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I love my new TV!!!

Strengths: - Great picture - Very intuitive remote control - Looks good! (one of the few all silver, with no black bordering, flat pannel 32 inch TV's out there which my wife really likes)

Weakness: - TV does not pick up the remote control as well as I'd like - no HDMI connection

This TV is great! I bought mine from circuit city for $1099 (had them match a price I found online for another local store) - really a good deal for that price. The picture quality is great though I'd say the Sharp Aquos is better...but for the price difference between the two I'd buy the Magnavox (also same as the Philips since it is the same company) again any day. Plus once you get it home it the slight difference between the two doesn't matter. When I looked at it at the store side by side with the other LCD's there was very little difference. The picture is clear and bright. I think this TV looks better appearance-wise than the other sets in its class too. My favorite thing is the remote is so easy to use. Never even had to look at the instruction manual. The one bad thing I have to say about it is that it is missing an HDMI input. It has just the one DVI and 2 sets of RCA and 2 S-Video jacks and of course your standard coaxial connection. It does have a monitor input though which is a plus! Ever since I got this thing I stopped watching TV on my 60inch TV downstairs...hehe - much prefer sitting in my bed staring at this beauty instead. So if you want the absolute best for a 32" LCD this Magnavox may not be for you. If you want something more reasonably priced with good quality then no need to go any further.

By kaelumsonofson - Feb 16, 2006

Great bang for the price

Strengths: Lightweight, HDTV

Weakness: weak resolution

Purchased this at circuitcity at a great price during there christmas sale and I am very satisifed with the picture quality. When using analog, the picture was dull and bland, but after plugging in my digital cable box and dvd player via component cables, the quality increased dramatically. Have yet to use it as a computer monitor. I also purchased a wall mount for my bedroom and it works beautifully.

By neuromix - Jan 11, 2006

Magnavox 32MF605W 32" LCD TV

Strengths: Purchased from Circuit City 3 weeks ago now. easy to set up. sharp picture using DVI connect.

Weakness: Tint tough to set.

Happy with the purchase. was a little leery cuz" the price was so good. $999. but would do it again if necessary. Very easy to set up and run connections.

By jshadoff - Dec 26, 2005

One Great LCD TV

Strengths: Price, Picture, Connections, weight

Weakness: Sound

This is one great TV. After comparing the various TV's, I found this one to offer the best value. It is much lower in cost compared to other 32" LCD TV's. It's got a bunch of connections and they're easy to get to. It doesn't weigh too much, but is nice and stable. The sound is a little poor, the speakers don't offer much in the way of bass. All in all, this is an excellent tv.

By psuJC - Feb 26, 2006

it's a nice LCD TV.

Strengths: Vivid color, sharp images, user-friendly menu, handy remote control

Weakness: the audio system needs to be more powerful

Bought this TV at the end of Jan.. It's got every input method I could imagine. It's really good to hook up the TV to a computer and play movies and dvd's. The price is also great. It's a very nice TV overall. If it has a more powerful audio system, it would be perfect.

By ncaa2008 - Feb 25, 2006

This tv set is a dissappointment

Strengths: simplicity

Weakness: Picture quality falls far short of a set priced in this range

I have been dissappointed with this from day one. The picture quality is poor. Dark fuzzy and lacking in color. Nothing good to say here. Then the sound card popped. I'm gonna replace with a Panasonic plasma monitor for the same money.

By anonymous; - Nov 11, 2006

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