Reviews for Samsung PN43F4500 43" Plasma TV

$638.62 - $665.88

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Great Value Plasma TV

Great for the price as a 2nd Gaming TV or bedroom. Large and clear.

By DSims7 on Adorama - Oct 22, 2013

Excellent TV

This is a great TV. The picture is stunning; I love the dynamic range. Colors are rich and full, which is very important to me. The sound quality is pretty decent too, although I have occasionally heard a small amount of annoying rattling during some of the bassy portions of whatever I am watching. It isn't a big enough issue warrant further action, though, other than looking out for a sound system to accompany the TV. The menu system for the TV is very easy to navigate and understand, and very helpful. I also really like the eManual. This is a great TV for a great price. I highly recomend it.

By Redchief23 on Adorama - Oct 19, 2013

Very good TV

Good quality TV at a great price I'm using it as a gaming Monitor

By NTGOG on Adorama - Oct 6, 2013

great features

very happy, excellent value, great features and quality picture.

By wikiu2 on Adorama - Sep 26, 2013

Would Advise Against This One

I had an older model of this exact same television. The T.V. worked for a little over a year and then refused to turn on. The issue is with a bad main board that costs around $100 to replace. If you look at forums online you'll see it's a common problem with Samsung plasma TV's. Samsung customer service was very bad - they started out telling me it was going to be $300 to fix, then when I refused and told them I would no longer use Samsung products they told me it would only be $200 to fix. Everything just felt wrong. I loved the T.V. while it worked, but I would at least expect to get a couple years out of such a large purchase.

By BB on Adorama - Sep 9, 2013

What a DEAL!

I bought this TV at a local box store and was hoping it would be passable for 2nd television. After opening it and watching it for about a month, I think it is probably the best dollar for dollar television purchase I've ever made. The picture quality is outstanding, the features are well beyond those of a budget television. the sound is great, and it is a very well made product. I highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for a nice TV at a great price. Even though the picture is only 720p, I feel it is a primary TV in a 2nd location, not just a 2nd television.

By booma94 on Adorama - Jun 16, 2013

Awesome Product

Looks and sounds great! Put it on my bedroom wall and love it!

By WarEagleFan on Adorama - Oct 19, 2013

Great product--as expected.

This television is exactly what was described. It works well and I am enjoying it a great deal!

By The wood crafter on Adorama - Jul 9, 2013

Broke after two weeks

I'm so disappointed with this TV, we had our previous flatscreen TV for 7 years and never once did we have to perform any maintenance on it. This one stopped working properly after two weeks of purchase, and with that I mean that it started to turn on and off by itself.

By mariaz on Adorama - Aug 26, 2013

great value

We wanted to keep our old entertainment center and this tv was the largest that would fit. It is a beautiful picture and good sound. The zoom on the hd channels works well. Did not elect to use the auto dim as I like to keep the picture bright so I set it at 70% which gives a nice bright picture.

By buddE on Adorama - Aug 25, 2013


Good color, good motion, good price for the performance. Beware of limited connections.

By jaybirdwantstofly on Adorama - Aug 24, 2013

43" Plasma TV

I was hesitate to buy the 720 vs the 1080. The lower price helped persuade me. I bought it for a my home office to watch the DVD's I produce, so the picture quality was important to me. I am very happy with everything about the TV. Blu-rays & DVDs look great too. I added a samsung sound bar that enhanced it further.

By PhotoJo on Adorama - Aug 8, 2013

Great TV and a Great Picture

Based upon expert reviews I read from numerous sources, I decided on the 43" Plasma 4500 Series TV from Samsung. Right out of the box, I was not disappointed at all. The picture quality was outstanding, and the sound was acceptable. (I will be channeling the sound through a a super Home Theater System). This is one Great TV with a Great Picture that was priced much lower than similar TV's.

By Anonymous on Adorama - Aug 3, 2013

A great entry level TV

This TV is great for those that may want it as a secondary TV for rooms other than your main TV. It has a great picture and actually has very good sound which is not too often the case for flat panel TV's. I state it is a good entry level due to the fact that their are limited inputs as compared to higher end TV's but it works perfect for what I want to connect to the TV. (FIOS Box, Wii, DVD Player)

By Wally4000 on Adorama - Jul 31, 2013

Unexpected Surprise

The decision to purchase was made in a haste. Even though the display resolution isn't my first choice, this television has been a great surprise.

By GadgetFanatic on Adorama - Jul 27, 2013

Thanks Samsung

This TV is second only to my 46" Samsung LCD which is 2 years old. Great picture and sound for a great price. Keep up the good work Samsung!

By wallys10 on Adorama - May 24, 2013

Plasma TV with a great wide angle view like an LCD TV3

Excellent Plasma TV for a dark room such as a bedroom. Excellent viewing from above below or from side angles just like a LCD TV. Colors and blacks are excellent. A real bargain for a TV in this class. Keep up the good work Samsung. Sound very good also!

By Pmacccccccc on Adorama - May 21, 2013

Excellent Performance - Excellent Value

With this TV the old axiom - "you get what you pay for" - is not exactly true. Picture quality is superior to many higher priced sets. The sound is good and can be adjusted to your preference. Everything works. It is easy to set up. What you don't get is all the bells and whistles. I would have liked more composite or component connections. I don't have anything with HDMI connectors so two of the four connection points are of no use to me - - - at this time. As for negatives the manual could be more detailed and the remote could be better organized. Going from "Source" over-the-air to AV requires you to go from the top of the remote to the center of the "busy" remote to make your selection. This takes some getting used to. I used the Samsung size selection guide to determine the size needed for my room and would highly recommend you use that prior to selecting a TV. It worked great for me.

By 60yrTViewer on Adorama - May 8, 2013

nice set could us improvements

This Tv is nice but DO Not lose your remote the on/off button is on the back and is also the chanel button in which it appears to be cheap/easy to break. good picture but to get the free over the air stations you have to move tv often

By Slimstuff on Adorama - Apr 7, 2013

Love My Samsung

Awesome TV for the price. This is my second TV by samsung, had an older plasma 42" and loved watching my hdtv, blu-ray, and gaming on it. Seems like they've improved alot on this newer model. auto picture dimming and brightening, better pic quality even though didn't need much. I think plasma's are still top notch tv's even when compared tho the new led lit LCD tv's. get deeper bolder blacks, and if your into gaming plasma's are the way to go. Will stick with Samsung TV's always!!

By Gam3r611 on Adorama - Mar 30, 2013

Awesome 43" TV

I have had this TV for a week and am very impressed with TV. Picture is bright and vivid.

By Big1011Guy on Adorama - Mar 23, 2013