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Overall the best 32 inch LCD!

Strengths: Great, colorful and bright picture. (Standard broadcasts look as good as they do on standard CRT's) Loaded with outputs. Great for gaming.

Weakness: None.... Unless you're hoping for a DVI output (which is outdated technology).

I bought this TV a couple of months ago and I love it.
I did a whole lot of research, both online and offline.
I visited local stores such as BestBuy, Fry's, and Circuit City. This LCD TV outperformed even Sony's overpriced Bravia LCD's. The overall picture is clearer and crisper on the Sammy (Sony looks grainy). The contrast levels are unmatched. The black level is the best I've seen in any LCD and looked a lot better than Sharp's Aquos LCD.

Before purchasing this TV, I read all over the internet about how horrible the DNIe feature is in Sammy's line of LCD's. Perhaps there was a problem with the previous model, but Sammy's latest batch of LCD's (LNS series) looks great. I found that the DNIe mode enhances the picture quality (just as Samsung claimed).

Over the air HD broadcast looks fantastic, if you're able to get a good signal (Sometimes the picture looks a bit grainy but I verified that it's a result of a weak signal both coming from your antenna or even the broadcasting station. Not a result of a possible defective LCD).
Standard 480i tv signals look great, both analog or digital over the air.
Standard TV quality on DirecTV is a hit or miss.
It can look as good as over the air depending on the station or the program you're watching.
Overall though, standard signal looks good on Directv.
However I recently switched to Comcast because they offer real HD service unlike HD Lite from DTV and DishNet.
But there's a trade off, Comcast's standard 480i signal is very poor in comparison to over the air and DTV :(
I haven't done research to find out whether this is exclusive to the area where I live or not (I doubt it).
Of coarse, this isn't the LNS3251D's fault.
The LCD offers great standard signal picture quality, but I thought I'd include this in the review.

This LCD is great for gaming.
I have it hooked up to my Xbox 360 and the picture is by far better than on any other LCD I've seen. The colors are very vibrant, the contrast levels are excellent and the blacks are almost as dark as they get on plasmas.
There is no ghosting what so ever!
But you might want to turn off the "Game Mode" from the picture settings. Although it works the way it's supposed to, I hate the way the brightness levels adjusts itself on the fly as you transition from bright and dark areas during game play. Some might not have an issue with it, but I do since I find it a little distracting.
This isn't a negative on the LCD since it's a mode you can either keep on, or turn off. Afterall, it's a feature that's not even found on other LCD's.
I did notice some of the shadowing of bright objects on dead black backgrounds (mentioned by kraemer95) when playing my regular Xbox. I "only" saw this problem when first booting my Xbox but once a game starts, I don't see the shadowing any more. I don't know if this problem is exclusive to the Xbox console (I've yet to hook up my PS2) but I didn't see find this problem on my Comcast receiver.

I hope my review will help some of you with your purchasing decision!


By miggidy - Jun 1, 2006

Samsung LN-S3251D 32" LCD HDTV

Strengths: Great picture Outstanding color separation Easy to install

Weakness: Response time is slower than expected

The unit was delivered by carrier in excellent condition. It was very easy to install and started up without any problems. The color separation, resolution and overall quality was better than expected even on non-HDTV stations. The only downside (minor) was the response time on fast events, e.g., hockey.

Overall - #1

By JimHickman - Jun 5, 2006

Samsung LN-S3251D - HDTV Nirvana

Strengths: This is a beautiful HDTV. The physical appearance of the set itself is stunning and the HDTV picture is incredible.

Weakness: The Component inputs can get covered by the wall mount attachement, making it necessary to modify the the input cable covering.

When I took this television out of the box, my wife was stunned how nice the HDTV set appeared. It has a jet black piano finish and is sleek and sexy.

When I finally had my DirecTV HD Tivo setup, the picture was jaw dropping. I was able to catch the Shuttle launch on HDNET and it was like I was physically at the launch. Even SD looks decent. There is an obvious difference in picture quality, but SDTV looks pretty good on this set.

Everyone who sees this set is just as impressed as the last person who viewed it. I strongly recommend this model. It uses the same panel used in the Sony Bravia line and it costs a lot less.

By rvr2k3 - Aug 2, 2006

Samsung LN-S3251D 32" LCD TV

Strengths: Best LCD picture on the market right now. Great picture. 4000:1 contrast ratio makes a difference. Lightweight. Piano black casing and design look cool. Lots of cool extra features.

Weakness: Piano black casing is a little too reflective during the day. Channel flip response is a little slow.

I researched for a while and went to the store to compare this with the Sony, Panasonic and LG. There was a noticeable difference in the picture quality. Moreover, I got this on the web for a great price. In HDTV mode this TV looks great, but even SDTV looks great. In HDTV mode I can't seem to zoom in on pictures that are 4:3 to make them 16:9 like I can in SDTV mode, maybe there is a way but I haven't figured it out. Overall, this TV is a great buy.

By jaquil - Jun 7, 2006

Samsung 32

Strengths: An excellent picture - the reason I bought this particular TV. Ease of attaching to the stand. Easy to follow users' guide. Sleek finish. Vivid colors.

Weakness: The information on the screen is difficult to read from more than 6 feet away. When I use the "info" button on the remote, I have to move closer to the TV to see the information that is provided.

I'm very happy with my choice to buy this Samsung 32" LCD TV. It was ranked number one by PC World. I'm looking forward to being able to compare SDTV to HDTV. SDTV on this TV looks like HDTV to me. I highly recommend this TV.

By jbquintana - May 25, 2006

Samsung LN-S3251D LCD TV A+++

Strengths: Picture Quality, Ease of Use, 2 HDMI inputs...

Weakness: Base Tilts only right/left only, not up and down...can be an issue for those interested in computer applications, etc.

When I hooked the TV up via HDMI cable and viewed the HDTV picture I was shocked at the picture quality; contrast is phenomenal. This TV quite possibly has a better picture for less $$$ than Sony's top of the line LCD TV. Also, for those that are gamers this TV's graphics capability would blow their friends away. Overall, way to go SAMSUNG A+++.

By dsa101573 - Jun 20, 2006

Samsung LN-S3251D 32" LCD TV

Strengths: Great design and very light. TV was very easy to setup with auto programming feature. The picture has very bright colors and several modes to choose from. May be even better in HDTV.

Weakness: Picture can look distorted at times. The remote doesn't work with all my satellite system or VCR, but no big deal.

If you plan on sitting close to this TV - don't. The picture actually looks fuzzy if you are too close. This might not be a problem if I had HDTV receiver. I really like this TV and give it 4 out of 5 since I spent a lot of time researching different TVs and chose this one based on the overall quality of picture of other LCDs and I really enjoyed the surround sound on this TV since I don't have a home theatre system. The colors on this TV is terrific for kids cartoons, video games and you can plug your digital camera or digital video camera right into the side. The only thing I wish they would disclose is that your picture quality is different for those with HD programming vs. standard programming. I would recommend to a friend due all the features on the TV.

By asu4 - May 31, 2006

Great LCD TV-Samsung LNS3251D

Strengths: The LN-S3251D has it all! Great picture, great specs, looks. With the 4000:1 contrast ratio it rivals any LCD on the market.

Weakness: remote does not work with many other brand devices.

In fact the picture output is so good in the Hi-Def (1081i) mode that it will be nice when cable tuners catch up with it.

The picture on this box is unbelievable. The ipod connection feature is great. I saw this side by side with the Sony that was $1000 more and there wasn't even a comparison. Samsung WINS!

By karmpax - Jul 9, 2006

Samsung 32

Strengths: Great picture quality and very vivid colors. Audio is much better than anticipated. Looks great in my armoire. Black on black, all you see is the picture. User friendly to setup.

Weakness: Only have had it two weeks, and had HD box installed today by cable company. Only downside as yet is that new Samsungs will not allow volume control with cable remote. Not the "end of the world".

My 35"Mitshibushi went on the fritz and I have done much "looking" in the last few months. I agree with PC World, this a a great tv for the price. Visited all the major electronic stores and found a huge range of prices for same set.(100's of dollars). Then went to internet and set a price alert( Saved big bucks and had it delivered to my door. At first I was researching the one with 3000:1 Contrast ratio. On a visit to Circuit City, compared this set (4000:1)to previous and found the picture to be better. Also it is all black so it looks great in my expresso armoire. You just see the screen with no distractions.
Glad I took my time,am really happy with the final decision. I am pleasantly pleased with the audio, it is clear and more than ample. I was considering a home theater system if not good sound, now I'm not so sure, as the room it is in is not that big. HD cable box made all the difference in the world. I am thoroughly excited to watch tv (now to find the time). I think you'll be very satisfied and happy with this selection.

By bluelibra49 - May 27, 2006


Strengths: Sleek design make it look much more expensive. Easy setup and controls. Vibrant colors makes this a good buy.

Weakness: Must be viewed at a distance to make images and text cleaner.

Searching for a 32" to replace my room TV seems like an eternity until I narrowed them to the 3 S's - Sony, Sharp, Samsung and Westinghouse. I like Sony for reputation but not the price. Sharp headed the assault on LCD's. Westinghouse was rated high for something that at times sell for under $1000. Samsung was still not there but showed promise. Displays at stores doesn't tell you the image on standard TV. It's known that you cannot expect much from standard viewing. I wanted the speakers to be in the bottom to give me more shelf space.
The selling point was the sudden influx of these LN-S3251Ds Lcd's at a local store right next to the Sony XBRs. They were outperforming them in picture quality at the colors that felt soothingly colorful to my eyes:-}
I then eliminated the rest of the field and found great deals on the internet for this model that are unmatched in my state plus they come with free shipping. I just hope the quality takes me past 3 years which is how long my 36" R** tube TV lasted at almost the same price.
They delivered it within 7 days and it came wrapped in another box to conceal that it is a TV. Turning it on triggered selectable language and time. I had to play w/ cable type selection for auto-channel setup since I don't know the type my cable had. The first viewing dissappointed me on standard broadcast but when I turned it off and on, it seems like it became clearer. It's image was better than my older projections that were made for pre-HD but w/ 480P and 960i viewing. I can't wait for HD. Hope this helps.

By jumpnow - Jun 14, 2006

Samsung LN-S3251D

Strengths: Looks. Picture when hooked up to HD source and when using component video on DVD's. Great as a PC monitor.

Weakness: 1 component video hook up. When hooked up to regular cable picture sucks. Must sit about 6-8 feet away to make picture clear.

If you dont have HD cable and dont watch a lot of DVD's dont buy this TV. If there isnt a HD source going into this TV the picture sucks. But if you have an HD source running to the TV this is a great TV that is affordable, light weight and looks great in any room.

By Steamermmt - Aug 8, 2006

King of the 32

Strengths: 2 HDMI inputs, 4000:1 contrast ratio, iPod interface, swivel stand.

Weakness: remote control not entirely backlit, unusual shaped TV cabinet.

Although I would have proffered the traditional rectangular shape cabinet of the LG 32LC2D or the Panasonic TC-32LX60, the Samsung LN-S3251D overall features blows them out the water for just about $100 more. It starts with a 4000:1 contrast ratio, and 2 HDMI inputs. A swiveling stand that travels much farther than the Panasonic, making it very easy to access the side S-video input and TV controls. The remote, although not entirely back lit, is universal and requires not programing to control existing Samsung components.
The only thing that may be a bit of a drawback is the V-shaped cabinet. specially for wall mount purpose. The high gloss black finish may be a bit too reflective and distract from the picture, but it comes with a micro-fiber cloth to help keep finger prints free. Overall one of the best 32" LCD's in the market today.

By GASTURBO1 - Dec 25, 2006


Strengths: Easy to install, HD Picture is better than most plasma's at a much lower price, Non HD pictures are also really great!

Weakness: Blacks are not as "black" as a CRT but overall really good. Sound output to component system not adjustable from remote

I researched all brands of HD flat panel sets. Also visited many showrooms to see picture quality. I wanted an LCD because of past problems with "burn in" on plasmas. The Samsung consistently was better. Sony was not as clear or vibrant at a mush higher price. I ordered the set on line from Delivery was fast and the setup was easy even though I was installing in a major entertainment center. I'm using all inputs. there appears to be no significant difference between the HDMI input or RGBY...they all look great. Color is slightly less vibrant through the "s" video jack. Output sound to the main audio system is excellent although not adjustable. Overall the best set for the money on the market today.

By tomipi - Sep 15, 2006

Great TV

Strengths: Excellent Picture and easy set up.

Weakness: None so far.....

I did some extensive research on LCDs of this size, and this TV was definitely the best value for the price. It is a name brand with an excellent track record. I would highly recommend this TV.

By firebirdman1 - Oct 20, 2006

Great color and detail. Poor haziness...

Strengths: The greatest color ever witnessed through my eyes. Vibrant contrast with a stunning 4000:1. A gamemode and an enhanced viewing mode adding more options to this great television. Nice detail in picture

Weakness: Not a good television to have close up wiewing HD or not, if this is your option do not, this is a television for 7 to 10 feet viewing nothing less due to jaggies and haziness that can be viewed

This a great television regardless of what its uses are for. Mine is for gaming, and it is very useful, especially with the gaming mode. The broadcasts need a cable card and box for hd viewing, however if it is for gaming just plug in a component cable and get full hd. The color in this television is outstanding along with xxxx sound effects and clarity, from the picture, to the sound. though there is a terrible downside, unless you have a descent-sized room. Do not look up close at this television as you will see some indistinct,fuzzy,jaggie outlines on objects, videogames or not, so just keep the viewing distance back to around 8 or 9 feet. This is a marginal problem that can easily be overthrown by the outstanding color and detail, which covers up that udder problem. overall a great-wonderful television

By masterdilh - Jun 8, 2006

I had my XBox hooked up component...

Strengths: Looks

Weakness: picture

I had my XBox hooked up component and I notice when I play a DVD movie on some pictures(scenes) I can see like shadow bars in the back ground from top to bottom. I notice this mosty on dark color scenes. I'm not talking about the wide screen bars on the sides. these or shadow like bars a few of them in the back ground. I also hooked up my HD cable box and then notice a bar from side to side scrolling up. I brought back this TV today and got the LG 32LX1D instead.

By kraemer95 - May 6, 2006

Samsung model LN-S3251D

Strengths: Great picture, good audio

I found that the PriceGrabber information listed under product details, to be incorrect. It is indicated that this Samsung model has "dual tuner PIP." After purchasing this Samsung model, I found that much to my disappointment, the unit is not equipped with this feature.

By sscburg - Dec 20, 2006

Best LCD !!! Period

Strengths: Amazing contrast, eye catching looks

Weakness: None

I have been using this lcd for the past one year, I went to quite a few stores before i finalised on this one. On comparing side by side with sony and sharp this one wins hands down, go ahead and buy one and impress your family and friends.

By anonymous; - Dec 25, 2007

Awsome HDTV for value

Strengths: Price, great contrast, picture, and it looks good with any decor. Lots of inputs and 2 HDMI inputs. Relatively light and sturdy stand.

Weakness: Not many! Remote is a bit awkward to hold and does not work from accross my bedroom about 15 feet away. Sound from the internal speakers could be a little louder and clearer.

This is my first HDTV and it is great!! I've compared other HDTVs and this one has the best picture and colors for the price. It does not display 1080i native, but the 768p is really good for gaming and watching movies with action. I've already played Call of Duty 2 and Half Life 2 Episode 1 on PC, and they both looked better than on my 24" 1920 x 1200 Dell monitor! This TV was built for PC and console gamers in mind. I connected a $12 Phillips antenna to it and I can get at least 20HDTV channels here in the SF Bay area for free. Awesome! As for the lack of displaying 1080i or 1080p, those sets cost a lot more and this is great for a starter set or a gaming set. I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend this set to anyone looking for a quality affordable HDTV. Since it is not the latest model, you can probably pick one up on sale at a reduced price like I did.

By Advanced Edge - May 20, 2007

great picture - poor sound

Strengths: Broadcast HD is excellent. Set appearance is great.

Weakness: Very disappointed in sound quality: speakers vibrate even at relatively low volume.

Costs to much to ship back for an exchange. Will probably have to spend the money on external speakers to eliminate the vibration problem, negating the cost saving of buying on the internet.

By anonymous; - Apr 10, 2007

LN-3251D Samsung 32" tv

Strengths: Bright ,Clear picture,contrast ratio,overall stlye and looks,Price

Weakness: None

Owner manual could be in larger print,remote would not program sattelite channel,So I progammed tv with sattelite remote.I would recommend this tv to anyone,who is looking for a tv with a good price and one that lives up to expectations.

By anonymous; - Mar 7, 2007

Not a Good DEAL.

Strengths: Dont know, did not work out of the box!!!!

Weakness: Wont even light up. Picture quality, what picture?

Ordered one in from never worked even for a minute. Samsung said to wait 14 working days for them to find a person to service it. After 14 working days they said that they would e-mail the person right now and it would take another 2 days for a call. Sill waiting!!!!!
Looks real nice on my office floor collecting dust. Buy local or not at all!!!!!!!

By randysimkins - Feb 7, 2007

Samsung Great TV

Strengths: Works well with samsung home theater system. Remotes compatible. Great picture, on screen interface is the best of any tv's

Weakness: sound weak, recommend sound system with tv.

Great picture. many inputs. works well with the htq-100 sound system. No problems. Only weak sound from the tv. recommend sound system. Piano black is very sharp and compliments the screen.

By natedawgone - Jan 1, 2007

Universal Remote

Strengths: Great Tv

Weakness: Not a true universal remote

Disappointed with the universal remote. I purchased the tv and a samsung dvd player with the hopes I could use the universal remote That came with the Tv. The only thing The Tv remote will operate is the Play Stop and Power you then have to use the Dvd remote to operate everthing Else Quite disappointing.... You would think If you are buying two compatable products from the same company It would work. Samsung stated my Universal remote is not compatible with this Samsung Dvd player.....
Overall the Tv is Great The remote Stinks

By anonymous; - Dec 17, 2006

Universal Remote Beware

Strengths: GREAT TV



By anonymous; - Dec 15, 2006

Universal Remote Beware

Strengths: Great Picture Great Overall Value

Weakness: Universal Remote

The universal Remote Doesn't Really work as well as a universal remote should, Reason being I had Purchaded a Samsung Dvd R130 Player and the only buttons that work on the tv remote are Stop , Play And Power. I have contacted Samsung About this issue and they Stated to me that the Fast Forward And Reverse buttons on the samsung Tv Remote are not Compatible.How Could this Be these are 2 samsung products Correct? I intended to purchase Matching name brand products in hopes that I could use the Universal remote from the Tv I guess I was wrong. Good Luck

By anonymous; - Dec 15, 2006

Great tv

Strengths: love it

Weakness: love it

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By anonymous; - Jul 13, 2006

Outstanding Value- Great picture, good design, good price.

Strengths: Picture quality is fantastic, impressive in nearly all respects from this novice owners perspective.

Weakness: The 3251d does not support an HDMI connection from a PC.

This machine is truely an impressive innovation. Clarity, options, sound all high quality. The only real dissappointment is the lack of PC connection suppport through the HDMI/DVI connection. To utilize the HDMI connectin for superior performance an additional video source must be used (DVD with an HDMI connection. Technology appears "not there" yet when trying to run all multimedia through a PC (at least for Samsung).

By anonymous; - May 25, 2006

Samsung LN-S3251D

Bright, high-quality screen and sleek, piano-black cabinet make this TV a proud living-room centerpiece.
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By PCWorld - Apr 18, 2006

samsung ln-s3251d

Samsung Ln-s3251d receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 2.07 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #124 LCD flat panel TV of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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By - Jul 16, 2008

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