Haier 42HP25BAT 42" Plasma TV

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Broadcast Format Displayed: 768p

Digital Tuner: Yes

Display Type: Plasma Display

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)

Max Resolution: 1024 x 768 (XGA)

Brightness: 1200 cd/m2

normalized-Diagonal Screen Size: 42


Product Title: Haier 42HP25BAT 42" Plasma TV

Manufacturer: Haier

Power Score: 2.4 | 14 Reviews

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Weakness: Remote quit working a few days after 30 day warranty.

I am a first time buyer of Haier. Never heard of this brand before. I purcashed it from QVC. I called company 4 months later because I added a cable box thinking that would help with better picture and sound. The cable company tried to connect however, the cable remote could not turn TV off or on nor could we turn volume up or down. The company told me that the cable remote wasn't supppose...
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By anonymous; - Nov 8, 2011

do not buy

Strengths: i do like the sound, volume is great

Weakness: takes 15 plus seconds the picture to display once you turn on tv

modulator blew out in 1yr time, 2 months time needed service repair due to color disfirgue in picture. called the company and got no results. wrote the company got no response. will not buy this brand ever again.

By anonymous; - Nov 14, 2010


Strengths: Low Price (you get what you pay for)!!


This TV was purchased NEW at Office Depot. It is now 1 year old and exhibits numerous problems. I have "sparkling Pixellation " on the screen (E.G. parts of the screen glow brightly at times). In addition, the HAIER LOGO that displays on start-up has burned itself into the screen!! My most recent problems include the inability to get rid of the SAP (Secondary audio channel) on some broadcasts....
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By anonymous; - Dec 20, 2008

Model p42sv6

Strengths: Incredible low price!...But

Weakness: Its color will begin eror after 1-2 yrs.

I bought a 42-inch TV from the Lotus superstore. It looks good at first. After using for 18 months, its color displayed signal on the screen begin eror. My TV shows wrong color, it showns white to yellow and black to blue with skaky pictures. I have a warranty sticker. It told that the TV have a special warranty 3 years and 4 years for picture tube, but its customer service deny theirs warranty...
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By Comfx - Dec 11, 2008

the worst

Strengths: the tv looks fine when it works.

Weakness: Pray to God it never stops working correctly, you will be screwed.

I've been months without a TV after talking with Haier so many times... it's horrible.... It's almost unbelieveable how bad their lack of customer service is. I could write a book about my experience has been with their company, but the bottom line is; DO NOT DEAL WITH HAIER EVER! Trust me...

By mtackett - Feb 21, 2008

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