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Sylvania 6842PEM 42-inch 852x480 Plasma Display

Strengths: Price, Value, Look of the unit.

Weakness: No tuner, weak speakers, and crappy remote.

For the money paid, (Amazon sale as other reviewer have noted), the value can't be any better. Even though this is only an EDTV, the picture quality is very good. Having no experience with other plasma or LCD, comparison can not be given. Watching Cable TV with HD content provide sharp picture. Gaming on XBOX 360 provide vivid color and great picture. Being this is a plasma, burn in is still a concern so no long hours of gaming, at least not until the break in period is over (100 hrs of normal use with no long period of static image). The included remote is the worst I've ever seen! Sound from the side speaker is weak and does not sound natural. For the price I paid though, I can't expect too much.

I rated this very good only because of the price I paid with additional discount. Otherwise, it would be satisfactory.

By wesbc - Dec 29, 2006

6842PEM Sylvania Brand New 42" Plasma

Strengths: Size, Picture, Price, Price, Price, Price Doesn't get much better for a 42"...

Did I mention price?????????????????????????

Amazon had a deal for $599 shipped and with no tax.

I couldn't miss such a great opportunity to buy a Plasma
even if it doesn't last and isn't HDTV.

By atwnsw - Dec 23, 2006

Nice Set for the Price

Strengths: Good Picture Very Inexpensive (for a 42" Plasma)

Weakness: Sound Quality is poor Irritating "mute" indicator pops up on the screen every 20 seconds or so when the volume is muted. A little limited in your connection options

(Note: I had a longer review, but apparently I was over the word limit and it deleted EVERYTHING except for the first sentence. I'm NOT going to retype it all). Good picture quality. Bad sound quality. Multiple screen modes (Normal, Full, Wide, Zoom). Simple remote. Excellent for the price overall.

By rgillespey - Jan 2, 2007

Great TV for a Great price!,

Strengths: great value for the money. It is the cheapest model in the 42" size that I was able to find in plasma.very happy with the quality of the picture.

Weakness: No TV tuner

This is a size that would compliment most needs in a typical home. It can be wall mounted(optional bracket needed) or self standing with the enclosed footing. The sound portion of the TV I would rate as average

By 42plasma12207 - Jan 22, 2007

Sylvania 6842PEM

Strengths: Size, cost, looks, and display

Weakness: No TV Tuner, EDTV, 852 x 480, and output/input

I'm very impressed with my purchase. The Sylvania is thin, has a bright, sharp picture, looks good with TV, and looks fantastic with widescreen DVDs. The value for the money paid is excellent.


By asnstyle3 - Dec 25, 2006

Sylvania Plasma Display

Strengths: Great Picture.

Weakness: Failed after 13 months - out of warrenty - Sylvania unsympathetic.

Speakers very, very poor. Failed with a loud "POP" after about 13 months. Warrenty is parts and labor - 90 days, parts only - 1 year, plasma screen - 3 years. Very expensive for a set that only lasted just over one year.

By anonymous; - May 5, 2007

Excellent value for a 42" plasma

Strengths: Great picture, stylish look, easy set-up

Weakness: None noted

When my main (tube) TV at home started acting up, I went to search for a replacement. I considered both LCD and plasma TVs and studied the characteristics.

After looking around for a few weeks, I decided to go with this Sylvania 6842PEM model a few months ago. The TV was quick to set up. The colors came out much better than the floor samples I've seen at stores of this model that was a nice surprise. The built-in speakers produce an OK sound but I connected it to my wireless stereo system and can't complain with the output. I also bought an external tuner to get OTA programming which came out superbly on this TV.

I'd definitely highly recommend getting this model. When I bought it for around $900, it was an excellent value. You can probably get this for less now.

By 105e - Mar 8, 2007

Simply Awesome

Strengths: Beautiful Picture Quality

Weakness: None

I got a great deal for this tv from Amazon with the Amex wishlist gift certificate. Believe me this is one beautiful tv. You will love it immedietly. I'm using basic analog cable since I just moved into a new home and all I can say is "WOW" crystal clear picture quality for analog...isn't that amazing??? And for those who are complaining about sound quality I suggest you take a visit to the otologist. Buy this and you will not regret it.

By Anonymous - Feb 25, 2007

Nice picture...but

Strengths: Picture quality for an EDTV is great

Weakness: Buzzing noise

I'm on my second TV of this exact model. The first one exhibited a buzzing sound (not related to the speakers). The second one did the same thing. Tried adding a Monster Power Center to no avail. Customer service was no help saying return it to the retailer. Poor speakers. Great picture, but disappointing overall with the buzzing sound from the back of the TV.

By danielmpeterson - Feb 13, 2007

Great Plasma TV at Affordable Price

Strengths: It has great picture quqlity.DVD's look real great on the tv and using the Component Video input.shocked how nice the picture looks on DVD's.

Weakness: The speakers and sound are just average sounding

It turns out that in our small area, the sound was just right. The main difference you will notice is that the sound is mono not stereo, but the picture quality is AWESOME! Sounds great ig hooked up to surround sound.

By mminauro1 - Jan 22, 2007

GOOD TV for its price

Strengths: 1) delivers an incredible picture sharp , crystal just amazing 2) Unbelievable for the price 3)Absolutely georgous screen even comparing with other brand name plasmas and LCD's

Weakness: 1) this is a monitor, not a television.You will need TV tuner . 2) 10-watt internal speakers sound of TV is horrible you need to buy decent speakers to replace it. 3) remote control is not useful by itself. There are no numbers on it for channel sel

Overall I am very pleased with this TV. You wont find a better plasma television for the price of these. Pictures are amazing when you watch HDTV or DVD . But I would like a more robust selection of inputs/outputs.

By anancheng - Jan 19, 2007

Sylvania ED Plasma

Strengths: Great Picture

Weakness: no tuner, somewhat limited connectivity

Just unpacked and plugged in this nice looking plasma set today and was blown away by the beautiful picture. I've been shopping for a plasma TV for a couple of months now and finally pulled the trigger when this set went on sale on Amazon last week. While I didn't compare this TV to others side by side, the picture easily holds it's own against some of the more expensive HD sets I looked at (Panasonic, Samsung). Good contrast, color rendition and black levels. In fact, some of the sets I looked at were far inferior, although this could have been due to improper setup at the store. I happen to be in the video business and will have no problem playing dvd's for clients on this set. Not having a tuner is a somewhat small weakness as a lot of people already have an HD tuner with their satellite or cable receiver. While this set MAY not have quite as good a picture as the before mentioned sets, few of us would even notice in real life conditions. As for as the HD vs ED, once you're 5 or 6 feet away from the screen, there is very little discernible difference.

By dvi10 - Dec 28, 2006

sylvania 6842-pem 42 in. edtv-ready plasma television

Sylvania 6842-pem 42 In. Edtv-ready Plasma Television receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 1.4 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #180 plasma flat panel TV of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important...
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