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Nice for the money

Strengths: Weight, QAM tuner, support

Weakness: Size, built-in speakers

This is my first LCD TV and the first HDTV. We had a 34’ CRT Toshiba for the past 4 years – 160+ lbs monster 3 people could barely squeeze into our 28’ living room door… You have to have a behemoth TV to understand pleasure you feel while going to a store, buying a 32’ TV, loading it boxed yourself to the back seat of your car, taking it home then putting it on your bedroom wall - and you all do it alone, with no help and without any problems!
Yeah, it’s not Sony or Sharp, it’s not so slick and beautiful. But you can’t beat the price! With AAA coupon and Discover 5% cash back the total price for Olevia 232 Circuit City sells came out $500 tax included. For about $150 you can get 3 years extended warranty from Olevia (4 years total), so for $650 you’re getting a worry free TV.
Let’s talk about picture quality a little bit. “Dark balance”, “picture sharpness”, “onscreen menu”, “sound problems” – all this things other people complain about when talking about Olevia TVs. I was worried about all of it as well. But it makes no sense for a bedroom TV! Tv you watch while laying in your bed, from 10-12’, keeping sound at a reasonable level. It is all OK for me! Even after big screen CRT Toshiba picture looks completely acceptable for the money. And I don’t use menu after setting the TV up, so I don’t really care about it. DVDs, cable TV with no tuner needed for my bedroom (the unit found 70+ channels with my Charter cable) – everything looks good for my eyes.
Let’s make it simple. For $500 I’ve got a great unit for my bedroom. Yes, it’s bigger in size than Sony. It’s not so advanced as Sharp. I hear some static when I try to crank the volume all the way up. But unless you are a TV guru or someone who spends all his day watching DVD movies trying to see the smallest details – it’s a great TV for the money. Plus I know, if anything goes bad, Olevia will fix it for free for 4 years. And I still paid less than half what that fancy looking Samsung costs.

By oowner - May 2, 2007

Excellent TV for the price

Strengths: Picture quality, sound, price

Weakness: Slow to power up and change channels. A little too wide. Confusing menu for adjustments.

I purchased this TV as a replacement for an expensive, top of the line Sony 32-inch CRT that was only a few years old. This
TV blows the old one away! Picture brightness and contrast excellent. HD images fantastic. Sound is actually far better than the Sony! Totally unexpected given the low price. Clearly the best bang for the buck in LCD TVs. Sacrifices little to the name brands costing double. Only complaint - didn't realize a widescreen is actually smaller than a CRT of the same size. At my normal viewing distance of 10-12 feet, the size is a bit small. Strongly recommend getting the 42-inch if you sit more than 8 feet away and can afford it!

By Mitch98 - May 27, 2007

Olevia 32\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Strengths: Excellent picture. Sound ok for normal use. Easy set up. Blacks and whites are great, colors vivid.

Weakness: OSD tricky but learnable. Remote basic. All models should have Universal Remote. Customer should be strongly reminded of hidden AC switch in rear.

Ordered from CC on Wed. Received it Saturday. Excellent delivery. Have composite, tuner and HDMI inputs connected from DVR. Composite is great, even on SD, HD on HDMI is extremely sharp. Lost tuner input but a 10 minute call to Olevia solved my problem in OSD. Golf fairways look 3D.

By Knutt; - Oct 12, 2007

Great TV

Strengths: Beautiful HD picture

Weakness: No PIP or split screen

My 26" Ovevia started shutting down after only a year and a half, I neglected to purchase an extended warranty, but it had the PIP and split screen. Its in the shop now for over a month, so I decided to get the 32" w a 3 yr warranty. Its big enuf for a living room and huge in my bedroom. I've read complaints about the sound but I think its OK for sitcoms and nature shows etc, for movies I just turn on the sound system. Gonna hav to get that xbox 360 now. The remote is slow but not bad. But man I miss that PIP an split screen cuz I wud monitor my security cameras while gamming or watching TV, now I need to switch the channel or get a seperate monitor for the cameras. I spent $12 and got a 10' VGA cable and now I also use it as my computer monitor, its an incredible picture and going thru my photo albums an short movie clips is really nice. i hope the shop can fix my 26" if not I will b buying another one of these for my vacation home.

By Olevia 32\" LCD; - Sep 18, 2007

olevia good buy

Strengths: low price, good picture, hd tuner

Weakness: remote a tad slow, have to tweak contrast right out of box, manual on cd

This is my first HDTV, went with LCD because I have a bright living room, no glare. Did lots of research and bought this when it was on sale. I am very happy, he picture quality seems to be great, have a vcr and a dvd player hooked up. It also picks up over the air HD from network channels. Great buy! Nice mat black/charcol finish.

By katesam1212 - Apr 25, 2007

First HDTV experience - FANTASTIC

Strengths: great picture, relatively easy to set up, lots of connection options, remote easy to navigate

Weakness: user guide on dvd-rom, directions aren't clear for connecting multiple pieces of equipment, can't find a code to program remote

This is my first HDTV and I am very pleased with the overall experience so far. The picture is beautiful. The remote in easy to use and offers "quick" buttons for often used features. I ended up printing the instruction book as it's all on dvd-rom now, so if you're a visual person like me, it's not a very useful guide on disc. I had some difficulty getting everything connected (dvr, dvd/vcr combo, home theater) - but with help from folks on the internet, i have a nice picture, good sound and so far, everything works!!!!!

By appleteddy - Apr 2, 2007

Great value

Strengths: Great picture, light weight and great price

Weakness: speakers don't come off, large size

The Olevia 232 is a great value, the picture is better than I expected. It was very easy to set up and looks great on my wall. The price is the best selling point for this TV it was the lowest priced and one of the better pictures that I reviewed. I would recommend this TV for a second room or bed room.

By kkhop - Mar 4, 2007


Strengths: Cheap ($599 at Circuit City), good looking, excellent picture, good reception for Over the Air HDTV

Weakness: Some channels were not autodetected, though had a strong signal strength. No digital Audio OUT. The connectivity between the TV and remote is slow

I have a Home theater based on a LCD projector, a Receiver (HDMI capable) and a DVD also HDMI capable.
For regular daily TV we don't turn the HT on. So lately
we decided to enjoy the HDTV experience. No cable just over-the-air. The Olevia seemed like a good ratio quality price.
The installation was a breeze, except that it would not autodetect PBS over the Air. First thought that it was antenna related, but a manual add took care of the problem. Check your local channels don't just trust the autodetect.
We have used it as a regular TV for a week, and enjoyed it very much, especially those 720p or 1080i shows.
It's so sharp, and what a contrast!
Yesterday I finally received my HDMI cables
(don't pay $40 for a HDMI cable, no more than $15) and decided to connect the HDTV to the Receiver. Why?
We don't want to watch all DVDs on the HT, and we also would like to hear regular TV with the full surround experience once in a while. That part was not a breeze!
Do not forget to switch your DVD player to 16:9 ratio,
and set the HDMI options. Also, the Olevia doesn't have
a Digital Audio OUT, and the HDMI doesn't seem to pass the Audio. Isn't that silly, to have a full digital system
but connect the sound via an analog cable!
Last detail: the remote is not very responsive, be patient. I give it 4 starts for the ratio quality price
that's on sale of course!

By bluebelga - Feb 22, 2007

Great TV for the price

Strengths: HDTV tuner Built in; Cheap; Bang for the Buck

Weakness: Not the best picture; Speakers not detachable; Remote has a slower reaction thaen I'm used to

Overall this TV is great for the price. I installed it into my room and have no complaints considering the price I paid. Great TV for OTA HDTV, gaming and for the bedroom. I would get this TV again if I needed another one. Recommended.

By w3ss - May 6, 2007

No electronics whiz, just a single mom wanting a new TV

Strengths: Super lightweight, inexpensive, awesome picture

Weakness: slow remote, no paper manual

I am not an electronics whiz, I am just someone that wanted to upgrade her bedroom TV. I don't know much about all the contrast and such that I read in the other reviews, I just turn the thing on.

I love this TV. I knew from day one when I didn't kill myself carrying it up the stairs BY MYSELF. (the old TV had to ride on a towel down the stairs LOL) I hooked it up with no problems whatsoever. Turned it on and I think straight out of the box, the picture is awesome. I bought a relatively inexpensive set-top HDTV antenna and it pulls in quite a few channels. The HD picture is truly amazing. I don't like that it has no manual to refer to (it's on a cd) and the remote is a little slow but these things are merely an annoyance and certainly NOT a reason to choose a different TV. I bought this TV at Circuit City when it was on sale for $549.00 - I also had a coupon for 10% off any TV so my total bill tax included was $528.00. You can't beat that!!

Consumer Reports ranked this TV very high. I think it took the number two slot for TVs in this size range. I trust Consumer Reports but even more so, I trust user reviews. I want to know what the average person like myself thinks of a product before I buy it. All sites agree... this TV gets a GREAT score.
::::::::UPDATE 8-26-08::::::::
As stated above, "...the remote is a little slow"
I'd like to change that to... the remote is rediculiously slow and completely irritating. So you press and wait... press and wait...sometimes you think you didn't press hard enough so you press it again and it will cycle past your intended response. IRRITATING! If you hold any given button for more than a second it reads it as if you pressed it 5 times and cycles right past your intended response. IRRITATING! I bought a Sony universal learning remote (has to be a learning remote because Olevia has no codes in preprogrammed remotes) and it didn't help. It is the TVs slow response not the remotes slow signal sending. I've had this TV for over a year now and this issue is driving me nuts. I have changed my star rating from 5 to 3 for this reason alone. Honestly, my mom was just shopping for a 37" LCD just this week and the remote issue with my Olevia swayed her decision in a different direction.

Keep this in mind with any Olevia purchase because the same goes for my son's 27".

By loveluxury - May 15, 2007

What a bargin!!

Strengths: Awesome for it's price. Great picture. Easy set-up.

Weakness: When the TV is off there is a blue light that comes on ~ it's bright enough to keep you up at night and there is no way to turn it off. It's very wide with the speakers on the side.

I would buy this TV again. I wanted to get a second one for our living room (the one I bought was for the bedroom)however it is to wide for the space we have. I ended up buying a much more expensive Sharp Aquos for our living room and I think they are VERY comparable. This is a great TV!

By bogie924 - Apr 23, 2007

If you dont have enough money then go for it

Strengths: Only price

Weakness: Short life, bad product support.

TV worked good so for but once it has problem, I did not get any response from OLEVIA and Circuit City

We careful or buy extended warranty.

I will not recommend this product for people who are interested in keeping the product for a long term.

By vivbee - Sep 24, 2007

TV sound needs improvement..........

Strengths: Picture quality.

Weakness: Mediocre sound. Ineffective remote. Needs to be aimed directly at front right side of unit.

Amazed at the poor sound quality of this set. Although it has adjustments for bass, treble, and balance, the bass is sorely missing. Remote is overly long and insensitive to commands.

By louismayte - Mar 11, 2007


Strengths: Reasonably priced, Nice picture, Light weight

Weakness: OSD takes time to figure out, Manual on DVD

This is my first LCD HDTV and I think it's great. I took a chance and bought a reconditioned one where a relative of mine works and got her discount. I paid $360 total. The directions on the DVD were difficult to figure out because I don't know all the technical lingo. But after 2 or 3 hours I had the whole thing up and running with the regular antenna. I still need to get a HD antenna and am looking forward to seeing how clear the picture is with HD.

By anonymous; - Jan 2, 2008

Quite Pleased

Strengths: Good Picture, light weight, excellent price. Ease of setup and use.

Weakness: Remote is a bit slow, only one HDMI

I install sat systems, and get to see a lot of Sonys, Sammies, and Toshies.
When it came to big screen LCD TV's it essentially came down to Vizio or Olevia, since the higher end ones were outside of my budget limitations, according to Her Majesty (my wife). I wanted a 42" or at least 37" screen, but when I found a 32" Olevia from Sears for ~$447, it was time to jump in.

Installation and setup are simple and straightforward, and the picture quality is superb. We matched it with a Sony HD upconverter and it produced some jaw dropping graphics. The Discovery Channel's "Planet Earth" DVD is my personal recommendation for testing the qualities of a HD system. It is absolutely amazing! So for a toal of just under $600, I had a very nice bedroom system.

Yeah, the remote control response is very slow, but I can live with it. And the TV speakers are laughable, but I hooked it up to a medium range Creative Labs speaker and subwoofer system I had laying around. Who listens to a nice TV with the supplied speakers anyway? My wife loves the VGA interface which lets her hook the laptop up and see her scrapbooking in HD.

I'm very happy with the purchase, and recommend the Olevia for a starter system or a spare setup.

By anonymous; - Dec 28, 2007

Great set for the price

Strengths: Price, picture quality

Weakness: Screen menu, width of set, no paper manual

Have been looking for a smallerset for the kitchen and this one fit the bill. Got it on sale at Sears for $477 and bought a total of 4 for gifts. I hate the fact that the manual came on a Cd which made it hard to use with the set in another room. Would have prefered a narrow width by putting speakers underneath the set. The on screen menu wasn't the easiest to use either. The Blue LED light can be totally turned off in the menu but I wish it would indicate the set was on rather than off. My Hitachi has a blue LED that indicates the set is on, not off. Picture quality is good a real value for the money.

By Pweber88 - Dec 18, 2007

Great Price

Strengths: good picture, great price

Weakness: no paper instructions, CD ROM, which I printed from my PC

Needed to replace my 25 inch tube TV that was dying a slow death.Compared TV to Samsung and Sony at BJ's and was very happy with picture so when KMart had Thanksgiving Day sale, bought it for only $419.99.Very Happy

By Gazderpha - Nov 27, 2007

Research and Understanding

Strengths: Great price, Consumers Reports BEST BUY, great sound

Weakness: Can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t get my remote programed to TV

I have a smaller area (down stairs family room) that won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t take a large TV and sound system. This TV was rated a best buy by CR. One of the best pictures I saw in this size. I like the speakers on the side, they give good sound quality. There is a learning cruve to the on screen display but once I figured it out it was no problem. For the money I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t think I could have done better.

By anonymous; - Nov 15, 2007

bad service with Olevia

Strengths: Good while lasted

Weakness: Product lasted 3 months, very poor Customer service

After buying a new Olevia Model 527, for $549. I was very happy. After 3 months the tv would not diaplay anything either sound or picture no matter the connection or input type. Yes tried them all. Called tech svcs, they said to send it back. well a month later I still have no answers, no replacment tv and no money back!!!!!!! Left messages, faxes, not one call back. VERY DISAPPOINTED

By anonymous; - Sep 27, 2007

Great TV for the price

Strengths: Excellent picture, decent speakers, built-in OTA HD antenna

Weakness: Cabinet looks dull, remote control isn't that responsive, not that many number of inputs (HDMI especially)

Bought this from Circuit City on sale... compared it with a similar-priced MAG HDTV and this one blew that one out of the water... the picture, sound, functions were way better than the MAG. Kept this one and returned that one, and we've been happy with it since day one that we've owned it. Excellent TV for the money.

By sniperruff - Apr 28, 2007

A nice LCD

Strengths: Price, most definitely, and number of inputs.

Weakness: Lack of hdmi input, slow remote control.

Not being able to do the hdmi cable from the cable box is a minus, and the internal memory might be slow when responding to the remote, but the picture is great, woo hoo.

By tsktsk - Apr 23, 2007

Great TV for an even better price

Strengths: Great picture; no configuration required out of the box; HDMI and VGA inputs; great price

Weakness: Speakers aren't great

I have always been the kind of person who hesitates buying non-name brand merchandise, but this Olevia TV has changed that entirely. This TV gets a picture that compares to my Samsung LCD that I paid twice as much for. I will definitely buy an Olevia TV again, although I wouldn't be surprised if their prices started to rise to get closer to their value.

By pfalor - Mar 9, 2007

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