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Does not perform as expected

I purchased this after reading a few reviews, but it has been one of my worst product experiences ever. It has gone from bad to worse, with intermittent wifi connectivity at the outset, and now the TV is rebooting itself randomly. It is really just an expensive paperweight. I am sending it back for warranty work. But there are tons of others out there who experienced this same issue with no recall from Samsung? And now, Samsung is hiding negative reviews.

By DumbTV on Adorama - Aug 4, 2013

Love my TV!

It has a clean crisp picture and the sound is so much better than my old tv.

By sowadski on Adorama - Nov 5, 2013

Perfect TV for family

This is my second smart tv from Samsung and i am very pleased with all its features. Being able to do my web surfing on the large screen is perfect !

By ItaPR on Adorama - Nov 3, 2013

Love it

I've this one for about 5 months and I love it. The picture quality is superb and the audio is top notch. It is a little pricey but the it's feature packed and worth the cost. I would certainly recommend this device to anyone who likes the extra technology.

By BudLuvsHD on Adorama - Nov 2, 2013

32" LED 5300 series Smart TV

Easy to set up, from box to viewing in less than 45 minutes. Very good picture, lots and lots of applications and variety for viewing.

By showmemore on Adorama - Oct 26, 2013

Not worth it

I purchased this as it appeared to be decent quality for a good price. The picture and sound are ok, but...this TV has nothing but problems and constantly turns off and on (only a few months old). I wish I had spend more money and purchased a better TV from a different brand.

By Wontstayon on Adorama - Oct 23, 2013

Second TV I bought of this model.

Just dont buy it, find another brand. Dead pixels, broken inputs/outputs. Paid full price twice. Poor manufacturing

By Anonymous on Adorama - Jan 26, 2013

Wireless function not reliable

Wireless function stop working in less than two months of usage.

By Ochino on Adorama - Jan 19, 2013

Samsung UN32EH5000 32" LED TV

Strengths: good

Weakness: nothing

verygood i use this led tv

By anonymous; - Aug 24, 2012

Will Not stream inet radio - unless using paid service (memory)

Inet tv and streaming radio are not available on this tv unless you pay $$. Apps displayed on the retail box are fee-based. Web browser does not allow streaming IHeart radio or other tv show as I expected. TV shuts down, then restarts and claims "not enough memory". TV has 768 meg of memory built-in. Does not allow external mem to be accessed via USB. Costco purchase. Samsung does not identify this limitation on websites. Only buy from a retailer with a good return policy!

By twoseasick on Adorama - Jul 8, 2013


S, super A, awsome M, magnificent S, significant U, ultra fantastic N, nice G, great I love my Samsung LED 53OO LED HD TV

By GSCZR1 on Adorama - Jun 24, 2013

Samsung UN32EH5000

Crutchfield has collected 6 user reviews for this product with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The most recent reviewer said, "Good tv but not as sharp as an led tv, pixels are standard and compared to a Sony, it feels cheaper in quality. Overall the price is good for what I need it for"

By on - Sep 22, 2012

Samsung UN32EH5000 32" LED TV

Strengths: good

Weakness: nothing

verygood i use this led tv

By anonymous; - Aug 24, 2012

Great TV

this TV is great, it performs great and its very convenient i would definitely recommend it to everyone. All the applications it contains are great as well as the picture.

By sandroz on Adorama - Jun 30, 2013

Upgraded to a flat screen at last!

For years now I have had a crt in my office and could not get all the things we get on cable so at last I got this wonderful TV. Now I can get all the HD channels and netflix right in my "Man's cave" when the wife wants to watch something I have a place to go where I have a great TV and I was even surprised at the sound output from this set. We had to add a sound bar to our larger set but this one works perfectly for my use. Now all I have to do is find a way to not fall asleep in my recliner while watching TV.

By mtnmansv on Adorama - Nov 8, 2013

Best TV

Best TV, no complaints so far, good customer service

By temocsan on Adorama - Nov 1, 2013

great tv

Salesman talked me n2 this TV & I'm really glad he did. Internet video & music streaming & a whole bunch of "apps" that I don't have to pay the cable co. extra for a "box upgrade". & best feature - auto sleep timer. Fantastic bedrm TV.

By sapphire69 on Adorama - Oct 23, 2013

Great TV 100% pleased.

I bought this TV for my bedroom and I love it. The picture is crystal clear and I'm enjoying the "Smart TV" features. In fact, I feel "Smart" for choosing this model. Very pleased.

By Chrisann on Adorama - Oct 23, 2013

Great buy

I have been checking out HDTVs for about three years. I thought my first HD purchase would have been a competitor's tv, but dug into the Samsung brand, and liked what I saw. I expected to buy a larger (40") set and decided the 32" was the best buy for our first HDTV. I read several reviews on this and other sites and decided the pick up the 32". The television works well. I'm still getting through the menus, and adjusting the picture, but I am inpressed with the features and functionality. Next purchase will be a Blu Ray Player, and a 40" tv.

By Tecmage on Adorama - Oct 13, 2013

this is my best tv

I like my new samsung tv, the sound and resolution it's awesome!

By edavend on Adorama - Sep 29, 2013

All You could ask for

Fabulous picture and with the Media Hub entertainment is at your finger tips. Quality well worth the small additional expense.

By RichO22 on Adorama - Sep 24, 2013

Great picture but other features mediocre

What I like: This TV has a beautiful sharp picture. The set is very light. Setup was very easy. It found my wireless network right away and prompted me for the key. I was online in only seconds. A firmware update was downloaded and installed during the initial setup. After a few weeks of use the wireless network still is just always there and ready to use each time I power up the set. Some of the apps available to download are actually quite good and provide lots on entertainment value. Others are like bloatware that basically do nothing or that prompt you to upgrade to paid versions. On a fast internet connection video streaming is pretty good but still occasionally pauses to buffer. What I don't like: The smart tv features were a good idea but not well implemented. This is nearly a deal killer - The web browser could be useful if it supported a current version of Flash. Any web site that is visited that has Flash content prompts you to upgrade to a current version of the Flash player. But you cannot upgrade. An error stating that pops up every time you try. Samsung will need to provide a new firmware to fix this. By the way, you will hate using the web browser using the included remote control. Get a compatible wireless keyboard and mouse. Samsung does not list or recommend what brands or models are compatible. I am using a Logitech K400r mini wireless keyboard with a built in track pad that works good on the browser and some apps. I plugged in its tiny wireless dongle and it just fired up and works great. Some other apps that are preinstalled or that you can download from the Samsung store only work with the included remote which is aggravating. Samsung needs to cut a deal with Comcast/Xfinity to support the HBO GO application. It looks like Comcast is the only provider that does not support this app on Samsung smart TVs. Very disappointed in this. This too is nearly a deal killer for me. This has been a known issue for a long time but there seems to be no progress in getting it resolved. The speakers on this set are very irritating to listen to. The sound they produce is hollow like they are playing out of a tin can. This is the case with most small TVs that have tiny speaker drivers up inside the set that send sound through plastic baffles that attempt to bounce the sound in the direction of the listener once it comes out of the bottom of the set. It needs to be hooked up to a sound system to get quality sound. There are plenty of output options to accommodate that. If you have no external sound system or if you will be using this in a room with no sound system to pipe it through I highly recommend getting a decent sound bar. Even a cheap one would be an improvement over the built-in speakers. Bottom line: As inexpensive as this set is and the great picture it produces it is a good value and I would recommend this product to my friends in spite of its shortcomings. Just understand that as shipped it will be of limited use in browsing the Internet. Leave that to your PC or tablet until the Flash issue is addressed. I am hopeful that Samsung will continue to support this set with future firmware upgrades that fix some of its issues.

By ChazJazz on Adorama - Sep 21, 2013

Great Product

Real sharp picture. A great quality buy at an economical price. I connected my TV with a Chromecast dongle and have been enjoying moview every evening. Easy setup.Glad I made the purchase.

By Len123 on Adorama - Sep 21, 2013

Excellent TV

Love this TV for my bedroom. The WIFI is great. Its pretty much the same as a TV and a ROKU player in the same piece of equipment.

By whoknowshim on Adorama - Sep 18, 2013

Love this TV

I love this little tv. I use it on my bedroom. It has a great picture and the built in Wi-fi is a plus. It has more features that my 1 year old 55 inch Samsung LED TV which needed a separate dongle. I love the fact that you can get skype on it too. I will be buying the camera for it this weekend.

By Worldbrealer on Adorama - Sep 16, 2013

This TV is Great!

Picture, quality, and sound are outstanding. This is the best television that I have owned.

By kmthom on Adorama - Sep 15, 2013

Best TV I've Ever Owned

This TV is by far the best I've ever owned. The picture is unparalleled, the sound even from the stock speakers is really nice, and the Smart feature is just icing on the cake. The thing looks great and performs as good as it looks. My only small issue is that if you plug in your own speakers, unless they're a Samsung brand, you can't use your TV remote to control the volume coming out of the external speakers. In order to do so you have to have Anynet+ capable speakers. But other than that I love this thing.

By MrFinnila on Adorama - Sep 9, 2013

Nice Set

Good picture, easy to set up. I like the wireless, which works very well. Only cons are the browser is hard to operate and very slow. But at least it has a browser. I definitely recommend

By BadgerBill on Adorama - Sep 8, 2013

Works and looks great

Excellent picture and sound. Great Wi-Fi, have no problem getting 270 - 300 Mbps even with the router being 40 feet away. When accessing the Smart TV features picture quality makes it easy to read what your doing on the screen.

By lgrizzly on Adorama - Sep 7, 2013

Great TV

Great HD picture! I have this TV in a sunroom that is all windows from floor to ceiling. The picture is bright and beautiful. Had to calibrate for the room, once that was done. WALAAA!

By ibsherbare on Adorama - Sep 6, 2013

A great new TV!

My new Smart TV arrived and I had it set up and going in minutes! Easy to configure and connect to the network. Automatic updates got the set to the latest apps/firmware. The screen resolution is bright and sharp. The only two annoyances that keep it from five stars is that I can't label my own digital channels and the remote is awkward to use because of its straight shape (a bit of a contoured shape would help me point the right end toward the TV). But those are my only complaints...and very minor ones at that! For my first smart TV, I could not be more pleased. I have already recommended it to my friends.

By Smartified on Adorama - Sep 3, 2013

Fun T.V.

Easy operation and easy to set-up. Would recomend this to everone

By Fun2TV on Adorama - Sep 1, 2013

Pleasently Surprised

So far, everything I expected although I have not been able to test all the features. I will buy another Samsung.

By gman43 on Adorama - Aug 31, 2013

What a terrifc TV!

This TV is a great deal for the price. It has everything I could ever want in a TV. It has terrfic picture quality even without HD. The sound quality for this size TV is very good. It has lots of apts. The remote control is so easy to use. And can I mention again that it's a great value. I have already recommended it to my family and friends.

By JImmyZ2 on Adorama - Aug 28, 2013

32 LED

Great TV with excellent features, although smarthub specifically netflix was a little tricky to get working.

By truetimes on Adorama - Aug 26, 2013

Very Happy

I bought this TV set; primarily for watching Netflix streaming.Love the High Definition. The resolution is great, watching it is very easy on your eyes.

By Giles on Adorama - Aug 24, 2013

Great product for your bedroom

This is a great tv.The full HD and Wi Fi are great features.I have two sony full HD and this Sansung 5300 equals the more expensive Sony's that I have.If this TV last forever like my Sony,I will be happy.This is the smallest TV that I own,but the picture is clear and the sound is excellent.

By thumper59 on Adorama - Aug 22, 2013

That was I expecting

I bought this TV and everything works good, with latest update, Wifi connectivity still online all the time.

By Anonymous on Adorama - Aug 19, 2013

This product has wonderful performance and design, but I'm not sure I need the Smart part of it.

For the price, this television has a good value. It has plenty of USB and HMDI connections, which most television's this size and price don't have. The color is always good, not always excellent, but the resolution is wonderful and adjusts well to each program. The light sensor is excellent to the room lighting.The sound quality is also excellent. As far as the smart part of the television is concerned, the recommended keyboard doesn't work well with it, so I've not been able to use that part much. With all of the smart blue ray players out there, I'm not sure it is necessary. I purchased it due to the picture and sound quality and the number of input connections that it had, but had hoped to use the smart portion to avoid high program costs.

By Catscarte on Adorama - Aug 18, 2013

Great TV

I bought this for a room in the house for kids that's dedicated to movie watching, video game playing, and music playing. It has a great picture and is pretty easy to navigate the options. We didn't purchase the SMART tv because we can do most of all those things through the WII and didn't feel like we needed more. If we need computing I'll hook up a PC to it. The only negative I have is I wish it had another HDMI port.

By jsmith0000 on Adorama - Aug 3, 2013

Yet Another Win From Samsung.

This Television was purchased to be a replacement to an older model. Having the smart hub built in and online access is remarkable. Menus are seamless and easy to navigate. Color is AMAZING. The remote is well laid out and simple to understand. Slowly but surely I have begun to replace all of my electronics and appliances with SAMSUNG's. Quality and value are unparalleled.

By vw1991529 on Adorama - Aug 3, 2013

32in lcd 5000 over-all very pleased

one drawback is the "favorite channels" in not very easy to access.

By Anonymous on Adorama - Jul 30, 2013

Not bad for the price

Brilliant color and featured packed. Set-up is pretty much a breeze. Sound is a bit low so I bought some wireless headphones to solve that problem. A lot cheaper than a sound bar. I got an HDMI cable to connect my DVD player to the TV and what a difference, watching movies are now vivid as opposed to plain jane. Playing around with the browser is neat, but having problem with opening e-mails. Apparently a compatibility problem between Samsung browser and Microsoft Outlook email. Hope this review is helpful.

By Tektalk on Adorama - Jul 27, 2013

First Smart Tv

I have not really had the best of luck when it came to Samsung products but I decided to take a chance on the smartv. Glad I did, as I have not had any problems with it and it meets my needs of being able to have netflix already configured in! Great Job Samsung on this products!

By Smartvlover on Adorama - Jul 21, 2013

Good picture and features

I am pleased with the picture and sound. I have not found the SMART features to be very user-friendly, though. Also, when hooked to cable (without a cable box) the TV does not display the channel guide. I found several Apps that are not worthwhile. I cannot figure out how to use some of the more promising ones, though.

By Tim432165 on Adorama - Jul 19, 2013

Excellent Smartv value

This is a recent purchase and I have been very happy with this Smartv. The size fits perfectly into my place at a reasonable price for an excellent set. The only problem I had was accessing the Samsung apps in the beginning which is the reason for the 4 stars on performance, and when it became apparent it was not an easy fix the Samsung tech put in a trouble report and got the problem resolved. Netflix streaming and VUDU were easy to set up and are easy to use through the system. I am even enjoying the game apps that I have added to my system. Samsung was highly recommended to me for an HD television and I will pass on that recommendation to anyone who asks.

By chewy4me on Adorama - Jul 16, 2013

Excellent led tv and affordable

My expirience whith this kind of products are superior, it have excellent images, sound and design thatas why i recommend it always.

By silviasm on Adorama - Jul 13, 2013

Great tv, love it real good

I love this TV and it's a great TV for the price, everything works perfectly.

By Greatmanny on Adorama - Jul 11, 2013

Great small tv

I can't get over how light this tv is. Picture is great and so easy to set up. I really like how easy the smart features are to use. Instruction manual is clear and simple to follow. We first purchased the 40 inch Smart TV and then added the 32. Enjoy the

By bassetsrule on Adorama - Jul 2, 2013

Great LED Smart TV

Easy setup, great picture and easy to use remote. What more do you want?

By bearcat245 on Adorama - Jun 27, 2013

Totally impressed with this Smart TV!

My brother has ALL the latest electronic gadgets and recommended this Samsung Smart TV. I studied a lot of reviews on this set and ignored a complaint about sound quality and wordy details about picture quality. I can't imagine anyone not liking this TV.

By ChannelSurfer on Adorama - Jun 24, 2013

Inexpensive, high quality, easy to use

We were looking for a smaller second TV and this fit the bill perfectly. The price was right, it was easy to set up, and the picture is great for TV (it's connected to a digital antenna, not to a cable box) and for DVD's (it's connected to a standard DVD

By SilverSpringViewer on Adorama - Jun 18, 2013

GREAT for the price

A big "downer" - no HDMI-ARC which makes a Sound Bar not possible to control with the T.V. remote. Sound from the T.V. speakers is not very good. Can't compare to the quality of the T.V.'s picture! I bought this for a bedroom so I did not do much comparat

By SicilianChemist on Adorama - Jun 11, 2013

I love my Samsung TV

I purchased this tv, because I generally love the Samsung tv image quality. However, I am still being surprised by the features included in this product. I love that it is wireless enabled, AND that the features are intuitive and easy to access. The produ

By Motowndac on Adorama - May 21, 2013

Better than expected

This unit has all the features I was looking for but the deal maker was the great price at a local electronics store and the overall dimensions. Perfect for my space! It was easy to set up especially with the Samsung how to videos on my smart phone while

By creator001 on Adorama - May 6, 2013

Excellent TV

This is an excellent TV if you're looking for a smaller one with a great picture. The built-in wireless is a bonus and works flawlessly.

By JPSLC on Adorama - Apr 27, 2013

Best TV I ever had.

This TV is awesome. It has clear smooth picture. The lines are crisp. It is very great for the price.

By Nealiodealio on Adorama - Apr 22, 2013

Excellent Performance Value!

Purchased this TV a couple months ago for our bedroom and we love it! 1080p picture quality is excellent, sound is good menus are easy to navigate. Only have one wish, a third hdmi port. Between our HD Receiver, Roku, and blu ray we had to choose which on

By Hammer1034 on Adorama - Apr 18, 2013

Love my TV

I love my Smart TV! The picture is gorgeous. It is very exciting when I turn it on and there new updates or apps. I am very happy with this purchase. I would definitely recommend it.

By Happy2View on Adorama - Apr 12, 2013

Nice TV

The remote, when muted, goes back to unmuted as soon as you try to turn down the sound. If I knew this I would have bought something else. Noisy commercials....

By Marionsho on Adorama - Apr 6, 2013

My daughter adores this TV

I got this TV for my daughter's room and the 32 size is perfect for her small bedroom. She's a college kid that loves having the internet on the TV, loves the apps, watches many features on the Smart Hub including Netflix and Amazon Instant -(that I still

By Mleighb on Adorama - Apr 2, 2013


Excellent TV! I will definitely continue to purchase Samsung. I am extremely pleased with all of their products that I own (which is 14). The 32" is fantastic. Eventually I'll go bigger but for now it's perfect. I will never stray from SAMSUNG! I'm hooked

By daswv3 on Adorama - Mar 28, 2013

Great TV

Great TV at an excellent price. Definitely recommend you purchase this TV.

By bigdaddyco on Adorama - Mar 19, 2013

Very Nice TV for the Adorama Price

Very nice TV for the price. I currently own a Sony, 2 Toshibas (a 720 and a 1080p), a Sharp, and a Panasonic. If I have to rank them in other of overall performance, this Samsung will be first, followed by Sharp, Sony, the 720 Toshiba, the 1080P Toshiba a

By XSaberhawk on Adorama - Mar 7, 2013


Excellent all around. I wish the processor was a little faster .. maybe faster screen refresh - but for the money it's the best thing out there in the 32" market.

By JMDandAssociates on Adorama - Mar 3, 2013

Really, really good

So far after almost two (2) months of usage on satellite system, this TV has performed very, very well. I could not be more satisfied!

By Satisfiedone on Adorama - Feb 25, 2013

great tv

i had actually bought a different tv to use as a computer monitor/tv however it didnt go so well because the text looked grainy. i took that tv back and bouth this tv and have had absolutely no problems, great for gaming becaus of the clear motion 120!!!

By CRBulldawg on Adorama - Feb 10, 2013

great smart tv

I don't really review any product that I buy,This time I have too do it because I want to help all the consumers that wanted to buy a smart tv like what I did, too many product to choose but this time I bought this smart tv very affordable price and excel

By ronron9210 on Adorama - Feb 1, 2013


Perfect. Excellent. Nice. Very very nice, i'm relay happy

By ivce on Adorama - Jan 31, 2013

Another Samsung Winner

This is the 2nd Samsung TV I have purchased in the past few years. The 32-inch screen is just right in our "computer" room. Streaming from the computer works great. My only complaint is that the owners manual doesn't provide enough information on this top

By Grinny on Adorama - Jan 30, 2013

Hard to find a 1080p Smart TV in Small Size

This 32 inch TV meets a sweet spot in the market for a high end 1080p Smart TV. There isn't much else in it's class and it fits the need for a smaller bedroom TV perfectly.

By tdaloisio on Adorama - Jan 29, 2013

i would buy this product again

used as a master bedroom tv, great picture

By delbert on Adorama - Jan 29, 2013

Best TV in the House

OMG picture is great, features are wonderful.... Smart? I networked it to my home network and can watch any movie on my computer...... The future is here....

By leonardot on Adorama - Jan 29, 2013

Lovin' It

I've had my Samsung since '03 and I couldn't be happier with any purchase as I am with my '37". I moved across state with it in the backseat. I love my Samsung so much that I went out and bought one for my bedroom! The color is awesome and they have never

By reen on Adorama - Jan 25, 2013

SmartTV Review

Extremely happy with the TV - would recommend it to all

By LoveshisnewTV on Adorama - Jan 23, 2013



By LABAYOU on Adorama - Jan 18, 2013

32" Smart TV

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this TV. Ease to setup. Picture color and clarity is beautiful. The only CON is typing with the remote control on the Smart Hub is slow and tedious. I will look for a wireless keyboard.

By lov2fly on Adorama - Jan 18, 2013

Excellent product

Purchased this for my bedroom. Really wanted the network connect ability. Works perfectly with great pictures for the price.

By zhorr on Adorama - Jan 16, 2013

Samsung smart TV #1

One of the best TV's I have ever purchased. Great picture and features. Easy and quick setup. Great TV especially for the price.

By NOLA504 on Adorama - Jan 16, 2013

32" Class (31.5" Diag.) LED 5000 Series TV

Works perfectly, bright, lightweight, great color.

By JCS14 on Adorama - Jan 16, 2013

Samsung TV

We purchased a Samsung TV back in 2008 and the picture quality was exceptional! However that TV was damaged during moving and we decided to buy another Samsung TV the picture quality is still amazing!

By burks33 on Adorama - Jan 15, 2013

Viewing TV Outdoors

A great product for enclosed porch. Picture and sound quality are great. A good performing TV at a reasonable cost.

By NYYNYG0210 on Adorama - Jan 15, 2013

Awosome HDTV

Had it 2 months now and cannot wate to get a home theater system & Blu-Ray, also a Roku so I can stream movies.

By CamelotUSA on Adorama - Jan 9, 2013


Perfect picture! Bought this for our parents at Christmas and they love it.

By JamesHouston on Adorama - Jan 6, 2013

A great TV for Small Places

This Samsung 32" LED TV is a fantastic choice for smaller places. We have an older Entertainment Center from before the time of 16:9 and needed (wanted) a replacement television. This 32 fits perfectly and delivers the Samsung quality expected. The only i

By JBBARMY on Adorama - Jan 2, 2013

Nice TV!

While this TV isn't the best value for its size, it does have the best picture. One thing people need to realize is the difference between the 5003 and the 5000...the 5003 does not have a digital audio out link, while the 5000 does, thus the $50-$75 price

By Tony123 on Adorama - Jan 1, 2013

Great TV

3rd Samsung TV in the house. Great product, would buy another when we need one.

By PeggyK on Adorama - Dec 30, 2012

Great TV

This is just a great TV. Easy to set up. Easy to connect to my wireless. And very easy on the eyes. And I can connect to the internet as well. What more could you ask of this TV?

By denpine on Adorama - Dec 30, 2012

Headphone Jack?

Good picture, easy setup. Flimsy stand which does not tilt. Auto Volume feature does not seem to work; many stations too loud, too soft. This is true even with Firmware version 1014.1. There is no headphone jack, a major omission, especially for a bedroom

By Biodag on Adorama - Dec 29, 2012

Love my new tv

I went from a small screen to this 32" TV and feel like I am actually SEEING what's on TV again. I no longer get a headache from eye strain from watching TV.

By watchingnow on Adorama - Dec 28, 2012

Good TV

All I can say is this is an amazing 32" TV for a good price.

By Grkpeter24 on Adorama - Dec 28, 2012

Great value for the size

Easy to mount to the wall and connect to other products. Picture quality very good.

By TNTVWatcher on Adorama - Dec 25, 2012

Only problem - Pandora

I love this TV but for some reason I cannot use Pandora. It seems there is some kind of licensing problem that I don't know how to overcome. I'm having the same problem with a Samsung DVD player with the SmartHub.

By GWU4 on Adorama - Dec 24, 2012

Great TV for a small child

Excellent Product on the affordable range, wish it was 120hz the I would be 5 stars all around

By ritler59 on Adorama - Dec 24, 2012

Smart TV

Superb picture quality! WiFi connects in seconds.Good value.

By BURG on Adorama - Dec 20, 2012

Great TV for the Money!!

Great TV for the Money!! Brought as a thrid TV for the house.

By Medigi1066 on Adorama - Dec 19, 2012

32 inch samsung smart

best value in a smart tv right now. Exceeds expections.

By den348 on Adorama - Dec 18, 2012

A great picture

It's plug and play. So easy to set up. I like the idea of it being firmware upgradeable. I use it as a TV & monitor for my desktop computer.

By Webspring on Adorama - Dec 17, 2012

My new Smart TV

Loving it from right out of the box. Still trying to get the RVU for DirecTv setup, but will work it out. Great little TV. Would definitely get more if needed.

By Slotdoc48 on Adorama - Dec 13, 2012

This tv is all you would expect from Samsung

I am very happy with my purchase! The picture is bright and clear with excellent HD performance. Most of the smart features are useful and intuitive although the browser could use lots of improvement. My wife really loves the exercise videos included as w

By JOB1521 on Adorama - Dec 12, 2012

Best 32 inch LCD TV

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