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Element FLX 3210

Strengths: less than $500.00

Weakness: Everything else

DO NOT BUY THIS TV, you will regret it. The TV worked until I connected my laptop to it via the VGA connection. Once I powered off the TV, it won't power back on! Got no help when I called the help desk. Now I am having to spend $250 to fix it. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

By pat23601 - Feb 2, 2010


Strengths: Only cheaper one.

Weakness: All parts are weak.

We bought TV in april 2008 and this is the second time we are sending this tv back for fixing the same problem. You can see big black curtain when you will open the tv if you will get bad set. No good customer care service. This is the second time that we are without the TV for 1 month. So after buying brand new tv 7 months back, we are without tv for about 3 months.

By shalin1980 - Dec 13, 2008

DON'T USE the VGA PORT !!!!!

Strengths: It was nice while it lasted.

Weakness: Use of VGA port will kill the TV

Wish I had read ANY of the warnings before I hooked it to my PC about an hour ago. Now I have one very DEAD TV. Little red light, but no power up.

By anonymous; - Dec 16, 2009


Purchased a 55 inch TV from Walmart. Died after 11 months....I purchased the extended warranty from Walmart....Called Walmart was informed because less that 12 months had to contact manufacture....Got claim number by faxing proof of purchase...TV still not fixed and cannot contact manufacture because they use a third party answering service. They take no direct calls so you have to wait days until they reply to the answering service then the answering service contacts you. If it still not taken care of you have to go through this process again and again... 2 1/2 weeks still not TV repair and I was told that they use third party repair service as well.....BE WARE........................

By anonymous; - Apr 19, 2012

TV suckls

Strengths: None

Weakness: None

I paid almost 700.00 for this in 2008, and not do not even get a picture. This really sucks and please do not buy this brand.

By anonymous; - Jan 16, 2012

32" lcd Element Tv

Strengths: PriceGood PictureHDMI

Weakness: Touch bottons

I got this Tv early 2007 and the only problem I have had was the strip that is over the touch buttons on the front started to come of but that's been fixed. This a cheap Tv but the picture is good for the price. All the plugs still work and given this thing has went thru college and constantly being moved in a car to other houses, it has done great. I really do not take that good of care of it. There are a lot of scratches on the outside. I have never used the VGA on this tv.

By anonymous; - Mar 29, 2012

Not too good

Strengths: looks good on the wall

Weakness: pictures shrunk to half size

I have had problems since day one, and can not get anyone to help me. I was told to return it for a replacement, but the store (Walmart) wouldn't touch it and told me to send it top the company. But noone knew who the company is. The screen shrunk to half size and to two thirds if put on wide screen. My brother inlaw bought one because he liked mine. well he started having the same problem about six months after he bought his. I tell everyone that ask not to buy one. Spend the extra 100-150 to buy a brand that backs their product.

By anonymous; - Mar 9, 2011

32 element hd tv $400 plus

Strengths: Good picture while it lasts

Weakness: Go's after 1 year.

My t.v. was great up until about 2 months ago then it started turning green and going out, not turning off have to unplug it and plug in to get it to work but no picture. waste

By anonymous; - Jan 21, 2011

Bad tv

Strengths: None

Weakness: Gba cadle

I pluged it onto my lap top and dit stoped working if i were to get a tv that works i would suggest a LG

By anonymous; - Nov 8, 2010


Strengths: none

Weakness: Sound, HDMI, VGA

TV was nice but the sound sucks going up and down in voice.
HDMI and COAXE can not fit the screen right even when using the sizeoption on the remote and on cox HD box.

Finely the TV Died just like other people are have a problem with.

I hooked up my PC with a VGA cable. TV worked fine. Picture was great! The computer didn't freeze; I did my normal work and then disconnected the TV as normal through 'function-f8' and unplugging the VGA. (I have done this with several other models with no problem). The TV then naturally said there was "no signal." So far so good.
While reaching for the remote to change the source back to my component video, the TV message changed and said that because there was no signal, the TV would power down automatically. It then did so, before I could get the source changed. From disconnecting the laptop to auto-shut-off was less than 10 seconds - hardly enough time to change the source!

By anonymous; - Jun 6, 2008

T.V. Element

Strengths: Has None

Weakness: Has All

I bought this T.V. and it hasn't worked right since day one. The store wouldn't take it back and the phone number listed for it isn't even the number for the company. The funny thing is the store doesn't even carry products from Element anymore and was only a Holiday SPECIAL. My recomendation is to NOT buy products from them Period!!!!

By anonymous; - Sep 18, 2010


Strengths: cheap

Weakness: Everything

I have had two of these tv's. The first the picture went out within three months, the store replaced it. Then the second one the sound went out in three months. It is a disaster. The tv do not last. DO NOT BUY!!!!

By anonymous; - May 25, 2010

Element 32" FLX-3219

Strengths: Worked fine for 2 1/2 years.

Weakness: Black screen.

We bought this tv in Sept 2007 for $600. It was manufactured in August of 2007. We had no problems until two weeks ago. The screen just went black. We could hear it, but couldn't see anything.
Thankfully, we purchased the extended warranty, which we usually don't. We are still waiting to get it fixed, though!

By amb1982 - May 24, 2010

Do not buy no good

Strengths: Good price

Weakness: if you use the vga port the TV will no longer work

I used the VGA port and the TV turned off and will not turn on. I found a lot of reviews on the internet regarding this problem. when you contact the company they act like they dont know what you are talking about. the first couple of reps just hung up afte asking me if I could hild hold for a minute. If yo u use the vga port your Tv will be no good anymore

By rhhj3054 - Oct 5, 2009

It only lasted ONE WEEK !!!

Strengths: Great Picture, Good Price

Weakness: SLOW processor

I bought this TV for my Grandkids to use with a Wii player, it worked about a week and the video went crazy into a bazillion tiny lines during a Wii bowling game. I turned it off and on, unplugged everything but the TV and tried turning it on, nothing but the vertical lines. I am taking it back to SEARS in the morning.

By anonymous; - Feb 13, 2009

1 Week, 2 returns, different problems

Strengths: Picture quality

Weakness: Hardware quality

I recently bought a 32" lcd element tv. When i got it home the picture looked excellent, except for an annotying bright as hell green dot in the middle of the tv. Returned it with no problems, got another, got it home, same annoying dot on the side of the tv, and TV buzzes like a caught fly. Junk, don't buy, junk junk junk.

By anonymous; - Jan 4, 2009

computer to tv troubles

Strengths: works great if you set it up right

Weakness: catastrophic if you get it wrong.

Not all graphics cards will work with this product. you have to go into your computer and set the screen size to say 1366x768 with a 60MHz refresh rate for example for the two to communicate properly. In the setup menu of the TV is DPMS It is a good function for a computer monitor. When DPMS is turned on the computer will control the screen on and off. turn the computer off screen turns off. setting your graphics card to a setting that the TV will not support can have catastrophic consequences.

By ChrisRedmon326 - Nov 24, 2010


Strengths: none

Weakness: It won't turn on- Major weakness imho

I bought the TV about a year and a half ago and everything was going okay. I was watching TV last night and shut it down like normal. I tried to turn it on this morning and the screen flashed on and then powered off. This continuously happened when turning on both manually as well as with the remote.
In reading previous comments, I saw a lot of people mentioning a VGA cable. This was never the case with me. It just randomly stopped working. I've always had it plugged into a surge protector

By clarebear117 - Jun 7, 2010

element flx 3210 lcd tv

Strengths: price

Weakness: cheapo remote

great bang for your dollar, purchased at circuit city during thanksgiving promo, price could not be beat!!! Easy settup, fantastic watching high def feed. even with out promo price still a great deal. remote is bit cheesy. great picture and easily adjustable to individual taste

By mannydiaz - Dec 10, 2007

Plan one 1-1/2 price!!!

Strengths: n/a

Weakness: Won't turn on...

My 1-1/2 year old TV won't turn on anylonger. Used it with a laptop... should have read all the reviews... now it won't come back on. "Customer service" says their flat fee to repair is $250! That is half what I paid! They don't even know what is wrong with it and it's an automatic $250

By TurdFer2001 - Mar 9, 2009

Please Consider the Following. THIS WILL HELP YOU!

Strengths: Great Picture, Great price

Weakness: None So Far

I've read lots of reviews about this tv. Some make since some don't. All i know is alot of people say they plug something into a VGA port ( Video Graphic Anthuem) and there tv won't power up the next time they go to use it. A few crucial tips need to be remembered, If plugging in the VGA port you need to power every thing down first such as tv, laptop etc.. If not done the sudden electrical transfer can send too sudden power in throgh the electronics with out properley warming up and burning up the electronics so sometimes you should ask before you do.
Also the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) when being connected, you should first power every thing down.

By andrewarea - Jan 5, 2010

A solid mid-level LCD at an entry level price

Strengths: Great connectivity, easy setup, unbeatable price

Weakness: Instructions border between confusing and nonsensical, default picture settings mostly look awful, remote control feels cheap. stand can't be adjusted.

Before deciding on the FLX-3210 I went to a lot of stores, and while obviously no match for the 3000:1 contrast ratios of the highest end models, I was quite impressed with how well the Element stood up next to middle-of-the-pack models nearly twice the price.

While 480i cable broadcasts don't look great (and required a fair amount of fiddling with internal settings to even look passable), the TV really shines with 720p. Video games also look fabulous through the dual component video hookups available (and presumably even better through HDMI, though I haven't been able to test that yet). The TV is a real winner when it comes to hookups, sporting two composite, two component, an S-Video, an HDMI, and a VGA hookup (as well as the standard cable hookup.

The menu system makes setup a snap. Inputs are selected through a very self-explanatory menu, and the channel scanner discovered some digital channels I frankly didn't even know I had. My only complaint here is that the remote control feels a bit on the cheap side.

The best part through, is the speakers. The simulated surround sound is actually quite respectable, and putting the speakers below the screen instead of on the side like many sets do gives you a lot more shelf/counter space if, like me, you're not mounting it on a wall.

By jasonditz - Oct 21, 2007

Great for the price

Strengths: Cheap, good sound, you can change how the picture looks to your own settings or other tv settings- or switch between different settings based on what you're watching with the p.mode button.

Weakness: No problems here.

I have had my TV since October of 2007- so it's lasted me 4 years and 3 months so far with no problems. (Knocking on wood.) Everyone is commenting on the VGA hookup... I've never had any use for that so I'm glad that now I know to never try it. The HDMI works great though. I just wanted to post to show that it is possible to have a good experience with this TV but I'm sorry to hear about so many others being dissatisfied with it & with the customer service.

By iguess1001 - Jan 22, 2012


Strengths: NONE AT ALL



By phisigmaphi10 - Jun 24, 2011

40 inch element 1080i

Strengths: Plenty of connectors, great picture and color

Weakness: Poorly written owners manual, OSD features in manual not present in TV

This TV looks great, sharp, great color saturation and awesome viewing angle, I connected my comuter through the VGA connection and all works fine. The sound is at least "ok".

My computers display on the TV looks sharper and more detail than my Dell 19" LCD Monitor.

The owners manual shows 2 menus that are not present on the TV, and also shows more features in the menus than the tv actually has...seems odd, couldnt beat the price tho, anything else comparable would have been a minimum of 100 dollars more, and more likely 150 plus more.
After reading the reviews here, we may take it back and spend the extra 150 for a sony or something, as it does sound like the customer service, or service at all may be a nightmare.

By PRO_Lash - Jun 18, 2010

Very nice LCD for a whopping good deal.

Strengths: Many inputs/outputs on rear/side of TV. Excellent picture quality. Great sound. Good remote.

Weakness: Some features a little inconvenient. Slow start-up time.

Some background information: this is my first LCD television, but I have had no problems with it so far. I got it during Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) from CircuitCity for $400 + tax, so it was an incredible deal.

1. There are so many inputs/outputs that it's pretty easy connect to your average entertainment system. I had no problem connecting all of my peripherals/devices to it.

2. The picture quality seems extremely clear. I was very happy that it had a digital tuner which allowed us to pick-up local digital stations.

1. The volume on the TV takes a long time to turn up/down because it is on a scale from 0 to 100 in 1-increment steps.

2. There is a short, but annoying delay after punching in numbers for a channel change before the TV changes the channel (takes about 5-6 seconds).

3. The TV takes a seemingly long time to turn on/warm up. Takes about 14 seconds before the picture comes on.

4. The screen size adjustments for standard definition programs could have been improved. It has 4 options: Normal, Full, Zoom, Wide. Normal fills up the screen vertically but has black bars on the sides. Full stretches that normal screen to fill the black bars, but everything looks fat. Zoom actually zooms in (best option I think) until the normal screen fills the whole screen, but it cuts off the top and bottom of the picture during the zoom. And wide, which I thought was meant for "widescreen" standard definition DVDs, fills the whole width of the screen, but unfortunately also stretches the image just a little so it is not in it's original ratio.

By IonutRadu - Jan 15, 2008

32 inch Element LCD Flat screen

Strengths: none

Weakness: the 1 year warranty

I bought a 32 inch Element LCD flat screen television. It came with a 1 year warranty. My TV after a couple months had a thin white line running down the center of the screen. I called the warranty dept. I told them what the problem was and they said someone would call me back within 24 hrs. They never did. I did this 3 times and know one would return my call. The fourth time I called they told me to take a picture of my tv and e-mail it to them,and to also fax them a copy of the receipt, which I did. After a few days when they did not call again I had to call them. I was told that I would have to mail my TV to them and pay for the shipping and they would replace it with a USED TV similar to mine. This was not acceptable to me but they did not care. They were very rude especially when I told them I did not want a used TV that had broken down on someone else and that they had repaired. They refused to send me a new TV or pay to repair mine. My only option was to take the used one that they had repaired after I had to pay to send them mine. My opinion of this company is they suck the big one. Do not buy a Element or Hisence TV. They are made by the same company. You will not be satisfied with the TV or the service. If you can call it service!

By JohnMaupin487 - Oct 11, 2012


Strengths: Worked fine until you plug a VGA cable in

Weakness: The thing is completely useless after plugging cable in.

Tried to plug the VGA cable in the back of the tv. Now it won't turn on. Piece of crap. Don't buy it. I can't believe this company is still in business. Why isn't it recalled

By vcstancil - Jun 2, 2009

nice hdtv for the price

Strengths: great connectivity, nice picture

Weakness: bad audio

i got this hdtv 8 months and i connected to my sharp bluray player and the picture quality is great i was surprised that this hdtv is capable of 1080p picture that was geat

By raiden10 - Aug 8, 2008

ALL of these fail after 8-16 months

Strengths: inexpensive

Weakness: died 2 weeks out of warrenty, cannot be repaired.

Proview is the parent company that makes Element and Polaroid flat panels, maybe others. You DO NOT want one of these TVs. They are designed to last just to the end of warranty.

By wren337 - Jan 17, 2009

Bad TV, BAD!!!!

Strengths: I like the price, cheap!

Weakness: TV does not power on once you connect a PC via the VGA connection.

I guess you get what you pay for!!! The TV worked great until I connected my laptop to it via the VGA connection. Once I powered off the TV, it won't power back on! I called Tecgh Support and they are havind me send it in to them so thet can fix it. They say it will take 14 days for them to fix it and I have to pay to send back their crapy TV so they can fix their issue!!!

By rmaloney71 - Apr 10, 2008

Great for the price!

Strengths: Very nice picture,easy to setup

Weakness: took a while to ajust picture to my liking

Exellent hdtv for the price,did a lot of comparing before i bought mine,and was very satisfied with my decision,however,my screen got cracked and now i need a screen.can anyone tell me where to get a screen,either new or used as long as its good,i have only had this tv for four months,Please help.

By lewisdj - Nov 13, 2007

Won't Buy Again

Strengths: Inexpensive

Weakness: Cheap

We purchased this TV in June and by October the screen went out. The sound works fine the but screen is completely blank. You wouldn't expect even a cheap TV to quit after only 4 months. They told us that we could expect an email within the next 48 hours to let us know where we can take it to have it serviced. Not sure why they couldn't just give us the info. I will never buy another Element.

By anonymous; - Oct 18, 2010

THANKS 4 THE TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strengths: pic good, cool 4 games

Weakness: none yet

Thanks 4 the tip on the VGA plug. Was about to use it until i read the reviews! I have it in my guest room and my son plays wii & playstation on it. its good enought for those things. paid 300 at walmart for it. so far so good.

By datdudeb - Dec 11, 2009


Strengths: CHEAP PRICE


I have an Element 32 inch hdtv. it recently stopped working. I called several times to customer support and never got them to answer. Each time I was on hold for over an hour. I sent emails and they were never responded to. I finally did manage to get someone to answer the phone. they said they had no idea what caused my problem but it would cost 240 dollars to send it in and then an additional fee for any parts. It malfunctioned when i hooked my computer up to it using the vga connection. it said no signal was recieved and the tv shut off and never would come on again. I just threw it out in the yard for the trash men to get. i will never buy another Element Electronics product because they have terrible customer support. Trust me, spend the extra and buy a name brand

By tds0766 - May 28, 2009

You are signing tv's death warrant if you use VGA input

Strengths: Got it a good price, has worked for over 2 years for tv

Weakness: Connecting to computer kills tv

What are the chances of some kind of class action to get tv's replaced with one that works. Since purchasing a much larger tv, I wanted to use this one as my computer monitor. That was the kiss of death and they want me to pay $250 for them to look at it and do nothing to fix it. I bought the p.o.s for for less than $350 at Circuit City during holiday sale. I'm not going to spend that much and not even get a gaurantee that it will work.

By cltgt - Oct 8, 2009

600 for 18 months

Strengths: cheap if it lasts 4 or 5 years, havent heard of anyone owning one that long

Weakness: died after 18 months, now I have no TV

I bought this as my first lcd, and liked what I had when I took it out of the box, I have always bought generic and never had a problem... until now. I have spent 200 on tvs in the past and they heve lasted 15 years, I spent 600 on this one and it lasted 18 months, one year warranty is a joke, 18 months for 600 dollars, kind of unbalances the value. I definately would not recomend buying this tv. Its a piece of junk.

By moglazi - Dec 31, 2008

Do not buy

Strengths: Cheap, Many Inputs

Weakness: Breaks after plugging in VGA, Whites are washed out, buttons on the TV are not optimal

I have had the TV for over a year. I noticed the whites were washed out using the component inputs. Then this past weekend I plugged in my laptop via the VGA port and tried to change the resolution. Then viola the TV turned off never to turn on again. The power light is on it just never does anything.

Several other people have had the same problem as me.

Customer support was a waste of time. I spent over 70 minutes on hold just to be told it would cost me $245 just to have the unit checked out. This excludes any replacement parts.

I will never buy an Element Electronics product in my life. This brand is garbage.

By koly - Jun 29, 2009

This TV sucks!!!!

Strengths: Good picture, HDTV,

Weakness: bad tv picture if you don't have HDTV, changing channels is slow, the channel button breaks after a year or so, the red stand bye light is annoying at night when you sleep if it's shining right on you.

Alright so i got this TV for my graduation present which is about a year and a half ago. at first it was great, because i could play my xbox 360 in HD and yeah it looked nice as hell, then a couple months later i decided to hook my computer to my tv becuase i figured i could watch movies in big and play pc games on a big screen. So welll having the computer hooked up with a VGA cable was fine, till after a couple months, a lot of months actually dunno maybe 8 or a year or w/e but yeah a couple days ago i shut down my comp and left the tv on figuring it will go off without a signal like it usually does and so it did, but the next morning, it wouldnt come on. The stanbye light was on as usual but it wouldn't turn blue or andything, i tried taking off the power cable, leaving it off for a while hoping the cmos battery or w/e is in there would loose it's charge and the tv's settings would reset itself or something like that, but yeah that didn't work. so now im prety much schrewed, called cicuit city to come fix it and we'll see how that goes. perhaps i should have gone with and HDmi cable, or at least will once it's fixed, in conclusion though if your getting this tv jus't to watch tv, then go ahead and buy it, but if your on of those badass people like me that like hooking stuff up to it like computer's etc, then noh don't buy this not worth your money nor your time.

By GkillerX - Jan 9, 2009

Piece of CRAP

Strengths: None... This is the third unit of the same model that has failed on me since purchase 7/04/2006

Weakness: DO NOT use a laptop with this unit!!!! It will stop the TV from coming on anymore.

I didn't put two and two together until now and reading anothers users post about this TV. I had once watched a DVD using a laptop and the VGA port. Next day TV never would come on. It had the red light that indicates standby mode.
Well I made that mistake again and now again. Before it took a day and the next time it took three days to not work. But today I did it with this (third) one and after my wife had watched TV all she wanted she turned it off. Next time she wanted it on it would never come on again.

Now for the worst part is after the other two trade ins I was forced to buy a new warranty because as they say it is expired when you trade it in. Which wasn't my decision too, it was because they said there is no repair service for this model and brand. Of course when they sold me the agreement in the first place, none of this is mentioned.

By Hoverman2 - Apr 13, 2008

This TV was Good For Nothing!

Strengths: None...Got what We Paid For I Guess. I guess The Element Company is OK with Robbing People.

Weakness: Everything

I owned this TV for 14 months, and there is no picture, "Yeh that's right No picture just sound. Well the people that you contact say too bad, sorry for you trouble, we only warranty this for a year. You can't contact people from Element because there is no Element. It is Pro view But when you ask them to Give you contact info for Element they say they have no idea. This is BAD, BAD business and they should be put out of business, they are thieves and steal the money of the less fortunate that the only way they were ever going to get and LCD TV was to purchase this piece of garbage. By the way my Sony 13" TV I took to College 23 years Ago" STILL WORKS."

By 7rwill7 - Feb 12, 2010

where do I begin

Strengths: Ha

Weakness: contacting - web site just gives a phone #, phone just keeps giving me a busy signal for 5 days straight. Hummmmm

from day one it had a glitch in the picture where it was interrupted with a (No signal across the screen). NO matter what I watched or what time of day .At first I thought it was the Cable company, but after trying another company, and even going as far using only antenna reception I realized it was the TV.Finally after I decided to just deal with it, the TV just went up and died on me after 21/2 years.So I tried to contact the company, yeah right.

By freyart1 - Dec 3, 2012

Element Electronics

Strengths: Initial good picture and seemed like a good value.

Weakness: Stopped working after 10 months.

Support is non-existent. You get put on hold and no one ever answers. Shame on Walmart and SamsClub for dealing with such an incompetent company. I'm having to discard a 32" ELDFW322 because of their lack of service. DO NOT BUY ELEMENT. Try LG or Vizio if you want a little better value.

By anonymous; - Oct 15, 2012

Worst TV Ever

Strengths: Use as an anchor for boating.

Weakness: Only powers on 10% of the time.

TV will not power on after only 3 months. A truly terrible product & even worse product support, which seems to have mastered the "runaround". They claim a 1-year warranty, but that doesn't include labor, which makes it almost cheaper to just throw it away.

By Phil2009 - Oct 26, 2009

Excellent T.V. for only $400 - oh yeah, and 1080p!

Strengths: 1080p and its size make this one of the clearest T.V.s, especially when playing video games supporting the signals that come with the T.V. (720p, 1080i, 1080p). You can watch Blu-Ray on here!

Weakness: Really nothing, except for, after a while, the T.V. takes longer to turn on and off.

This T.V. is great. I mainly stated all of the pros and cons in the chart - 1080p, size is generous (actually, any bigger, and video games wouldn't look as good, neither would Blu-Ray). Buy it, it's worth the money, and has amazing picture and clarity (even more clear than those light gun arcade machines you see at the arcade with LCD screens.)

By crunchwrap - Feb 22, 2009

Not bad for a "bargain" priced HD TV but...

Strengths: Easy setup, nice picture, slim cabinet

Weakness: Rather cheap look and feel of remote, very poor audio quality

Got ours from Circuit City on Black Friday for $399 plus got an additional $100 off for subscribing to Comcast HD service. Even with a 3 year Circuit City extended warranty the total tab was just $400 plus tax.

Pulled it out of the box and had it programmed for Comcast standard cable service in less than 30 minutes. It even picked up the local HD channels with out full HD service. For the price we paid, I'd say the picture quality is exceptionally good for a low end HD TV. It really shines when tuned into the HD stations and even does well with standard broadcast quality signals. Default color was pretty much right on.

The remote although functional, is sufficient but is not of the quality one would expect for a set that retails for over $500. They could do a bit better here. I don't expect the same quality as high end equipment but it needs to be improved.

The biggest disappointment is the audio quality. We were replacing an 8 year old 27" Toshiba CRT TV which had excellent sound. The TV is used in our bedroom and we don't plan to install a theater or other additional speakers systems so the built in audio is what we're relying on. At 32" this mid-size LCD is just right for the bedroom but if you have a critical ear, I'd suggest spending a bit more and upgrading to something else unless you have room for additional external speaker/audio gear.

I'm thinking about returning this one just on the basis of audio. But it's a tough decision when you consider my total expense could have been $300. But ok, $400 for the extra comfort of 3 years of warranty. Haven't checked out what a low cost theater/speaker system would cost but quick observation seems to indicate a fairly decent setup could be gotten for $100-150 (have seen Sony 5.1 for around $150 with good sound). My cost with theater upgrade would be around $550 and may still be a bargain. But not sure I can find the space unfortunately.

If Element did anything to improve sales, I'd strongly suggest the beef up the audio. I could live with the cheap remote...

By jwsholtis - Jan 20, 2008

Great picture for the money

Strengths: Great picture in HD, Easy to adjust picture, Great size for a smaller living room, Easy set up

Weakness: Awful picture if you have satellite, Handbook not very explanitory

When I went to the store to buy this for a gift, I knew this was the one. The price was unbeatable for the quality of picture and the fact that even I could figure out how to adjust the picture made it perfect for the person I bought it for. When we went to install it, we were judging the picture off of the satellite dish. (DON'T DO!) We were very frustrated with the quality, but then we realized the picture being broadcasted was in 480i. (Not the best quality) We changed it to regular NBC 9-1 (our digital broadcast station) to watch golf and the picture was beyond perfect! Since the person I bought it for usually only watches the regular channels, it made it perfect. But I do recommend that if you get this TV, to upgrade your Cable/Satellite to the HD to get the best picture. The sound quality is great since you can adjust that as well. It is very user friendly which makes this great for anyone!

By Chica1030 - Dec 12, 2007

black friday 42inch element tv

Weakness: shuts itself off every 15min to hour. quite annoying when watching something

did this from Day one

By tanya1993 - Dec 15, 2012

The reviews are true, dies after VGA port used

Strengths: Immeasurably outweighed be major defect

Weakness: It works until you plug in a vga cable. then dies permanently. Only the red light comes on.

I only found out after it happened. Connected a laptop to the VGA port to watch a movie and the next morning it would not turn on. Exact same problem as reported by others. Disgusting that this product obviously should have been recalled for this issue but was not. Element or Proview, or whatever you call yourself I hope someone makes you accountable for ripping off consumers. SHAME ON YOU!!!

By JOATMON - Aug 16, 2009

Great TV with nice price

Strengths: good picture quality, nice price, good digital sounds, many cool features

Weakness: slow remote control, only one HDMI

I went to circuit city to check the picture quality of this TV before BF and I was surprised that it has much better performances many brands such as olevia and vizio. I loved it immediately. I got it from on Black Friday and I am happy with both the quality and the cheap price of this TV! It has been connected to a home theater, a computer and an additional DVD player. It works perfectly with every device. It is definitely one of the best deals I've got in this year!

By cyf1005 - Dec 12, 2007

So far so good

Strengths: Cheap and descent picture. I've had it since 2007 and everything still works.

Weakness: vga hook up shorts down entire unit. Whites wash out pretty quick but watchable.

Change inputs to tv for sd channels and component or hdmi input when watching hd channels. The viewing experience is better. I think it's messed up that the company don't honor the vga repair, but overall the t.v. is descent.

By anonymous; - Dec 21, 2010

element electronics 32 inch tv

Strengths: Good picture and sound

Weakness: So far none.

Bought 3 months ago. Will review at 6 months. So far it seems like a great deal on a 32 inch tv under 500 dollars. At this point in time, would recommend this tv.

By anonymous; - Aug 3, 2007