Panasonic TH-42PH10UKA 42" Plasma Display - 16:9

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A stunning 42 high definition professional plasma display that delivers the elegance and superb image quality for any installation, while providing full integration in an automated environment. The TH-42PH10UK delivers significant image quality improvements to produce an unforgettable visual experience. With Panasonic's multi-function input slot system, this 42 flat panel display offers seamless integration in virtually any AV, PC or interactive environment, so it can be used in the widest range of vertical or horizontal display applications.


Product Title: Panasonic TH-42PH10UKA 42" Plasma Display - 16:9

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Power Score: 5 | 3 Reviews

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Nothing beats a Panasonic Plasma for picture quality

Strengths: depth of color, and depth of contrast / blacks. 3-d "window effect" with hi quality HD films -- feels like you are there. Viewing angle is part of this -- can view from any angle. Fast response time.

Weakness: Can burn-in images if static image left on for days. Not really a big problem with newer-generation units (no more than the old CRT screens).

Probably the only reason to go with LCD is if you have an exceptionally bright room, or play video games all the time where there is a static frame or image on the screen all the time. On the other hand, the faster response times of plasma makes them better for games that reqire fast action. LCD's are brighter because they have one (usually flourescent) light lighting up the whole screen. That is...
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By spiralsun1 - Mar 26, 2008


Strengths: Excelent picture quality, with ease of remote options.

Weakness: Built in speakers leave a lot to be desired, not what you would expect from a HD TV of this price.

Shopping between a LCD and a Plasma HD TV, after a few weeks of compairing each format, I just gave up and went to a retail store which had them all on display, the largest difference I could see was what the salesman showed me, when watching a football game, on the LCD screen it seemed to leave a small shadow following the runner, and no shadow on the Plasma, so I purchased the Plasma, now I am...
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By anonymous; - Feb 29, 2008

Professionlal Panel give great picture

Strengths: Dual HDMI, easy to assemble stand, great price, FANTASTIC Picture.

Weakness: Component video is B&C plugs.

Been waiting for two years to buy my first plasma. While this is only a 720P, viewing it from 5 feet still provides an excellent picture. Technical reviewers were right about the quality of the picture. Did not need the tuner or speakers so this was a good option for my household.

By jrmath11 - Dec 10, 2007

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