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Samsung LN-T5265F

Strengths: amazing video + audio see comments

Weakness: costumer service see comments

After a long search for a truly high quality HDTV, I have purchased the Samsung LN-T5265F 52" LCD TV. Since I want to help other people who might be looking for a TV I decided to write a review about this. For this reviews I used the following equipment:

* Samsung LN-T5265F LCD TV.
* Oppo OPDV971H 720p/1080i Up-Converting DVD Player (DVI).
* HDMI to DVI cable.
* Yamaha htr-5750 receiver.
* 2 100WATT Sony speakers.
*The movies I tested were Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the ring and Pearl Harbor.

Features: This TV has what seem to be the best specifications for an HDTV.

* 15,000:1 contrast
* 8ms refresh rate
* 3 HDMI ports
* Premium Audio 2.2 channel dome speakers
* A "Game Mode"
Score 10/10

Picture quality: The picture quality on this device is amazing! After watching the scene in Pearl Harbor where the Japanese attack I can truly say I was impressed. Some important stuff I know to look for were the smoke, fie and water. The smoke looked extremely realistic and the fire looked like it's about to spread into the living room. When watching the torpedoes go underwater I was yet again amazed. The picture was extremely clear and I felt as if I was swimming along with it. When watching the LOTR, the panoramic, mountain pictures looked clearer than what I actually imagined them to be in real life. After some attempts to connect my antenna, I noticed that HD television also looked incredible.
Score 10/10

Audio quality: There is not much to say about the audio quality other than the fact that the built in speakers sounded more realistic then the ones connected to my receiver.
Score 10/10

Packaging/costumer service: This TV was very well packaged and packed nice n' tight. The only complaint I have is that the company didn't include any cables other than the power chord. On the second day of owning the TV I called tech support to get some help with the firmware. I felt the person who I was speaking to was talking to me like to a little boy.
Score 9.5/10

Overall: Overall, this TV is amazing, it can deliver amazing visuals with amazing sound and the price is way smaller than some other, smaller screen worse feature TV’s. I would finally say that if this TV was stolen, I would have gotten myself a new one right away. If you are looking for an amazing picture quality with incredible audio, this TV is for you.

By victorspam - Jul 8, 2007

Excellent LCD!!

Strengths: Pitrure quality, ease of menu opperation, sounds great.

Weakness: none

This is an excellent LCD. Very easy menu options and adjustments. Picture brightness and color are superb You have many options to change or enhance the quality of the pic. A friend just bought the Sony XBR 52 1080P LCD and I went over to set it up and was disappointed at there onscreen menu, (sucked). The Samsung menu system is above all others. Samsung's picture quality and adj out of the box was so much better also than the Sony.I would recommend this TV to everyone. The reason I bought it was due to the Samsung 3253h a 720p LCD I bought for the bedroom. I was so impressed I had to update the living room 61 Hitachi projection Ive had for 6 years. I would of bought a 60 or 61 but samsung did not offer it in this line of TV. I really hated to down size that was the hardest decision for me. But I new the spec on this 5265f were even better than the 3253h I just bought I would be pleased, and I am. I still wish it was as big as what my Hitachi was. Now I have the TV hanging on the wall and its great.

By scubafreak - Jun 10, 2007

Samsung 5265

Strengths: Super clear and high contrast picture quality, good value to the price

Weakness: None

At the beginning, I was debating between Samsung 5265 and the same size one from Sharp. I am glad I chose this Samsung.

-Design. Beautiful slim design, modern and stylish.You can paint the wall into dark color and make this LCD easily match the background. At first look, without comparing the spec data, I like this better than Sharp ones.

-8ms response time. Since Sharp had faster 4ms response time on its LCD, I had concern on the effect of Samsung 5265 when watching action movies and sport games. Actually I didn't see the difference. From technical stand of point, 99.9% people will not be able to recognize the response time difference if within 10ms.

-15000:1 high contrast. My movie room got big window. It's so bright and clear in my room with strong sun light. I love the high contrast ratio.

Overall, this is a perfect option! I just don't have chance to find out Samsung's warranty service yet.

By yinkai - Sep 13, 2007

The Samsung LN-T5265F - Quality 1080P at an affordable price!

Strengths: Sleek Black Finish, Great picture Quality, Wide range of inputs.

Weakness: Annoying startup Sound (Can be disabled).

Recently our family had the chance to purchase the Samsung LN-T5265F. Let me first say that this monitor blows me away with its price performance ratio. Compared with my older Plasma Screen television there is simply no comparison. Where a good plasma screen cost ten thousand dollars a few years ago one can now purchase an amazing LCD based 52” screen for less than four thousand dollars. The pace of advancement is staggering. I also mention my previous Plasma screen because it does have a leg up on the LN-T5265F and all other LCD based screens in one area: black levels.


This slight shortcoming withstanding the LN-T5265F blows my older Plasma screen away. The brightness levels it achieves are astounding. The screen offers three backlighting levels: Dynamic, Standard and Movie. Dynamic is the brightest and really only appropriate for a TV showroom or a situation where sunlight would otherwise obscure the picture. For normal use Standard or Movie is preferable. They offer richer more subdued colors as well as significant power savings. For those trying to curtail their energy usage this level of control is very desirable: Dynamic requires around 320 watts, Standard around 240 and Movie around 100, as I measured it (Compare this to a Plasma which can easily draw over 700). With regard to viewing angels I am also impressed. In any standard viewing situation the “loss” of picture quality can hardly be noticed. To really even notice any loss of picture quality I need to stand to the extreme left or right of the screen, meaning viewing angel is not an issue with this screen at all.

When considering the LN-T5265F I must also mention the inputs. With three HDMI inputs, two component and a built in cable tuner I’m covered. Hook up your PS3 to one HDMI, DirecTV to the other and my TiVo to the third, no need to ever manually move cables around. Also, I subscribe to basic cable service as part of a package cable-internet deal, and I noticed the tuner in the LN-T5265F picks up digital cable channels I am not even paying for! That’s certainly not something Samsung is allowed to advertise! This screen also pairs very well with any Universal remote (I prefer the Logitech H880). The number of inputs allows you to program the remote to automatically switch to the correct input on the TV based upon what you are doing. If the screen had fewer inputs this would not be possible, so the plethora of inputs is a very nice bonus.

Regarding the menu and built in speaker system. The remote included with the television is intuitive and offers a strong signal. The built in menus are responsive and offer a wide range of color, contrast and brightness calibration options – very nice for people like me who always want to get everything just right. The built in speakers offer better sound then one would expect from an onboard television system, more than good enough for casual gaming or analog television.

UPDATE: I would like to add that after another few months of use I've noted the following: Having to cycle through all available inputs to get the desired one can be a bit tedious (unless I'm missing a feature). Only a minor complaint however. Also not a problem if one uses a universal remote control.

By hvatum - Aug 15, 2007

Great HD TV

Strengths: Incredible HD picture

Weakness: Surprising warning by manufacturer re image burn-in (for LCD)

Everything about this TV is terrific. Reviewers warn against the glossy reflective screen; in my family room it is not a problem at all.
My only other comment is in regard to non-HD feeds. The book says that if you watch 4:3 or other content that doesn't fill the entire screen more thatn 15% of the time, you risk burn-in over time as the LCD pixels age differently. Maybe I should have researched more, but I purposely avoided plasma thinking this wasn't an issue--though apparently the threat is still less probable than with plasma. If they were smart, they'd let you move the non-full-screen images occasionally so it wouldn't always be centered (or do so automatically), but there's no such feature. And the stretch seems "flat" as opposed to the "Side-stretch" feature that leaves the center of the image undistorted. So we use the Zoom level 1 a lot and just miss stuff from top and bottom. I'd rather leave it normal, but I hate having to worry about it, and I refuse to watch distorted aspect ratios. Hopefully our cable will do more HD soon (only half of what we watch is HD now). Even with this nag, the TV is 100% a terrific buy.

By bhays - Sep 3, 2007

The Excellent Samsung LN-T5265F

Strengths: Simple, Great picture Quality, easy operation and sound very good

Weakness: none

I looked around the shopping mall to find the affordable LCD TV to me. I made a decision to pick the Samsung 52" TV because this had good specification for cheaper money. Samsung is the company wellknown for LCD in the world. So I did it without any hesitation. After I received this TV, I tried to install LCD TV, which was very easy. Samsung 52" LCD TV is excellent. I can get easy menu options and connections. Sound is great as well. I connected to my outside hard disk to watch my personal stuffs. I'm very interested in watching the movies. I have been satisfied with 52" LCD TV, because I can see the clear color, good sound. Since I used this TV, I cannot find any weakness. It had very good quality and no problems. I can recommend Samsung LN-T5265F LCD TV.- Excellent~

By hokkwang - Nov 21, 2007

Samsung 52" LCD TV - LN-T5265F

Strengths: Brilliant Color and blackest black.

Weakness: Shiny black around the screen attracts dust like a magnet.

From straight out of the box, this TV has been awesome. Hooking it up to 2 PVRs, and 2 Tivos plus cable and satellite was simple and all inputs were conveniently placed. The picture on this television is fantastic and there are plenty of options for customizing it to your particular taste. I would recommend this television to anyone with the space for it.

By ttruchot - Nov 6, 2007

Best 52" lcd on the market!

Strengths: The contrast ratio is the best in the industry. The vivid colors and viewing angles superb.

Weakness: Truly none..

This is the best 52" lcd for your money. The only other that compares is the Sony Bravia but it's much more expensive. The Sharp Aquos pales in comparison. I have it mounted over a fireplace in a livingroom with tons of ambient light with no noticeable picture degregation. Several people have bought this set after seeing mine. I also purchased their 61" dlp and it's equally impressive. Samsung has really got it going right now!!

By vbutkevits - Oct 30, 2007

Quality picture at a great price.

Strengths: Excellent picture quality; Very good price

Weakness: Shaky HDMI inputs at 1080p; but there's remedy.

We bought 2 of the Samsung's (a 46" and a 52") at around the same time. The following applies to both unless noted.

These Samsung's have the best picture we've seen side by side in the showroom and rival those from the Sony's at just 2/3 of the price.

When the TV arrived we are not disappoint with the picture and even the built-in sound on the TVs are very decent with good surround effect from just the TV speakers.

HD picture quality is execellent with good contrast that make it looks more like plasma. It does have a reflective front surface so if you have a bright light source in front of TV reflection might be a problem.

SD sources looks OK in from the built-in tuner. I found that for SD source the picture is much better from our external ReplayTV than the built-in tuner.

There are some minor glitches nonetheless. The power button on the 52" would get stuck sometimes when pressed on the side rather than the middle. We didn't arrange for an exchange since we were offered a discount from the seller instead.

We bought an Upscaling HDMI DVD player to use with the set. Picture quality does improve quite a bit compared to our component DVD players. However, when running at 1080p, we notice occasionally screen flashes just for fractions of a second and returns to normal. At first we thought the DVD player may be the culprit but exchanging the DVD player yield the same result.

In later research we found this to be a common problem in the Samsung, especially for model manufactured in June or earlier. (Ours are from March/April.) There is a fix from Samsung which involve switching a motherboard for HDMI in the set and/or updating firmware in the set. We had not requested the service on the sets yet since the problem are not very frequent and Samsung had come out with newer version of the board every month or 2. We will likely wait till close to end of warranty to request our service so we can just get to the latest board once and be done with.

Reminder for owners: register your set online with Samsung and you'll get 15 month warranty instead of 12.

By rngai - Aug 31, 2007

Good TV


Weakness: NONE!!

I wasnt sure i wanted to buy this tv, but there is nothing i would regret about it. I watch it almost every day, and it is still running great. The best part about it is that there is no glare.!!!!

By baseballnj4 - May 13, 2007

Excellent, would buy again, absolute best pic for XBOX/PS3, highly recc.

Strengths: stylish design, perfect picture (HD signal), menu options easy, lightly glossed screen improves blacks and looks, overall great purchase!

Weakness: none, EXCEPT ONE: standard video signal is a little fuzzy - probably expected in any LCD HDTV.

BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're question's shouldn't be if you should buy should be WHERE should you buy it?? I don't trust those online cheapy places, so I just paid a little extra from Best Buy - I've heard too many stories about these online bargin junkies giving out refurbished TVs, saying they're new (check

Anyway, back to the TV - I'm not sure what the hype is about this glossy screen, if you ask me, it makes it look that much better! Have you ever heard of "Truebright" screens on glossy Laptops??? Samething.. But it's really not that glossy, actually, when the TV is on you can't tell. Just so you know, the reason why the blacks are so good on this TV is because of this glossy covering. I talked to tech support over at samsung and they said the glossy covering helps reflect back any fuzziness/brighten blacks that the LCD projects out...that's why the picture is so good.

I'm not much of a writer, but I can promise you that you won't say you wished you went with another TV. I sit about 7 feet away, which kind of brings out the inequalities of watching Standard TV.... If you double that distance, it should be fine... but remember, 1080P LCD TVs have to up convert 480P and 720P signals to broadcast it in 1080P. This will show if you're within 7 feet of the screen. I could care less - this TV is an investment into the future - It's potential is not being utilized YET, but when blueray becomes more common and soon every channel is in HD, you will be glad you made this purchase for sure. Until then, I still have no complaints, just more surprises to come!

Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

By rgarretto - Jul 30, 2007

Review of 52 inch Samsung LCD-1080P TV

Strengths: Crisp-clear-fantastic picture, 3 HDMI inputs, USB port--a great TV

Weakness: Sound is only acceptable. It has a decent remote but for the price could be a learning remote.

I have a 42 in Samsung 1080P Samsung TV as well. Both have the same great picture--very bright and quick refresh rate--minimal pixelization. I recommend the Samsung LCD TVs--nice

By rogerbolhouse1234 - Jun 22, 2007

Good TV, but poor quality on internet stream

Strengths: bright, natural color

Weakness: blurr on display internet stream

I bought this one because I had the 40", and liked it. But I was not very impressed by the 52". It is not as sharp as the 40" looks like, especially when displaying the internet streams, e.g the ones on your-tube. I guess it is because this one is larger, and when the input quality is poor, it cannot produce sharp image on the large panel. Other than that, this is a good TV for the bucks. It is bright, and you can see clear picture even in sun-shine. But if you are looking for a cutting-edge big screen of 52", I'd suggest you looking for other models as well. I heard sony produces better picture, but it is more costly too.

By gxmagpie - Jan 21, 2008

Beware of Samsung TV's

Strengths: Major issues with Samsung TV capacitors. Here is a link to all the complaints. TV's stop working after about a year or two

Weakness: Do not buy! Beware.

There are even youtube videos of how to repair with over 60,000 views.

Mine stopped working after 1 1/2 years. Apparently the capacitors in the tv are insufficient and eventually leak out and break.

My TV worked great and then all of the sudden did not work at all. Then, of course I saw all of the complaints.

By beckande - Mar 29, 2010


Strengths: Great picture while it lasted.

Weakness: If you search the internet about this television you'll find MANY documented cases of this TV having bad capacitors on the power supply.

Samsung knows there are issues with the power supply but have done nothing about it. The capacitors on the power supply go bad after about a year and half. Just outside the warranty. How nice. They refuse to do anything about it and you'll find many, many instances on the internet of the same problems.

My advice, DO NOT BUY THIS TV.

By poopstick99 - Oct 17, 2009

Samsung 52" LCD 5265, Wow!

Strengths: Great picture, Great sound, Great contorls, Great Package.

Weakness: If I were playing really fast games the refresh maybe to slow at 60 cycles, but every thing I watch is wonderful. You need to see the Super Bowl on this one.

I have had several flat screens and this is the state of the art for us commoners. I did not want to hook up a sound system to this one, so the TV sound system was very important and it is VERY good stand a loan. Consumers report loves it and I totally agree.

By lloyd1907 - Feb 9, 2008

Awesome Set

Strengths: Good Looking Excellent HD picture

Weakness: nothing that I would call a weakness

I ordered this set from It was delivered less than a week later.
Setup was a breeze.
The picture quality on this set is amazing. The picture pops out at you and gives an almost 3D look. We have 2 other HDTV's in the house, one a 61" JVC and a 37" Vizio. The 5265 blows away the Vizio, and is slightly better than the JVC.
I have no complaints with it at all.

By patsan - Jan 17, 2008

Stunning HD Capability

Strengths: Size Matters. Resolution and extreme contrast ratio. Lower power consumption then a plasma, lighter weight, Easy to use and navigate menu with shortcuts on the remote. Lots of input/output connections

Weakness: Nothing that any other LCD TV doesn't have. Standard Definition TV signals need to be outlawed! They don't look very good on LCD TV's. No problem with glare--the LN-T5265F is very bright!

I ordered this Sammy from Beach Camera. I also ordered a LN-T3253 for our bedroom. Both TV's arrived in good shape to the West Coast from New Jersey, no problems.
Over the air Digital Broadcasts look truly incredible. It's like your looking out a window! I also got a Oppo Digital universal disc player to play DVD's on. This TV is great. I'm very happy that I bought the 52 inch instead of a smaller model for our living room. With the new models coming out in the spring, this TV can be had now for about 2K mail order. My only advice is if you need a TV for your living room, buy the biggest one you can get! I went back to look at the 40 to 47" models and they seem tiny now.

By IdolHanz - Jan 7, 2008

Great LCD

Strengths: Very good color contrast and great picture Sound is good for "Fake" Surround sound

Weakness: Picture is a little (and I mean very very slightly) fuzzy Please read comments...

This is truely a great LCD. I purchased a 37in Sharp LCD 2 1/2 years ago and spent about twice of what I paid for the new Samsung. Both of my TV's offer tremendous HD experiences, but I tend to agree that my Sharp has a better picture when viewed at extreme angles. (To be honest I don't see the point in sitting perpendicular to a TV anyway.) The dramatic size difference I think is the reason for the slightly fuzzy image and I have been told that if viewed from a greater distance that this is reduced significantly. The sound on the Samsung is better than the Sharp and of course the value is tremendous. I would recomend this TV to anyone who is in the market for a BIG LCD! Also, Plan before you purchase this TV, it BARELY fit in the back of my full size SUV. It is a lot bigger than you think when you view it in the store! I don't like to pay delivery charges.

By anonymous; - Nov 26, 2007

I bought this based on all the great reviews and here's another one to add to them.

Strengths: Decent enough sound, drop dead gorgeous looking on or off, excellent picture, a lot of options to adjust the picture and sound.

Weakness: Nothing too much to complain about: the rear inputs could be spaced out a little bit further apart, glossy frame is a magnet for fingerprints.

I was on the fence between this 52" and Samsung's 46" line. This was for my bedroom which isn't really all that big. What determined the choice on the 52" was the fact that I would rather have buyer's remorse with a TV too big than one too small. Plus I was buying this for the future when I can put this in a bigger room. My eyes were in shock the first 2 days but now they are adjusted to it and I have no regrets at all. I chose Samsung because of all the great reviews on the brand in general. I was worried about some of the complaints I read on some forums but mine doesn't have any problems and I assume the problems were on earlier production models. HD on cable TV is amazing. I literally bought an Xbox 360 with HDMI output because of this TV. HD gaming can't be beat! I use the VGA input for my PC and it serves as a great monitor. Some people complain about the glossy screen but I have a window across from this TV and I don't have any issues at all with glare. The dynamic contrast can solve any glare issues. Viewing angles are good too, I don't have it on the stand but it does swivel. Samsung has a new customer for life.

By entrepinoy - Nov 7, 2007

great tv

Strengths: icture

Weakness: none

This is the best tv i have ever owned. better than the Sony, Sharp and Panasonic. No glare. it is unbelievable. STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY. I WOULD RECCOMEND THIS TV OVER ALL OTHERS

By anonymous; - Jun 2, 2007

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