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Samsung LNT4671F is a very good value

Strengths: picture quality, 120 Hz, 1080p, (3) HDMI, Anynet+, motion/refresh

Weakness: sound/speakers

Overall, I would recommend this TV based on quality, features and price point. I am slightly disappointed with the sound. The speaker sound is directed out through an acoustic chamber that muffles the sound. The TV does have a 5 band equalizer which can mitigate this issue. If an external sound system is used, this issue is moot.

Viewing standard DVDs via an up-converting player to 1080i (via HDMI cable) and setting the TV to 'movie' mode provides a one of the best pictures I have seen (near blue-ray quality). I initially was looking at Panasonic plasmas and Sony XBR4s, but settled on the Samsung because I considered the picture quality equal to the Panasonic and Sony, for a better price. Also, I have been very happy with Samsung quality, having used Samsung LCDs for years as monitors for my computers.

By keithmccreery - Jan 26, 2008

Samsung LN-T4671F

Strengths: Great Picture - Stand will swivel - Initial setup was easy.

Weakness: Some people could have a problem with reflections on the screen. Could not select PIP source.

The on-air true HD picture is truely awsome. My inside attic antenna will only pick up 2 HD channels, but the other analog channels have decent pictures too.

There are 2 coax inputs. I used one for my cable box feeding thru the combo vcr/dvd, and the other for the on-air antenna. The setup found all available channels, but the PIP says it is unavailable. Since there are two seperate inputs, I feel that it should have worked.

No other cables are presently in use and probally won't be until the DVD player is upgraded. The pictures actually look like they are in 3-D and are crystal clear through what they say is the lowest quality method of signal feed.

I am a subscriber to and used their site's HDTV reviews and setup info to tune some of the picture settings in the menu.

The cost is high, but I got it for $2300 through an on-line Thanksgiving sale at Circuit City. And after watching it for 3 weeks, I'm glad I bought it. I find it hard to imagine the picture improving a great deal when all feeds are in true 1080 HD.

By kyeagle - Dec 9, 2007

Samsung LNT4671F

Strengths: Picture quality and clarity are unsurpassed. This Particular LCD TV had a very stylish enclosure.

Weakness: Haven't found anyweakness to date.

I was in the market for a Plasma or LCD TV. I decided on an LCD TV because these appear to have a better overall picture quality. I compared the Samsung 46", Sharp Aquos, and the Sony Bravia XBR LCD's. All were 1080p, and all had very clear pictures. I narrowed it down between the Samsung and the Sharp, and I chose the Samsung because I felt that the picture quality and clarity was slightly superior than the Sharp.I also felt that the Samsung had a much more stylish enclosure and also came with a swival stand.

By franklapps - Jan 17, 2008

samsung ln-t4671f

Strengths: deep blacks,outstanding color quality & range,attractive design,swivel stand

Weakness: some glare in a bright room , however, the swivel feature creates an easy solution

Researched all the usual online reviews & comments before deciding to zero in & take a in person look at the sony, sharp,& samsung lcd products.I live in a large metropolitan area & was able to visit numerous stores having these products side by side. We probably compared these products at 5 or 6 different locations.In each on site comparison,the samsung 4671/4681 products clearly stood out in color quality & clarity.While i leaned towards favoring the 4681 I didnt think the $800 or so price difference was worth it.I bought the 4671 & love its performance. Also,it should be noted that when shopping these stores, before indicating what we liked, i asked the sales people what lcd in the 46 or 52 screen size had the best picture.While they all liked the sharp,sony & samsung units, most chose the samsung 4671/4681 products as the ones they would buy.

By yukonbob - Dec 15, 2007

Tv rocks

Strengths: Tv rocks, i set it up like the xx65 series. I like the new design of the tv compared to the 65 series. Hooked it up with a PS3 , blu-ray is awesome!

Weakness: The screen gets hot

I was at first looking to get Samsungs 46 inch 65 series model (lnt4665f) because I loved how it looked, especially the blacks. But I decided to wait for the upcoming 71 series and 81 series... and decided the 71 series would be the one for me (lnt4671f). When they got this baby from best buy I could defiantly notice this difference between its older models. (Unlike Sony flat panels, which most of the time have very hard to see differences between "better" models?)
The colors were defiantly more vibrant and the blacks were blacker, also this model has pretty much no motion blurring due to "auto motion plus". (I noticed motion blurring on the new Sony XBR4 when they were demoing 300 on blu-ray) also, at my local best buy they had this model displayed next to the new Sony XBR4 and with my eyes I believe that the Samsung looks better, especially in the black levels. I highly recommend this model to anyone who wants a top of the line TV.

By XMSBX - Oct 6, 2007

Samsung LNT4671F

Strengths: Excellent color quality, lots of adjustments for personal taste, 120MHz, elegant look, swivel base.

Weakness: Complicated to set screen size when flipping channels(wife complaints), sound output limited. PIP to outside antenna only.

As with the other reviewers, I did a lot of online research and this Samsung was one of a fairly small group of plasma and LCDs that hit all the right performance goals. I considered the Pioneer PDP-5080HD, the Panasonic TH50PZ750U, the Sony Bravia XBR4, the Samsung HP-T5064, and the Samsung LNT-4661F.

I visited Best Buy, Circuit City, and Anderson's. I was a pain the @&& to the clerks, and re-adjusted all the picture and motion settings for each one. It made quite a difference! The only LCD that could come close to the black levels of the Pioneer was the Samsung 4671F and the 4681F (with LED backlight). I selected the 4671F as it was $1000 less than the 4681F and I was estimating from reviews that it will have better visibility in our medium bright room than the Pioneer.

I have played a few different Bluray discs - truly amazing. I usually turn off Auto Motion Plus for movies, as it is distracting to me. Bluray is definitely nicer, but original production quality is readily apparent. I also have played upscaled DVDs from the PS3 and an upscaling Panasonic DVD player. They look great, too. The best upgrade from my old Sony 32" CRT is watching regular TV in HD. I have Astound cable, so get around 15 HD channels. The best are the Discovery Channel and Club 1080 - SO sweet. My son and I also enjoy the HD games that are coming out - we just got the new Ratchet and Clank - Tools of Destruction - quite an experience, especially when we play it full volume through the stereo system. The video quality is not quite Pixar, but I cannot detect any motion blur or other picture quality defects.

The glossy black cabinet is very nice looking, even though I get some muted glare from the vertical side bars. The screen is about the same reflectivity as the Pioneer, which puts it between the typical plasma and LCD's. I especially like the swivel feature to aim the TV at the couch and there is less need to move the furniture to adjust connections. And you can turn off the Samsung blue LED.

I bought the TV at Circuit City 10/13, and was able to use the 30 day price match guarantee to get $300 back! So, the value is even better than when I intitially decided on this one when it was a bit less competetive at $2900. Caveat emptor at CC - the manager was either actively trying to dishonor the policy or was extremely ignorant.

Whew - didn't know I had so much to say! I truly feel you will enjoy this TV if your criteria are LCD brightness, deep black capability, 120MHz, and good looks. Cheers.

By mellow - Nov 14, 2007




I had ordered the LN-T4665 and after it had been delayed for a month I canceled it and ordered the LN-T4671. I am glad I waited. This model is awesome. The richness of color and detail is perfect. Even with 480i the picture is fine. When you watch 1080i or 1080p you can see every detail. This model has a neat still freeze frame. Another feature with the HDMI cable to my Panasonic DMR-EH75V is that the Panasonic up converts to 1080i and the DMR-EH75v turns on the Samsung LN-T4671. P.I.P. with the sound feature is also way cool. Enjoy.

By mkatko - Oct 3, 2007

Samsung 46" LCD is Awesome!!!!

Strengths: Settings, Connections, Easy of Set-up, Picture Brightness, Auto Motion Plus, Price/Performance

Weakness: Slight delay in remote, sound - these are very minor weaknesses

I have been seeking a big screen TV for over a year. I read everything I could find on-line (consumer reports, yahoo, amazon, ...), talked with store sales people, with friends who purchased TVs, and anyone else who had an opinion, and made numerous trips to TV showrooms to marvel at the pictures. My decision came down between the Panasonic 50" Plasma and the Samsung 46" xxxx71 series LCD. For TVs in the price range I wanted to consider, Consumer Reports rated the Panasonic and Samsung within the top 3 for their respective category in size. After narrowing down to these two models, I went to see the TVs in person. The Panasonic picture seemed to be a little darker and not as many setting options to control picture. I opted for the Samsung.

Here are some of reasons:
Picture brightness - great in brightly lit rooms
Connections - wealth of connections as many as you need - of every type - usb, hdmi, s-video/audio)
Settings - variety of settings (movie, standard, dynamic, game)
Auto Motion Plus - adjustment for fast motion - for sports/fast action movement
Easy of Setup - took TV out of the box, plugged it in, turned it on for use - very easy
Style - TV is sleek and does not overpower the room
Price/Performance - w/ everything considered, I felt other TVs could not match

I purchased a BluRay player, HDMI cable from Monster Cable, and the movie Pearl Harbor. When I first watched the movie, the picture was so clear, at times, it looked like I was looking out a window. The movie has nature scenes and fast motion - both looked amazing. Sometimes, I found myself paying attention to the details of the movie rather than watching the movie for the story.

I signed up for HD service and find the picture to be equally good for HD programming - nature scenes seems to be the best - Discovery Channel. Colors are vibrant, bright, and clear.

Two things that could have been better:
1) Slight delay in remote - there is a slight delay from the time the button on the remote is pressed and the TV reaction
2) Sound - sound is adequate - I plan to purchase a sound system to complement the excellent picture.

I have heard others complaining of shuttering or "triple effect" when there is fast motion. With the Auto Motion Plus, I have not noticed this.

Overall, I feel this TV is the best picture for the price (I purchased from Amazon and was lucky to get the TV for $2k - buy from Amazon - not tax, delivery was free, and best price I could find from a reputable source). When I decided to purchase, I went to the "Big Box" stores and the closest price to Amazon I found was $2400 before tax/delivery.

I considered the Samsung xxxx81 series, but the TV would have been $1k to $1.5K more than the xxxx71 series for not much added benefit - biggest benefit that was touted was deeper blacks. Blacks on the xxxx71 series are just fine.

If you're considering a large screen TV, give this model/size a look, I don't think you would be disappointed ... I certainly am satisfied - absolutely awesome.

By southerncmfort - Feb 16, 2008

Samsung LN-T4671F

Strengths: excellent HD picture quality, reason price with competing models, esthetic design

Weakness: not that i can think of

I have researched to buy a HD LCD TV for several months. The HD picture quality is so much better than other competing model, and I think it is the best LCD TV I have seen for this price range. The design is esthetically appealing. The high contrast ratio makes picture so crisp and it is like real. The Automotion plus feature is great for watching ball game, creating very fluid picture with rapid movement. The TruSurround XT technology provides a very vivid and excellent sound quality. The plug in for computer and USB interface provide versatility for AV input. The bottom line is the price is so reasonable for what you get from this TV!

By chriscyy - Nov 8, 2007

The Best LCD

Strengths: 120Hz, life like viewing

Weakness: glare from glossy screen, Sports

I sell TVs for a living so i get to see every TV in every situation. Most of the cons that i have read (except for glare) are from people that dont know how to work this TV. Learn how to change the 120HZ to best fit with what you are watching before complaining & you will see what i am talking about.

The Samsung 71Fs have the best picture out there. As in life like images there is no other LCD or Plasma that can tough the 71Fs. Put in a Blue-ray movie such as Pearl Harbor or Pirates of the Carabien & turn the 120HZ to high. You will feel like you are there watching it happen in real life. It even makes the children's movie such as Cars look life like.

If you are watching Sports then turn the 120hz to low to help with the blurs but the picture still looks almost life like. It doesnt matter what kind of LCD TV, you are still going to get blurrs & tripple ball effects on every LCD (they are not designed for sports) But the 120HZ does help if you know how to use it & the 71Fs allow you to change it to best fit what you are watching unlike other 120Hz LCDs only let you turn it off or on. But if you mostly watching sports then i suggest a Plasma but if you are a Movie buff then i suggest the Samsung 71Fs.

I am a big plasma fan & the Samsung 71Fs is the only LCD that i would ever buy over a plasma which i did buy a LNT5271F (52 inch).

Here is my best advice & what i did. get both. Put a Samsung 71F in one room for all of your movies & a Plasma in the other room for all of your sports. Both are so light that you can switch the TVs to the room that is best for having friends over. Movie night then bring out the LCD for the Superbowl then bring out the Plasma. But if you cant afford both then i suggest a Sumsung 71F for LCD if not then get a Plasma.

By skeezguy71 - Jan 30, 2008

Purchase followed 6 mo. of looking, reading and viewing.

Strengths: Plug and play is great. It took longer to unpack than it did to start watching. This was the easiest unit I ever started. Using my old attic antenna produces a fantastic picture.

Weakness: Haven't found any at this time

Some of the channels we used to have trouble getting clear picture are now great. Hint: When unpacking just squeeze the white plugs and remove. The top lifts off without cutting the tape.

By rick4rj - Jan 19, 2008

LN-T4671F 46" LCD TV (Widescreen, 1920x1080, HDTV)

Strengths: 1080P, 3 v1.3a HDMI Inputs, overall appearance looks better with the 71 series over the others! HD channels look beautiful and even the SD channels come in clear! The blacks are very deep in color.

Weakness: 3rd HDMI input is on the side rather than the rear. Other than that, none that I can think of.

This TV was worth the extra money spent rather than saving a little to buy the 65 series. The overall design of this TV makes it seem thinner to me and the quailty of the picture is terrific. Don't forget, it also depends on your signal you are receiving, but our picture is so clear on the HD channels and the SD channels look good too. I have not seen this TV hooked up to blu-ray or hd-dvd yet, but I will be excited to see the 1080P picture quality come out of this model! The TV also has version 1.3a HDMI inputs that make for better audio and video! If you are looking for a 46" LCD, you will not go wrong buying this one!!!

By snowcrashed - Dec 28, 2007


Strengths: Rich vibrant color. Deep blacks. Full 1920x1080 computer resolution with DVI to HDMI cable, no overscan. Classy Piano black cabinet.

Weakness: Unlike their previous models, PiP only works with coax cable input. What were they thinking?

I did a ton of research before purchasing. If you're not aware, Samsung and Sony have a joint venture in Korea where they manufacture the panels together, so this line and the XBR4 Sony are the same panel, just with different guts and cabinet. Sony wanted 300$ more to move from their flat charcoal exterior to the piano black, Samsung's was piano standard. Sony's max dynamic contrast was 18,000, Samsung's was 25,000.

I've been using this primarily as a computer monitor and secondarily as a console screen for almost 2 months now. No delay or smearing in high frame rate games like the Sony has been reported to have on the avsforum. As I said in the strengths, the colors are full and clean and the blacks are deep. Anything you throw at this looks amazing. Upscaled DVDs, Wii (obviously pixelated because of the low rez) World of Warcraft, Quake 4, EVE. The pixel size is slightly larger then the 40" model, but thats to be expected because of the overall panel size.

By Robes7 - Mar 25, 2008

Rock'en TV

Strengths: Picture quality, in your face action !!!!!!!!

Weakness: ??????????????

I coud not be happier with my purchace. After 6 months I can't find a single flaw !!!!! Tv and my Bose..... What's a movie theater ??????? MY LIVING ROOM ............

By anonymous; - Feb 9, 2008




I believe that the Samsung looks better, I highly recommend this model to anyone who wants a top of the line TV.

By anonymous; - Feb 4, 2008

The best money can buy

Strengths: The colors are spot-on, the blacks are deep and uncomprable to the competition and the picture bright, vivid and sharp.

Weakness: Wish it had a DVI input, but the DVI to HDMI cable I bought worked fine.

It didn't take more than 10 minutes comparing the TVs at Circuit City to see that this model taks an impressive lead, hands down. They had Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean 2 on Blueray, a perfect example of the color contrasts and deep blacks and the picture was amazing. They had almost every TV on the wall plugged into the movie and there was no comparison. Plus, aesthetically the TV is beautiful. I also use it as a computer monitor for gaming and daily use and quality is phenomenol. I use a Dell 2407FPW and would prefer to sit in front of the Samsung. Although on the pricey side, I'm very happy with this purchase. In my opinion, it's bleeding edge and far ahead of what the competitors put on the market.

By anonymous; - Aug 30, 2007

Samsung LN-T4671F

THE GOOD: Solid black-level performance for an LCD; relatively accurate color; 120Hz processing smooths judder in motion; fine screen uniformity for an LCD; extensive range of picture controls; comprehensive connectivity with three HDMI and one PC input; ultrasleek glossy black design. THE BAD: Expensive; smooth motion seems unnatural for film-based material and can introduce artifacts; black and...
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By - Nov 13, 2007

Samsung LNT4671F

Samsung LNT4671F receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 2.74 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #41 LCD flat panel TV of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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By - Jul 16, 2008

Samsung LN-T4671F has collected 5 expert reviews for Samsung LN-T4671F and the average expert rating is 77 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
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By - Oct 22, 2008

Best Display Flat Panel TV with Price Under $2500

Display is Good according to 6 Flat Panel TV experts. -- "extensive range of picture controls." -- "best black-level performance" -- "accurate color" Read more to find expert opinions on more features like Sound, Tuning, Connectivity, etc.
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By - Jan 6, 2010

Samsung LN-T4671F

The Samsung LN-T4671F is a 46" LCD based television with a native resolution of 1080p. This set is part of the 71F series of televisions, part of Samsungs 2007 lineup which include the 61F series, 65F series, 69F series, and 81F series. The 71Fs are positioned near the high end falling between the 81F and 69F series in price and features. Just like all of Samsungs 2007 line of televisions...
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By - Dec 10, 2008