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My Panasonic 50" 1080p Television

Strengths: 1080p, Great Picture, Great Design (Sleek and Modern), Easy to Set-Up

Weakness: 2 HDMI Inputs Speakers could sound better

This is my second Panasonic Plasma Television and it is everything that I could have asked for. I purchased from and the transaction went very smooth. They called me within an hour after the purchase to verify legitimacy and confirm details. I received it within the alloted time frame and in excellent condition. I have used it with my PS3 for some full 1080P. 300 the movie was a great experience and the picture will knock your socks right off!!

By lamppag - Sep 14, 2007

Panasonic model TH-50PZ700U plasma TV

Strengths: Just beautiful to watch. Impressive quality. A lot of TV for the money.

Weakness: Feels like it runs hot. Heavy for its size. Does not have RGB level adjustment.

This plasma TV has the best picture I have ever seen. I love the detail and bright color representation that has standout detail. The 50 inch screen is mesmerizing. Panasonic has a good reliability rating which was a selling point for me. At the time I bought this TV there was a Panasonic rebate which was a deal maker for me.

By allanm11 - Oct 1, 2007

Panasonic TH-50PZ700U

Strengths: Picture quality, sound, easy to set up

Weakness: Lack of PIP

I purchased the tv yesterday and am extremely pleased with it. The picture in 1080p is outstanding! It makes viewing in standard definition disappointing. I do not have surround sound speakers yet however the tv speakers sound pretty good.
Very happy with this tv. I could not justify spending $1000 more for the Pioneer Elite PRO-FHD1.

By slum5150 - Jul 18, 2007

Exceptional picture and sound

Strengths: Picture clarity

Weakness: Lack of picture in picture capability and cable card slot.

This is truly an amazing piece of equipment. The HD image off the cable and from DVD's is incredible. I'm also very impressed with the quality of the audio coming from speakers that are invisible as part of the frame. The stand is sturdy and even thought it is suggested that the unit be secured with brackets or wire, I found that unecessary. The remote is also capable of controlling most of my other AV equipment including the DVR box.

By mkshapiro - Aug 2, 2007

Excellent TV, best 1080P Plasma for the money

Strengths: Colors, Picture quality

Weakness: Remote Control, Heavy

This is one of the best 1080p plasma TV’s I have seen so far. I have shopped around for good plasma for several weeks and actually bought the 50PX75U (720P), and when I got it at home I did not like the Standard definition picture, it was fuzzy, and then I been told the picture will be the same for the 1080P and no hope, and been told also to try other technology if I like to watch SD, and I started again to study the DLP and LCD, and then I decided to stop that and return the 720P and to try that Panasonic (TH-50PZ700U), man, that is really good, big difference in the colors and the picture quality even for the SD, as for the HD, it’s amazing. Also I tried to show the pictures from my Camera SD Card and it was really fantastic.

I’m happy with the extra 1,300 I paid (include taxes and extended warranty difference), I recommend this TV, it has a very good price in compare to the comparators.

Now, as we know nothing is perfect, what I don’t like about the TV is it’s a little heavy (more than 100 LB) also it takes a little long to turn on. One more thing is the remote control, they should have done a better job the three grand TV, it should be lighted and more function. And the last thing is so far I cannot find a way to store the JUST setting to start the TV with, always, when we turn it on, we have to press that button to change it to just.

Other than that, the TV is excellent; I give it 5/5 for the picture and sound, and 4/5 for the functionality and accessories.

By amansour - Sep 19, 2007

Panasonic 50

Strengths: Great picture, easy set up

Weakness: None (except minor weaknesses noted below)

This TV was delivered yesterday, so I only have a day's experience, but haven't been able to take my eyes off the picture for very long. This is a 1080p set, but I only have 720 hi def cable which upconverts to 1080i. I also have watched a couple of movies using regular progressive scan DVD player. Thus, have not had the benefit of 1080p input, but from what I've seen, I can't imagine the picture can get much better -- it is simply amazing and much, much better than the picture on the same model displayed in stores. I watched two movies in hi def cable, both of which I had seen in the theater, but the picture quality was 100 times better on this set. I have only noticed a couple of minor problems. First, the set claims to have "non glare" glass but reflections seem to come thru clearly. It isn't that bad, but best to avoid sunlit windows or bright lights nearby. Second, on some channels there has been an occasional, slight out of sync with lip movements. I don't know what is causing this and it doesn't happen continuously and is barely noticeable when it does happen. My cable box and DVD player are connected with component cables, not HDMI, perhaps that is the cause. Other than these minor issues, the TV is flawless. I highly recommend this set.

By lowellt - May 30, 2007

TH-50PZ700U 50

Strengths: picture, connectors, SD slot, great to view pictures from your camera,

Weakness: none so far

I bought the tv directly from Panasonic due to the fact that I got a really good deal. The shipping was prompt and the TV was delivered without a scratch. The setup is easy and requires to assemble the stand, but it was not a big deal. The design is great, the speakers blend with the rest of the frame and look really cool. The picture is outstanding (1080p), the TV has plenty connectors for DVD, HD DVR and any other toy such as xbox. It does not require much setup work but the menu is easy to use anyway so you can figure things out without reading the manual (in case you don't like to do that). Overall, totally great TV, I can only recommend it.

By manfredw - Jun 25, 2007

Best 1080p for the price

Strengths: Excellent sound and pictures/set-up is a breeze/looks outstanding

Weakness: no cable card and lack of PIP

Been using this tv for 2 weeks now and very satisfied with its performance. Got the tv from 6thAve from their latest sale and I think it is worth every penny I paid for it. The picture is so crisp and real. The speaker system is excellent. You probably wont even use your surround system on this tv. I have been on the market for plasma tv for years now with this tv, I am not disappointed. Panasonic you did it again. Will buy another one for the bedroom.

By junmil - Oct 21, 2007

Buyer Beware!

Strengths: It's a good value on paper...

Weakness: ...unless yours has a problem.

This TV looks good on paper, but watch out if you have a problem! Mine worked great, for the first few hours, before it developed severe problems- two large blocks (2inx8in) on opposite sides of the TV burned out. That's obviously a problem, but things do go wrong sometimes... I called Panasonic service to set up the repair, and that's when things went downhill.

We waited around all day for the scheduled in-home repair, but the tech didn't show up until late in the evening. He came to move the 123 lbs. set alone, then threw it in the back of his pickup. Two weeks after this, the latest information is that they're waiting for authorization from Panasonic to replace the entire screen, and after that happens it will take at least a week for shipping before repairs can begin.

Working with Panasonic's customer support has been a painful experience. After four calls and two failed promises to call me back, they want me to go through a week long process to even get the case escalated to management.

For a $2,200 TV, this is totally unacceptable. Panasonic's TVs may look like a good deal on paper, but my experience has shown buying one is taking a big risk on a company that doesn't stand by it's products. If I were you, I would seriously consider a different option.

By kkoning - Dec 4, 2007

Terrific plasma, best bang for the buck

Strengths: Picture quality, contrast levels

Weakness: No PIP, no cable box

I felt that a plasma would give me a picture closest to what I am used to on my tube set. And the plasma that impressed me the most was the Panasonic TH-58PZ750U
1. It has superior blacks … I hate gray blacks.
2. Better detail in the shadows.
3. Accurate color … so many displays fail terribly in their reproduction of greens.

By drojan - Sep 3, 2007

Loving the crisp clear picture!!!!

Strengths: 1080P!!!!! Beautifally clear pitcure, SD still looks good, Briliant colors... Build Quality

Weakness: Heavy, one more HDMI and a DVI would be nice

A little glare in certain instances, not a true weakness though. Sometimes when switching channels and between the guide (comcast) the TV will switch to green screen, then have to power off to get picture back, probably the box though... I did a lot of research and found that this TV fit me the best and have never been happier!!!! I recommend this TV very highly.

By ncjonesta11 - Nov 1, 2007

TH-50PZ700U Very satisfied

Strengths: Picture, sound, ease of setup, clarity

Weakness: Only 2 HDMI slots. No DVI for high-resolution computer hookup.

Very satisfied!

Was in absolutely no rush to spend the money, so passively looked at tv's if we were at the mall or near BB, etc, over a year or so.

Items I looked for when reviewing tv's - dark scenes, fast moving sports, water (waves, splashing, etc), animals running. Wanted to make sure the black-levels that everyone talks about and the smoothness of motion were ok.

Family is very impressed with the tv.

The newer models will have additional HDMI slots and DVI hookups I'm sure, but it was not a requirement for me at this time. Nice to have in the future...

Happy shopping.

By gophers - May 12, 2008

Great Plasma T.V

Strengths: 2 HDMI, HDTY, SD and 3 video imputs

Weakness: Gets Hot, and that makes me worry but im sure it just me being me

I would really recommend this set to anyone who is looking for a big t.v. for games, or just a movie go-er. its not rediculously huge and fits perfectly in my living room.

By tboss86 - Mar 29, 2008

Excellent TV

Strengths: Picture, Sound & Excellent for PS3.

Weakness: No cable card slot. No PIP.

I bought this TV 4 months ago and really have no major complaints. Blu-Ray looks amazing on it. PS3 games also look great. The sound on this TV is a great supplement to your home theater system, or sometimes I just use it alone.

The blacks on this TV are excellent, sporting events in HD look great.

The only minor complaint is that it does not have PIP or a card slot. But, I knew this before I bought it and would buy it again. Excellent TV for the money.

By sundevil_97 - Jan 4, 2008

Great Plasma

Strengths: Colors are accurate and blacks are black.

Weakness: None really. The remote is rather clunky for such a system...only remote I've seen with volume control on the right. (but I use a universal remote anyway)

The picture is great. It's a good idea to get a good power conditioner for SD signals. HD looks great and makes it hard to watch any other regular tv anymore. It's one the best sets I've seen with natural colors. Not those "over the top" colors you see on some other HD sets. I bought a Blu-ray player at the same time and the picture is simply phenominal. I end up seeing so much more on previously veiwed material than I did the first time. I'm very happy with the purchase.

By anonymous; - Dec 7, 2007

Like the TV

Strengths: crisp image

Weakness: price

I love this TV. I have yet to find any problems with it. Only wish it was a little cheaper. The stand is very stable, I thought the little ones would knock it over easily.

By anonymous; - Nov 14, 2007

Great set

Strengths: Amazing picture, great sound

Weakness: none

This set has an amazing picture. It will look best when picture mode is customized, not at VIVID as it comes out of box.The sound is better than I thought.

By Sue Peeriar; - Nov 5, 2007

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Weakness: Let\\\'s see what happens when I use apostrophe\\\'s...

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By anonymous; - Nov 1, 2007

can't go wrong for the price

Strengths: excellent colors, sharp details

Weakness: reflection on screen during day-time

fantastic picture, recommended watching standard dvds through upscaling/hdmi. I'm using a PS3, and it's colors cut like a razor. very surprised by the quality of the speakers as well, good surround effects for tv speakers.

By baafro - Oct 1, 2007

Panasonic Th-50 PZ700U

The Panasonic's TH-50PZ700U is a full bodied 1080p plasma HDTV that produces rich high definition images. At 50" it's big enough to be considered for a small home theater installation and small enough to fit comfortably into a more intimate setting.
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By - Sep 18, 2007

Panasonic TH-50PZ700U

Panasonic TH-50PZ700U receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 2.3 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #65 plasma flat panel TV of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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By - Jul 16, 2008

Best Sound Panasonic Flat Panel TV

Display is Average according to 6 Flat Panel TV experts. -- "excellent performance" -- "screen uniformity was excellent." -- "I was able to dial in a totally satisfactory image with great skin tones" Read more to find expert opinions on more features like Sound, Tuning, Connectivity, etc.
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By - Jan 10, 2010