Series Smart TV

The picture is amazing,the features are easy to need to tweak the brightness and colors a little to suit your taste but once you are there its fabulous.the voice controls works really well.there isn't a huge list of commands,only the ones on the s

By azmoses on Adorama - Dec 10, 2012

Buggy Software

Samsung didn't take the time to fine tune this product. Buggy software makes it frustrating to use. TV use should be a relaxing and easy to use experience. If they can't make it that way then the feature shouldn't be added. Samsung should add a web browsi

By Cstar on Adorama - Dec 10, 2012

This is the best tv I have ever owned!

This tv, is really just a 55 computor monitor. The picture is so accurate, it appears you can just walk into it. Cant wait to see what feature can be updated when they come out in 2013!

By tazdale on Adorama - Dec 9, 2012

8000 Series smart TV

This TV is amazing. Great features, even more then what you would need on a TV. 3d is phenomenal. Picture is excellent.

By JTBX1 on Adorama - Dec 7, 2012

Product has great features

I bought the TV .. in May 2012 .. It started giving hard time from novemeber 2012 .. It restarts automatically If I was watching a movie of 2 hrs .. it will restart the tv.. for every 30 min .. its ridiculos..

By Dave449 on Adorama - Dec 6, 2012

Smart TV

Love the TV we were one of the first one to get one and even our tech friends can't believe everything that is available on this model. Our next TV will be the big 75 inch one.

By Anonymous on Adorama - Dec 5, 2012

Kick Butt Set!!

I did a lot of searching and comparing, and this set just kicks butt!!

By Beemerdoc on Adorama - Dec 3, 2012

Fantastic TV

I've had my 55" 3D tv now for about 4 months and am very happy with the TV and how it's performed. The quality of the colors, design, back lighting shows every time i turn it on. The 3D is great as well. What I also like is that Samsung continues to impro

By Monteroman on Adorama - Dec 1, 2012

This is OK

Too many features that I do not need and expensive

By Paco478 on Adorama - Nov 29, 2012

I fell in love with picture quality in store

I wasn't happy with the price, but the picture is amazing. This tv has many features that others do not offer, but the picture alone is the best feature.

By Dus10 on Adorama - Nov 18, 2012

Great TV but Features are a little overwhelming

My in-laws just got the ES8000 55". It has a beautiful picture and my only complaint on style is that the tv bezel is grey (titan) color instead of black. Now the features, it does it all (almost :)) The hand gestures, are almost too sensitive, any slight

By SammySon on Adorama - Nov 15, 2012

Very Expensive

Very sensitive to sound, pet can turn tv on just by walking past. Had to turn feature off.

By Redbone49 on Adorama - Nov 15, 2012

samsung un55es8000

This is a great tv, has all that one would in a tv love it only had it for a few days , hope that i can the same in a few months.

By Hodie on Adorama - Nov 13, 2012


Awesome TV, Hihgly recommended, Great picture Quality and real 3D.

By SamSLover on Adorama - Nov 13, 2012

Overall Great - SmartHub Audio Disappointing Unforced Error

I am overall happy with this set - a very good picture quality and, in my case, no real problems that are sometimes inherent to edge-lit LCDs. I am really disappointed in one particular feature of this "Smart TV" however, and it seems to me to be an entir

By Catt99 on Adorama - Nov 13, 2012


We just purchased this TV and while I don't understand all the features...the picture is awesome. It's amazing.

By BlondeBankerVP on Adorama - Nov 12, 2012

No need for the movies anymore!

This TV is the future lead generation for all TVs. I am still learning its capabilities, but it is just awesome!. It is a TV that can be used by everyone in the family with so much to offer for entertainment besides watching a movie.

By EGinOH on Adorama - Nov 11, 2012

3D / 55 inch / HDTV

wow, it was finally nice to actualy find a tv that deleived breath taking 3-D, a real 3-D moive and the set performed flawless, no edge shutter, no distortions, is was amazing. Even the tv channels in hd are just about flawless.

By daddydaycare on Adorama - Nov 10, 2012


I am very happy with this TV. Just love it :) It totally changed my day... gives me very good feeling. Awesome experience watching HD movies, features are great. I will definitely recommend this TV to my friends/relatives.

By Bangaram on Adorama - Nov 10, 2012

The best TV I've owned ever!!!!

This product is amazing...great screen that is big, bright and clear. Many fun features that the whole family can enjoy such as Skype, angry birds, etc. just to name a couple. The sound quality on the speakers are okay in the mid and low ranges, but rattl

By Blackeyed on Adorama - Nov 7, 2012

A Perfect TV for Home

I have recently brought this TV and it is so cool. I like watching HD and 3D movies and the performance is ultimate. You got to try this one.

By KameshSarma on Adorama - Nov 4, 2012

Its a real Smart TV

When they gave it the name "Smart TV", they only gave it its fair name, that's because you will feel like you are interacting with a real person, not just a TV. Picture quality is amazing. The sound is just perfect, and the apps on it makes it exceptional

By ScubaMaster on Adorama - Nov 4, 2012

awesome tv

this is a great tv. the picture quality is nice an sharp with great color. the 3d is cooler than i thought it would be, this being my first 3d tv. the web browser and hub are great. the browser with picture in picture means i can watch a game and check my

By travesty22 on Adorama - Nov 2, 2012


These new features and all the hype! How could you go wrong??

By ke5qda on Adorama - Oct 30, 2012

Saw in store.. in awe of the new product line

I love Samsung and own three TV's from Samsung already. Went to Best Buy the other day and saw the new Smart Line... I was drooling and I really wanted to buy a new TV. Amazing products!

By MrGrim323 on Adorama - Oct 28, 2012

Wonderful Product

My ex got it for me and I have been attached to the screen every since the day they delivered it.

By BlessSt on Adorama - Oct 24, 2012

Man! What A Great Tv

Loving everything about it! This tv is the talk amongst my guy pals. I think the tv gets visited more than I do. Oneeee slight disadvantage is the pip feature: there isn't a button that takes you straight to it, you have to jump through some loopholes to

By Dngi on Adorama - Oct 23, 2012

Samsung interaction

This was an excellent TV I have never seen before, the 3D quality is amazing , motion control is tough but get easy when used to it

By Sirivenkat on Adorama - Oct 20, 2012

Just plain awesome!!

This is my first Smart TV. It's just awesome. I would highly recommended this television to anyone. Even my mother bought one and she is totally non-techie. I have just scratched the surface of all the features but look forward to learning all about them.

By GrandPooh9095 on Adorama - Oct 20, 2012

Just out of the box

Beautiful design and picture. Now need to decie if I will wall mount the TV.

By SoCalSteeler on Adorama - Oct 19, 2012

1st Greatest Purchase

Everything that is raved from other owners is true, I would like to make an emphasis on Value, where as this product may cost a bit more than other TV's in its class but doe snot offer the Evolution Kit Upgrade for continuous use and enjoyment with future

By lawz4dayz on Adorama - Oct 15, 2012


Its beautiful, the display its just awesome! Would highly recommend this product!!

By MsLeon21 on Adorama - Oct 14, 2012

Unbelievable Picture

We just purchased this TV. It is amazing. The picture is incredible! It was very easy to connect to our other components and to set up. I haven't been able to explore all the features, and it has many. I can't drag my husband away from it! This TV is also

By IDW2BE2M on Adorama - Oct 14, 2012

Exceptionally Nice

This is my second 3D LED Samsung TV and bigger is better. Smart functions take some time to get used to and the optional remote keyboard is worth the convenience. The picture is exceptional and the features are very complete. The 3D is superb.

By sausage on Adorama - Oct 12, 2012


Lovely picture, excellent sound to make you feel what on the screen. The clarity I see is astounding to witness I would co-sign to anyone that look to buy this t.v.

By cosmicgeek on Adorama - Oct 10, 2012

Great Product

Ithe only problems I have had are in relation to support of certain APPS such as Chroms and flash, otherwise the picutre is excellent, sound is great

By SwissAJS on Adorama - Oct 8, 2012

slightly a little better then last years 8000 series

I was expecting for this tv to be alot better then last years model but it's only slightly better. The 3D is a little better and the colors are brighter and make the picture look more realistic. But besides that its about the same thing.

By Reno775 on Adorama - Oct 5, 2012


One word says it all----EXCELLENT!!!!! The picture surpasses others I looked at.

By Higstrum on Adorama - Oct 5, 2012

Good and Bad Together

After the third set I decided to give up on this tv! This is a great tv in terms of picture quality, colors, design, connections, GUI, calibrations, web browser, skype camera etc.etc., and actually it is one of the most advanced televisions on the market.

By Alex4fly on Adorama - Oct 3, 2012


Nothing more to say than my title ..... AWESOME TV!

By autobuff58 on Adorama - Oct 1, 2012

Best Picture Quality I've Seen

I'm just going to cut to the chase and say this TV has one of of the best, if not THE best, picture quality I have seen. Highly recommended!

By echomark on Adorama - Sep 30, 2012

I love this television.

I waited four months before purchasing this television and it was well worth the wait. I would recommend this product to anyone.

By pjbony on Adorama - Sep 29, 2012


exellent tv it has all the features you can imagine.

By Chukampatan on Adorama - Sep 26, 2012



By MENSED on Adorama - Sep 23, 2012

Amazing TV Picture and Performance

The picture is very bright and surprisingly clear from any angle. The SmartHub is an amazing addition with decent Web Browser and other goodies. The supplied touch remote is impressive. The motion control feature is becoming the show off to most of our gu

By sazzam on Adorama - Sep 17, 2012


I LOVE this TV. With all the features and apps. you could not ask for anything better. the picture is so clear its like real life.i love it!!!

By Bingpainter on Adorama - Sep 14, 2012

Its like watching TV for the very first time.

This brings the joy of watching TV to a totally higher level.

By JazzSoulBluesRock on Adorama - Sep 12, 2012

Welcome to 3D Grandpa

This new TV and its features era in a whole new way to enjoy our favorite shows.

By Luv2Farm on Adorama - Sep 11, 2012

Don't take my word for it experience it yourself

Being an IT technical manager I tend to research any major personal purchases I make for weeks. I read, googled and went to showrooms to compare among various candidates. I am extremely pleased I decided on purchasing this LED. Given the extreme quality o

By Anonymous on Adorama - Sep 8, 2012

lots of features

Almost too many features to program. Trying to figure out how to set up everything took awhile but the end result was good.

By rwmcki1 on Adorama - Sep 4, 2012


Love my tv. Wish sound bar could fit under tv stand.

By owachee on Adorama - Sep 4, 2012


Nothing more to say other than I love this TV! Best purchase in a long time!

By Anonymous on Adorama - Sep 1, 2012

Excellant TV

The best TV I ever bought.the picture so clear. I love this TV.

By daddyrose on Adorama - Aug 31, 2012


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