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By anonymous; - Oct 16, 2007

Oh My God!

Strengths: Amazing Picture

Weakness: None that I can see.

I don't know anything about TVs. My husband stood in line to get this TV.
We plugged it in, I set it up according to one of your reviewer's settings, and presto an amazing TV experience.

I already have cable but everyone insisted that I needed a cable box, so I called my cable company. It took them 45 minutes to connect the boxes, cable, etc. The cable guy handed me another remote and tried to explain how everything worked which requires a Phd in something. Incredibly, the picture was horrendous. Anyway. I tipped him and asked him to remove everything and to put it back the way it was. This TV is truly plug and play and without a box it looks sensational.

I know nothing about TVs except that I love this one. I pinch myself to see if I'm real everytime I receive HDTV channels. I'll never have to go to the movies again.

By lorreilly - Feb 2, 2007

Panasonic TH-42PX60U 42" HDTV

Strengths: Excellent picture quality, perfect black-level, great contrast level and colors gamma, excellent DVD video (MPGEG2) handling via component.

Weakness: Remote control unit is poorly designed and its agronomics is bad. Lover part of TV bezel is relatively big and eats approximately 25% of front appearance. Lack of D-SUB (PC input),lack ofFirewire.

See my comments in Strengths and Weaknesses. Have nothing else to add. Excellent HDTV for its price (in-store tag price $1,199 and 30% off with cupon from Boscov's Department Store).

By anonymous; - Jan 6, 2007

Awesome TV !

Strengths: Superb picture in HD and good pic on SDTV. Easy to use out of the box.

Weakness: Could have had better speakers.

Bought a Samsung and got it home and was not impressed by the pic. Very grainy. When I went back to PC Richard the manager said he has 5 of the TH-42PX60U at home and it would deliver a great pic in HD and SD, and if I did not like it bring it back. Well that was weeks ago and the picture is great, the colors are great the TV is awesome and the price was not much more then the Samsung! Could have used better speakers so I added a BOSE 3-2-1 and now it really is a rockin' TV!

By anonymous; - Dec 31, 2006

Right Price Right Television

Strengths: I don't get the reflection from windows as others have described. Matter of fact I get alot less reflection than my prior tube TV. Easy to learn to use. GREAT value for the dollar (glad I waited).

Weakness: Takes time to adjust color to they way you like it. Inconsistant from channel to channel. May be the cable may be the TV. Greens and reds tend to vary from broadcast to broadcast.

Fantastic price ($999.98) on sale on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Panasonic gives back the delivery and setup fee through rebate. Even at a non-sale price, a great value. I'd purchase it again at a higher price, I just got a fantastic deal. New digital cable is more dificult to figure out than how to use this fantistic television. Regualar broadcasts look like they're in HD. I've heard plasma tv's have been noisy, but have not experienced any noise in operation. Sound is good, but if you're going to watch action movies, have a surround sound system.

By anonymous; - Dec 21, 2006

not bad

Strengths: no

Weakness: yes

some times not bright enouth, proference not stable, some times not bright enouth, proference not stable,some times not bright enouth, proference not stable,some times not bright enouth, proference not stable

By anonymous; - Dec 5, 2006

Great TV !!!

Strengths: Awesome picture. Easy setup with multiple alternatives for connection. Best in class! Price has been dropping ... keep your eyes on this winner.

Weakness: none

Originally I purchased a cheaper 42" plasma from another company, but the tv stopped working after 4 hours of usage. The extra cost of this tv is worth it for dependability and quality.

By JStein1986 - Jul 28, 2006

TH-42PX60U-Pretty Good

Strengths: Excellent picture, 2 HDMI ports, light, does not emit alot of heat, stylish black and silver frame that looks good in the family room.

Weakness: Sound is a concern. Picture settings are a possible concern.

Sound is a concern. There is a low buzzing sound (no matter how I adjust both the Cox cable remote and tv remote). It is loud enough to be annoying. While it is not audible all the time, it is audible about 50% of the time. I have confirmed it is not a TV problem--however, with my COX set-up, I still have to live with the buzzing.

Picture setting is also alittle concerning. Upon receipt of the tv, the High Def. picture was awesome. The default setting for "PICTURE was set at "30". However, I have learned that to extend the life of the tv, the "picture" setting should be less (e.g. +5) so as not to prematurely burn out the phosphors. When I changed it to "+5", the picture was not so great, so I compromise and keep the setting at +15. At this setting, I expect it will not burn out the phosphors for at least 5-7 years and I still get a pretty good hi-def picture.

Prices are dropping all the time, but you have to jump in somewhere if you want one. This is a good tv for the money with many generations preceeding. If you buy a plasma, I'd recommend Pioneer or Panasonic-- they have the longest history with bringing out new models/generations of these plasma tvs, and fixing bugs/problems along the way--which lead to less problems for the users.

Online purchase or Best Buy/Circuit City?: I bought on the net to save a few hundered dollars. However, if you wish, ask your local Circuit City if they will price match--a friend of mine recently did this and they came quite close to online retailer price.

If you buy from an online retailer and have shipped, make sure to check that screen is not cracked in delivery--everything else must be checked later when you get all connected up.

Extended Warranty Purchase? I paid $2,300 in April. TV is now $1300 online 8 months later. With the decreasing price, restrictive legal language in the warranty extension policy, and new features on newer models to come (my tv model will be obsolete in 3 years), the $300 warranty extension does NOT seem worthwhile to me. A 1 year manufacturer warranty comes with this Panasonic TV.

Overall, good value for the money.

By shermanabc - Jun 13, 2006

42 inch Panasonic Plasma TV

Strengths: Great styling with black border and silver finish, outstanding picture, easy remote, excellent sound without a home theater

Weakness: None so far, changes channels slower than my old Sony

I bought mine just before Black Friday at Circuit City online for 1299 less a 10% coupon I found out about at, total 1169 plus 5% VA tax, total $1228, delivered to my door and set up, hauled away the box and packaging. They came earlier than scheduled, had it set up in 15 minutes. In the first 100 hours, don't allow one item on the screen continously or use the movie mode because of burn in, no matter what they say, these sets can still be damaged by burn in for the first 100 hours. Like don't drive a car hard for the first 1000 miles. This is the best deal I have ever seen on such a name brand. Considered the Toshiba, but this was better. Prices have gone back up. Use pricegrabber and gottadeal to keep an eye on a bargain. Don't be afraid to order this baby online and have it delivered. Kind of big to tie in your car.

By BigRay - Dec 11, 2006

Great Bang for the Bucks

Strengths: HD Video is absolutely phenomenal using the HDMI input.

Weakness: A tad spendy for a TV, but it isn't like you buy one all the time.

I researched HD TV's since they first came out. I subscribe to Consumer Reports, and this set was top rated. I purchased in store at Circuit City, with free delivery and set up. Picture out of the box was disappointing, but using the included set up DVD fixed that. Started out using only the usual coax input from the digital cable box. Plunked down the $$ for the HDMI, and upgraded to Comcast HD service, and WOW. I now know what all the hype is about. You gotta see it to believe it. With more and more HD broadcasts from the Discovery, History, ESPN(2), etc. I just kick back and grin in amazement. The NHL in HD is the only way to watch hockey outside of the arena. Take the time to shop around, the prices and financing are out there. And you will be pleased with the treat!

By tdethloff - Dec 16, 2006

Best Value on the Market

Strengths: Clarity, black levels, color... pretty much everything about the picture

Weakness: Silver outline is annoying... shouldn't been all black

When this plasma first entered the market at $2499, it was already considered the best value for any 42". Now that local retailers are offering it at only $1199, it is an absolute steal. Anyone thinking of purchasing a plasma, be it your first or fifth, needs to get this set. The only plasma that compares to the 60U is the newer Panasonic 600U. The differences are very minor and you will be paying over $1000 more for the newer version. This website is an excellent reference tool when researching plasma TV’s. The following link is their review of the TH-42PX60U: If you don't visit their website, then at least do this for yourself. Go to a retailer and ask one of the employees if you can change the settings. Then use the remote to calibrate the TV to the following: (Picture Mode: Standard) (Picture: +22) (Brightness: +8) (Color: -1) (Tint: -4) (Sharpness: -14) (Color Temperature: Warm) (Enhanced Black Level: Off) These setting will give you the closest color temperature level to D6500K, which is the optimum setting for every TV. No one comes close to reproducing the perfect black levels of Panasonic's plasmas TV's. DLP and LCD are weak in this area, which is one of the main reasons I chose to purchase a plasma. Also, don't let anyone fool you into thinking that plasmas still have burn-in problems. This is Panasonic's 9th generation of plasmas. Burn-in is a problem of the past. So if you want an incredible deal on a flat panel HD widescreen, then this is the TV for you. If you want a larger (or smaller) version, Panasonic also has the answer for you. The TH50PX60U is now on sale for only $1999.99.

By paul7atc - Nov 26, 2006

Non-glare Screen

Strengths: Love the colors! Discovery HD is fantastic!!

Weakness: None noted so far..just installed recently and have yet to hook up the Surround Sound system (ordered but not delivered as yet).

The picture is great..the only problem I'm having is that my installation is in a location that reflects outside light (ie windows) and during the day, this causes the picture to appear somewhat washed out. Was wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem and if so, if they fixed it with a non-glare screen. I see that Circuit City where I purchased my set offers something..just wondering if it works effectively. Appreciate any input!!

By jrmead - Jul 16, 2006

TH-42PX60U 42" Panasonic Plasma TV

Strengths: Clear picture. Very easy 'plug & play' capacity. Stand easy to install. Ready to go in only a couple of minutes!!

Weakness: Had to call Co. to modify V-hold on several channels. Some channels the picture occupied the whole screen. On others there was a slight border & fuzzy line on the edges. Went away w/ a few adjustments

Excellent price, excellent delivery. Pricegrabber really helped me find a reputable and safe provider ( This is a relatively expensive purchase, and to know things can be done hassle free over the internet is a major stress reliever. The picture is clear, all cables necessary were provided. I have paid more for other plasma screens and received far less. This plasma TV delivers, and doesn't break the bank. It's important to remember that one is getting an EDTV, but I honestly can't tell the difference. Kids love the TV, so does my wife. I recommend this TV and for the money, it can't be beat. Panasonic is the way to go!

By smcarez - Sep 21, 2006

Excellent Bang for the buck

Strengths: Clarity, sharpness and color is excellent.

Weakness: Silver Bezel, No PIP,

My folks have a 1080p Sceptre 42" LCD. In my view, 1080i HD on this TV blows away 1080p LCD. I paid 2199 which included tax and shipping directly from Panasonic.
Warning to customers buying from Panasonic direct. In my opinion, they are terrible and definitely not worth the savings you get buying from them. They kept promising me delivery for 2 months, and they don't care whether you complain or not.

By georgieboy - Jul 8, 2006


Strengths: Good picture when watching DVD's HD BROADCAST ARE AWSOME.

Weakness: Regular picture non HD broadcast looks too computerized (My cable company does not show all broadcasr in digital so non HD channels dont look that great.

Just bought this Panasonic from Best Buy in Los Angeles, on sale for $300 less paid 2199.00 not including tax. The picture for regular broadcast to me seems to computerized, there is definitely something wrong with it (My cable company sucks). I think I'm a nut so I'm constantly playing with the color, picture temp that sort of thing trying to find the right picture for me . Baseball Games looks horrible (my cable company sucks unless it's in HD). Some of the bright sides so far is the DVD picture looks amazing. It helps that i bought the Panasonic surround sound system, dvd player w/ hdmi input makes the picture great. I find that the borders on regular TV leave a ghost affect, it goes away but it makes me nervous. At this time i have it set as follows: Pic mode: standard,picture +30, brightness +30, color -2, tint 0, sharpness +25, color temp normal, color mgt off (what does this setting mean? I dont know). Too much crap involved in getting the perfect picture (But my friends have the same problems with theirs , however i like the picture on the panasonic best.

By semeyson - May 29, 2006

Excellent Plasma HDTV...

Strengths: Picture Depth, Sharpness, Black, Style and Sound.

Weakness: Tuning and Labeling Standard Cable Channels, Wish it had a 10 in 1 memory Card slot instead of just for SD and separate Ant input for OTA antenna.

Got mine on Black Friday as well. Was lucky not to wait in line too long to get one. Only two remaining when I got mines. The price was just to good to let this deal pass for a Panasonic 9th generation 42" Plasma. The picture quality is excellent with Component or HDMI connected to my Comcast DCT6412 III HD DVR receiver. INHD, and HD Discovery will blow you away with the receiver set to 10801 instead of 720p even though the TV natural resolution is 720p. And with a 10000:1 contrast ration it's very bright indeed. Picture from a Progressive scan DVD's looks very clean connected to one of the two Component video input. Having two HDMI is a bonus.

This TV is highly recommended as a main or secondary Tv for the bedroom.

By stevedickenson - Dec 11, 2006

Get One Now

Strengths: Excellent picture quality, 2 HDMI ports, Low Price, Very thin and light for a plasma, QAM tuner can pull in unencripted HD signals over cable, Sharp picture with very realistic colors

Weakness: Silver Bezel, No PIP, No CableCard (who cares)

I've had this panel for about 2 months and couldn't be happier. It is my second flat panel TV and blows my first one (Hitachi) away. The set runs extremely quiet and does not get hot like most plasmas. Don't listen to these other reviews saying it's not "real HD". The resolution although not native 720p is hi rez for this size panel. The built in scalers do a fantastic job, especially with SD content. My only draw back is the silver of the frame of the TV -- I wish it were all black. That said, it looks much better hung on a wall as opposed to on the stand. The important stuff is in the picture quality though. Blacks are black on this panel. LCDs don't even come close, not to mention the motion blur that you experience in LCD tech. Being a sports fan, this is very important to me. I've had nothing but positive comments including that it's the best picture people have seen yet. Sure, 1080p panels will become more mainstream soon, but for the price, you can't beat this TV!

By covilli24 - May 3, 2006

TH-42PX60U Rocks outta the box!

Strengths: Great Picture, easy set up, very affordable. Panisonic is the Plasma leader.

Weakness: only one audio/video out

I stood in line at Best Buy on black Friday from 3am till they opened at 5am. They were sold outta the Panisonic and tried to sell me the Westinghouse. I held out and got the Panisonic. This TV rocks. Very easy set up! The High Def is amazing! The features are convenient and easy to use. The back of the TV has plenty of inputs and two HDMI (have not got to use these yet.) It could use and additional audio/video out since there is only one. I used the component cables I got from Comcast with the HD reciever, picture is aw some and I can't wait to play with the HDMI.

By doggymehr - Dec 4, 2006

Great performing TV

Strengths: Screen quality, ease of setup, brand reputation.

Weakness: None so far

I am a huge Panasonic fan so I really like their products. That been said I did find this TV very easy to install. Basically plug and play. I like the 2 HDMI inputs that allow me to connect my up-converting DVD player and HD-DVR cable box.
Picture is great and price is very reasonable.

05-05-2006 Update: I have been having a problem getting sourround sound out ot the TV to my receiver through the optical sound output on the TV. I have been talking to Panasonic and their answer is that the optical output will only give sorround sound if the TV is receiving sorround through the RF connector. In other words it is there only to be used with over-the-air connections, nothing else.

By pgonza02 - Apr 14, 2006

The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Strengths: Spectacular HDTV picture. Great sound. Very stylish design. Quality/price ratio is outstanding.

Weakness: TV pedestal which needs to be assembled is at bottom of box so you need to remove TV and place it somewhere while putting pedestal together.

After two years of procrastinating, I finally decided to purchase an HDTV. I did much online research and narrowed down the field to the Sony Bravia 40 inch LCD and this Panasonic. Both TVs had excellent expert and customer reviews. I decided to view both TVs at my local retailer and I was very impressed with both pictures. Both TVs were very stylish in design. However, the Panasonic had two things going for it--a larger screen size and a $900 lower price tag. I have owned Sony's for most of my life so it was a tough decision but I picked the Panasonic. I couldn't be happier with my choice. I am no High Def expert, but I know when I'm looking at a great picture and this TV delivers just that. The HDTV programs are spectacular. It's like looking through a crystal clear window, almost a 3D effect. I am now spoiled when I watch regular broadcasts and I can't wait for all channels and programs to be aired in High Definition. I also like the Surround Sound feature which makes me feel like I'm in a movie theater. The only negative was that the TV pedestal was at the bottom of the box so I had to remove the TV and rest it somewhere while assembling the pedestal. Panasonic should pack the pedestal at the top of the box so you can put it together before removing the TV. While doing my research, the theme behind the Panasonic TH-42PX60U was that it was the biggest bang for your buck. After purchasing it, I wholeheartedly agree.

By mbossy - Apr 27, 2006

Panasonic TH-42PX60U

Strengths: Great picture and simple design.

Weakness: Menu navigation could be better.

This unit has a great picture. The picture needed to be adjused to fine tune the settings out of the box. The set-up took less than 10 minutes and the instructions were easy to follow. When I compare this picture to my 32" CRT, there is no comparison!!! I have standard cable without a cable box and I receive all the channels including the HD broadcasts. This is truly a great set that I would easily recommend.

By kmpeter - May 16, 2006


Pros: Excellent black level and contract ratio, response speed, ATSC tuner, good for DVD movies.
Cons: Not real HDTV panel(low resolution),low brightness, high power consumption and price, so-so SDTV quality.

By HDTVseeker - Mar 24, 2006


Strengths: Nice bright colors - had to re-calibrate out of the box as previously posted by others. So picture is to my liking now. Cant beat Panasonic name - proven track record there. Love it!

Weakness: None so far.

I was a little nervous jumping into the "plasma pool" because of horror stories about burn in, longevity of TV, etc. but once I saw the picture - all those fears went out the window! (also had a chat with the salesman to ease my fears) Buy it - you wont regret it!

By NB3567 - Apr 1, 2006

king of excellent screen

Strengths: industry`s highest contrast,superior detail in dark scene,bright,sharp,natural color,hdtv

Weakness: for future it can`t support 1080p

whit this price TH-42PX60U is the best buy in the HDTV market. I think it is the best buy in the high definition TV market – period including LCD, CRT, DLP - everything.
this 42 inch HD plasma has a resolution of 1024 X 768. While this is not truly an HDTV resolution, it’s close enough so that it’s very very difficult to detect the difference.
you will notice the beauty of the TH-42PX60U even befor you switch it on.

By mehdino1 - Apr 20, 2006


Strengths: great color,great blacks,great sound,picks up hd channels by itself

Weakness: stand could have been smaller

I have done alot of research for about 2 yrs.Finally I got some extra cash so I made the plunge.This TV is replacing my RCA xbox ready 36" which was a great TV for me. i was finally able to take full advantage of my DVD setttings ie widescreen,progressive scan. I have to say my movies look the best I have ever seen in my life...period!I too am alittle scared of"burn in" but I will do what I can to prevent it. I also have my dish network reciever hooked up to it and it looks great! SD channels look good but HD looks great.I got this TV at Circuit City used a 10% off coupon and the TV came to $1649 before ext warranty and tax.....find a better price than that on a TV of this size and features. I love this TV and I can't wait to watch some HD football

By mj236x - Sep 17, 2006

Excellent HDTV

Strengths: Clear picture, great design. Good looking.

Weakness: Seems this TV consumes lot of power (300+ watts)?

I bot this TV from Circuit city on black friday sale. This TV is excellent. Picture quality is very good even with normal dishnetwork channles.(instead of HD)
I recommend others to buy this one if you are planning to buy a plasma TV

By srkarthi - Nov 29, 2006

Awesome HDTV for the price.

Strengths: Great Picture and "It's a Plasma"! :)

Weakness: None

Picked up this unit for $999.00. My first Plasma. Great Picture and sound. I have DISH hooked up to it. It is amazing. Also watching DVDs is awesome.

Now I have to keep an eye out for sales so I can buy one for the bedroom. :)

By Wings80 - Nov 27, 2006

Nothing except low resolution and high price

Even though it support 1080i, it isn't a HDTV with very low resolution (1024x768) and low brightness. Comparing with LCD TV, the price is too high. These are the reasons why plasma TVs losts their marketing.

By 1080i - Mar 28, 2006

Great Plasma - WOW

Strengths: Picture quality, picture quality, picture quality - both standard and HD

Weakness: Sound, Shipping (if applicable)

I am very impressed with this TV. It is really a great buy for the money. I picked one up for around $2,300. I also bought a Sony rear-projection LCD and the plasma's picture is much clearer and nicer looking. I am no expert on the specific stats, but I did a lot of side-by-side comparisons when buying this TV. It one of the best.

On the weakness side, the sound could use some improvement. This TV is a bedroom TV on the wall, so I am not using surround sound. It isn't the best of the plasmas, but it isn't the worst either. Shipping isn't cheap either, but I guess that is expected on a plasma TV.

Overall I am very impressed with the TV. If you can afford a plasma, get this one.

By zero610 - May 15, 2006

Excellent High Definition Plasma

Strengths: contrast ratio, stunning picture, inputs, size, complete package

Weakness: No PIP, throws off a lot of heat.

After researching for 6 weeks or so, I decided to buy this HDTV. I wanted the latest HD panel--for product longevity and to get the most out of present and future HD signals. Once that was determined, price became the issue.

I looked at LCD and rear projection LCD models (e.g., WEGA--which had an excellent HD picture), but decided that an 8000 hour lamp life was simply not enough. Regeneration (refresh) rates, and black levels also became a key measure with all of the LCD screens, not to mention cost. The Sony (my usual brand) LCD flat panels were/are great, but too pricey.

Based on multiple recommendations and reviews I decided on plasma, with Panasonic having the best reputation (Consumer Reports, various web sites, etc.). 42" was the minimum size, balancing size and economics. I looked at the Panasonic HD displays, and almost pulled the trigger on the TH-42PHD8UK (from one of the internet storefronts), but did not want the hassle of getting the exact stand I wanted, speakers, and having to use only BNC cables. The consumer models were easier to work with and provided the flexibility of an HD tuner, a good remote, speakers, etc. The TH-42PX50U was also nearly a buy, but when this 9th generation plasma became available for less money, I scooped it up.

While perhaps not a true HD panel (i.e., 1024x768, instead of 1280x720 pixels), this panel does have the same resolution as the other, older HD 42" Panasonic Models referenced above that were very highly rated. Also, I don't think that you need more pixels with a 42" panel--at 50" or more, yes (and the larger model has them). Further, the increased contrast ratios, digital picture SD inputs, speakers, stand and other features make this probably one of the best HD plasma for the money out there. There are some good discounts out there now--if you can get this unit for under $1400 (delivered), its still a very good buy.

After nine months on the market, this model is getting a bit dated. With prices coming down, and so many new models out there, you need to look at LCD and other formats before pulling the trigger, to be comfortable.

The picture quality is stunning. Hockey, basketball and other sports are great, and it "takes you there" for outdoor shows.

I don't use the PIP much, so I don't miss it on this set, but others might miss that function. Sound quality for the built in speakers is good.

Bottom line: great plasma unit, great value over prior years' models. I'm still enjoying this set after nine months.

By Riffmeister - Mar 27, 2006

HD is Amazing, Low Cost, Great Bargain

Strengths: picture quality is outstanding for high definion; bright colors; overall look of the plasma tv is great

Weakness: only complaint is that on occasion I see some sort of "rainbow" effect

I have had this TV for over 2 months now and am loving every minute of it. I never want to turn it off. Picture quality is unbelievable. When watching High Definition, you think you are there. I was debating on getting the 50u series, but I love the look of the 60u and it has two HDMI inputs also.

Only complaint as noted below is that once in a while I might see a rainbow-like effect. But again that could just be me staring at the TV all day since I never want to leave it.

For the cost and all the features with this plasma in my opinion it was well worth it.

By scherer326 - May 2, 2006

The Real Deal

Strengths: Great black levels, 2 HDMI inputs, cheaper than last year's model, SD card slot

Weakness: only 1 coax antenna input; would prefer all black panel instead of silver

I first bought the 42" Vizio at Costco, but the black levels were horrible and the picture looked washed out. Took it back and got this Panny. It has excellent black levels. Three different color temperatures and 2 black level adjustments, in addition to the normal user adjustments (Picture, Brightness, Color etc), give it an excellent picture.

By HomeTheatreMaven - Apr 4, 2006

Excellent HDTV

Strengths: Great blacks when watching digital cable, no motion artifacts noticed at all, great colors and brightness

Weakness: Blacks not-so-great when watching DVDs even with progressive scan player. (? cable-related)

I love this TV. I think that the reason for the poor blacks while playing DVD's is because I don't have a HDMI or DVI output from the player so I am using the composite outputs.
I am using a DVI-HDMI cable for the digital cable and it is great. I just wish more channels were available in HD. Standard definition is OK, but I haven't seen any HDTV sets in the market with great SDTV anyway. Who cares at this point since all broadcasting will be in HDTV in the next 2-3 years?
I compared this TV next to the Hitachi HDS 42inch and Pioneer 43 inch side-by-side at CC, BB, and PC-Richards here in new york and this had the best picture in my eyes.

By kickers12s - May 17, 2006

Simply Awesome

Strengths: HD picture is superb. 2 HDMI connections.

I had originally purchased the predecessor (TH-42x50U) to this model. The Panasonic 42x50u had the highest rating by consumer reports. Fortunately it was back ordered and while I was waiting for it to arrive I found out the specifications for the 42x60u that would be released in mid-March. Not only was this model better quality with more connections and a significantly higher contrast ratio,10.000:1, but it retailed for $500 less than the one I had originally purchased. A no brainer. I quickly canceled my order for the 42x50u and purchased the 42x60u. Other than marrying my wife it was the best move I have ever made. This plasma rocks!!!! The only problem is the added expense of having to constantly clean the living room carpets of the drool my neighbors leave behind after they watch this bad boy.

By plasmalover - Mar 26, 2006

Best "bang for your buck"

Strengths: Picture quality, price, inputs, thin and reputation

Weakness: No VGA input, no PIP, comes overly bright out of box

I could not be more impressed with the picture quality - accurate colors and dark blacks. The picture quality competes with plasmas that cost three times as much. I like the two HDMI inputs; however, adding a VGA input would pacify some of us nerds. The TV's default settings are overly bright and there are a few websites that will help you adjust those settings to get a more accurate picture.

Bottom line, this is not the TV for someone who wants all the bells and whistles - this is the TV for someone that wants an impecable plasma picture at a excellent price.

By anonymous; - Nov 25, 2006

Black Friday Plasma

Strengths: Nice looking just sitting there, excellent picture with DVDs. Very good picture with Dish Network. Cool SD card viewer. Has a lot of settings and adjustments if you like to dink with stuff.

Weakness: Weak sound for "Big" movies - plan on adding some bass. Remote is not backlit; otherwise it's OK

I bought it day after Thanksgiving at Magnolia for $999.
WOW What a deal. Nice TV
Did I mention $999? Sorry, maybe I'm gloating. I was gonna buy a 32" Sony XBR LCD. When this came up, I was at Magnolia at 5 AM. I still like the XBRs, but the Panasonic, at this price......
Good luck and happy shopping. By the way, This set IS worth $1300-$1500.

By anonymous; - Nov 25, 2006

Just Bought this baby for 1174.00

Strengths: Looks very stream lined and compared to other lcd's the blacks are deep and vibrant.

I have been looking for a great deal on plasma tv or lcd for the last few months however this tv looks far superior to anything in the price range. Has alot of inputs.

By anonymous; - Nov 22, 2006


Strengths: Best there is on the market right now

Weakness: No PIP/POP, no PC imput

You want to see the difference? Go to a BestBuy and look at the picture, side-by-side with all the other plasmas. It has the most acurate colors, the best picture. But don't trust your eyes: go to,, or ANY other website that compares flat TVs. ALL of them consider the PX50U/PX60U top of the line: period. Forget about OLD stories about plasma burnout and big electricity consumption: the PX60U is the 9th generation plasma.

It is THAT good and people know it: that's why right now Panasonic has an 8 - 12 weeks backlog in orders made directly through them. If you're ready to wait they'll give a 10% discount on the price plus free shipping.

By anonymous; - Apr 3, 2006

Panasonic TH-42PX60U

Panasonic TH-42PX60U receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 2.27 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #71 plasma flat panel TV of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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By - Jul 16, 2008