Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-151FD 60" Plasma TV

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Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-151FD 601080p television offers an unequaled entertainment experience. Industry leading black levels have surpassed the previous generation for a pristine picture with richer colors, incredible detail and the added dimension synonymous with the Kuro name.

Quick Glance

Broadcast Format Displayed: 1080p

Digital Tuner: ATSC

Audio Video Connectors: HDMI Yes, VGA Yes, Component Video Yes, S-Video Yes, Composite Video Yes, Digital Audio Yes, Headphone Yes

Display Type: LCD TV

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080


Product Title: Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-151FD 60" Plasma TV

Manufacturer: Pioneer

Power Score: 4.8 | 7 Reviews

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Product Reviews (7)

Dream TV

Strengths: Beautiful display, decent sound

Weakness: Price will make you think twice.

In all, including the price, this is my dream TV. I've actually increased my movie watching after this purchase. The colors incredibly vivid. This should last me at least 3-4 years before I get envious of new models in the market.

By 42ndAirborne - Jan 19, 2010

Pioneer Elite KURO PRO-151FD 60" Plasma TV

Strengths: I don't know where to start!!!

Weakness: Good luck finding one!!!

By far, one of the greatest visual experiences to date...Yes, to most, this plasma can only allow one to think... 'can a flat-panel really be worth what you pay for', although in this case, that it an understatement. With the quality being in its' finest, the PRO-151FD could be the most wise investment available in Home Theater you will make that is 'somewhat' affordable. I will be true to you,...
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By anonymous; - Aug 24, 2009

Best Plasma T.V on the market

Strengths: everythnig

Weakness: none

I bought this t.v about 2 month's ago and it's the best t.v I have ever bought, I purchased the t.v at a highend store for $2,800 and that's the best price out there.

By anonymous; - Apr 14, 2009

Elite Kuro PRO-151FD

Strengths: Excellent picture quality. Best black levels of any TV. Great picture controls and presets.

Weakness: Slight humming sound when connected to a computer and an almost all white screen.

Best picture ever. Adjustments for every possible control. The presets give a great picture for those that don't want to mess with involved picture settings.

By fiffer1 - Mar 9, 2009

Awesome TV!!!

Strengths: Color and black levels are by far the best I've ever seen.

Weakness: If there has to be one, it's the cost of this TV.

This TV has an exceptional anti reflective screen, especially for plasmas. Color and black levels are superb. I purchased this over the regular Pioneer due to the picture controls on the Elite version

By mnerenbaum - Feb 11, 2009

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