Samsung LN-26A450 26" LCD TV - 16:9

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Samsung LCD TVs Elegantly designed with a unique Touch of Color™ bezel, Samsung LCD TVs display brilliant images with amazing detail and provide a host of connectivity options.


Product Title: Samsung LN-26A450 26" LCD TV - 16:9

Manufacturer: Samsung

Power Score: 3.3 | 11 Reviews

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You'll be sorry

Strengths: Good picture

Weakness: Poor quality components

After 18 months the tv would not turn on. Did an online search & discovered that this is a common problem. Since it was out of warranty, I took it apart and discovered a bulging 2200uf 10v capacitor. I bought a replacement with a higher voltage rating and replaced the failed one. Works great again. Common practice for caps is to have a voltage rating that is 2x the input. This cap was the weak...
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By lm6ryCWU8L - Mar 5, 2010

Buyer Beware

Strengths: Works really well for about a year

Weakness: When the warranty is up it breaks

I have a 26" samsung LCD TV model #LN26a450c1d and after 14 months it quit working. I called Samsung and they told me since it was out of warranty there was nothing they could do. I did a little research and from what i could gather they have had problems in the past with capacitors blowing out.

By timd718 - Oct 27, 2009

Problem started just after 1 year

Strengths: Good Picture quality, good options

Weakness: Samsung fails to acknowledge a power issue with their TVs even after many people reporting about it

I bought this TV 1 year ago. (1 year and 2 weeks to be exact). From yesterday, it started turning on and off every 3 to 5 seconds of its own. I called Samsung support and they said that it is just outside the warranty. They say that it is not a common issue. (Search for ‘Samsung TV on and off’ in Google and you will see hundreds of users having the same issue.) I regret that I didn’t read...
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By laljose - Jun 14, 2009

Good TV

Strengths: High contrast ratio, good for small room

Weakness: No

It is a good looking TV when I open the box. The picture quality is very good as well. We use this TV as a computer monitor. It is very good. We did not test the HD programs yet. For the regular channels, the pictures are just ok. It is a very good choice, if you want to buy a TV for your dorm or small bedroom.

By yuan107 - Jun 12, 2008

Great 26" LCD

Strengths: Picture, Piano Black Bezel

Weakness: None so far

This is a great compact LCD TV. The colors seem to jump off the screen. Perfect size for hanging on our kitchen wall. We looked at several LCD's in this size range and felt that for the price, this one was the best.

By cipresso - May 14, 2008

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