Norcent 32" LCD TV - 16:9

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Delivering exceptional image quality, styling, performance and value.

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Audio Video Connectors: DVI Yes, VGA Yes, Component Video Yes, S-Video Yes, Composite Video Yes, Headphone Yes

Display Type: LCD TV

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Max Resolution: 1366 x 768


Product Title: Norcent 32" LCD TV - 16:9

Manufacturer: Norcent

Power Score: 2.9 | 21 Reviews

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Run away, Run away Fast

Strengths: None after 6 months

Weakness: Everything about it. Customer service, no service

first one failed after 3 months. upgraded to a 42" plasma failed after 1 year. Customer service is no existant. No service anywhere. Need to ship to California. Store I bought from dropped the line because of so many issues.

By RONWEN - Mar 22, 2008

Horrible TV!!!

Strengths: None


This TV was the worst thing I have ever spent money on!! Norcent has the worst customer service ever!! This TV was purchased 5 months ago brand new and we have had nothing but problems. About 2 months after purchasing, everything turned green. Well, it stopped after a month and then a month later it happened again and has not gotten any better, only worse! Now it is to the point there is no...
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By KRinNE - Aug 25, 2007

Very very disappointed

Strengths: Great picture, easy to set up....

Weakness: TV broke after a few months

At first I was very satisfied with the picture quality, etc. Then, just after 3 months or so, there were MAJOR issues with the TV. After a few hours of continuous use, the picture would go crazy; looking like old time scrolling film strips, all vertical lines and color bars. Then the screen would go mostly BLACK, with white vertical lines and stripes. It happened once or twice then didn't happen...
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By InNJ - Dec 28, 2006

"The Sony of China"

Strengths: Good picture, nice cabinet, plenty of inputs.

Weakness: No HDMI No codes to program my universal remote

I had the chance to talk with the CEO of Norcent at Comdex. The company is owned (in part) by the Chinese government with the charter to be the "Sony of China". I bought mine from for like $900 including shipping. I mounted it on the wall and have been very happy. I haven't noticed the heating others have commented about. My biggest concern is that it will fail because I don't know how...
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By cabobrett - Jul 12, 2006

I love the TV because of it's...

Strengths: great picture, awesome sound, crisp, bright, better picture than the Sony actually. BUT...

Weakness: If you have a satellite dish, forget it. Norcent has NO CODES for this set, there fore you have to use a remote control for the satellite and one for the power and audio on the lcd.

I love the TV because of it's looks, it's beautiful picture, it's brightness and contrast are gorgeous. The surround sound is wonderful. Everything is great about this LCD. The downside is that satellite remotes, universal home theater remotes, do NOT work with the 32" LT-3222, very, very disappointing. Buy it ONLY if you don't have satellite.

By jrwgolf - Mar 30, 2006

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