Reviews for Samsung 7500 Series UN60F7500AF 60" LED TV

$1,785.99 - $2,669.08

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I know this might sound like one of these fake reviews where the company pays you or gives you a special discount to write something nice about their company but i swear to you it is not. i just want to say i searched high and low look for a 55" TV. i looked EVERYWHERE online and shopped around places like "Best Buy" for hours at a time and found all the TV's i was looking for but at ridiculously high prices. it was INSANE!! Then i happened to come across through At first i thought there is no way this 55" Samsung 7500 series could possibly be the price they said it was. it was literally over $1,000 less then anywhere i had seen online or in store ANYWHERE. So of course i was very skeptical who in their right mind would believe that this website I've never heard of in my life could possibly be soooooo much cheaper then any other place I've ever seen. I spoke to Mark i think he is the manager or something i really don't know but i dealt with him from day one and in the beginning i was kind of rude to him thinking this was some scam to try and rip me off but it turned out it was the complete opposite. This guy Mark who doesn't know me or i him from a hole in the wall from this website BUYSQUAD.COM which i was sure was a site trying to rip me off but i took a chance after Mark gave me his personal cell phone number and told me that if i ordered the TV and didn't like it or there was something wrong with it i could send it right back. Being from New York where everyone is trying to take advantage of you literally everywhere you go i was still thinking this guy is way to nice. He told me the TV would be delivered within 10 days and that he would have the delivery man stay while i opened the box, hooked it up, watched it for a little while, play a blu ray and inspect the TV myself. how could i possibly say no to that, so i pulled the trigger… I received the TV 7 days later and i made sure i checked that TV up and down watched it and played a blu ray and it was perfect. while the delivery man was there Mark called me and said if i didn't like it after i opened it and watched it i could still send it back for a full refund. what other company would ever do something like that it seems absurd but it is 100% true. its now been about 4 months since i had the TV and it is working perfectly. i got a Samsung 55" 7500 series at the most ridiculous price ever. I know it might sound like i work for the company or they are paying me to do this but i am just so satisfied with this website (and ill say their name again) BUYSQUAD.COM that i am in the process of buying another TV for my "Man Cave" right now. I was hesitant to tell anyone about the site because i wanted to keep it a secret and have this hidden gem all to myself but i ended up telling everyone i know and anyone who has ordered from them had the same experience as me. So i just want to say thank you to Mark and BUYSQUAD.COM for saving a newlywed who just moved into a new place and is trying to start a family a lot of money. If you think I'm lying or that i am someone trying to trick you into using the site, look online or call for yourself i promise you won't be disappointed. Thanks

By rickyf911822 - Dec 2, 2013