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AKAI PDP-4273M 42" PLasma TV (16:9, 1024x1024, 3000: HDTV

Strengths: Best bargan around with Samsung owned parent company. The picture in HDTV is top notch.

Weakness: The remote has to be pointed right at TV.

I searched many TV's and found the AKAI PDP-4273M 42" PLasma TV (16:9, 1024x1024, 3000: HDTV with HDI inputs to be the best bargen around. Its parent company asures you you getting a name brand at a bargan price. The picture quality of this plasma is better than an any LCD TV on the market. The only compaint is it takes a slight delay to turn on the TV as you have to dirrect the remote a certain way.

By timrobocop - Apr 20, 2006

New Model - 1024 x 768 with 10000:1 Contrast

Strengths: Amazing SD TV via Dish receiver S-Video connection; Remote seems to have been improved; Black levels appear quite good. Absolutely incredible price/performance - paid $999.00!

Weakness: Lingering ghosts of bright areas when scenes go black - noticable only in very dark scenes in dark viewing conditions); Remote codes unknown to my Dish universal remote; Less than 1024x1024 resolution

Saw an ad for this monitor in a local Fry's insert - for $999! After a quick check of (mostly) favorable reviews, I went to the store before work and saw the floor model. It was a bit less bright than others, but for the price, seemed like a steal. I bought a cheap Toshiba DVD player at Costco ($69 and came with a free HDMI cable) so I could test out the HDMI input.
When I got it home, I was amazed! This thing was much brighter than the floor model, had a remote that, though small and light-feeling, worked without the problems reported by others in various on-line forums (except for not being able to be controlled by a Dish Universal), and had great picture on SD TV from mt Dish SD receiver. And when I popped a DVD into the new HDMI-connected player, I was blown away. I played around with John Carpenter's The Thing (lots of dark scenes) and a few other more action-packed DVDs and was very impressed. I would say this monitor is on the par with ones I have seen in store that cost 2 - 2.5x as much. The Thing, by the way, was where I saw (only in a completely dark setting) some ghosting in dark areas where bright menus or title text had previously been. This may be due to the set being brand new - I don't know. I am a plasma newbie.
I thought pehaps I got the wrong set (they dropped the first one off the hand cart before leaving the store and had to go get me another one). But in checking the box, it was the right model, but the specs on the box were different than on the web site @ ENTERTAINMENT&subcat=Plasma TV/Monitor&productno=PDP4273M - 1024 x 768 resolution, not 1024 x 1024, and 10000:1 contrast ratio, not 3000:1. I'm ok with that tradeoff. And the brightness on the old one (from the Akai website) says 1400 cd/m2 and this one says 1200 cd/m2. That I'm not so sure of, but the picture seems just fine. Better, actually.
So, there appears to have been a significant change by Akai in the set, and if I was in the market for a great, inexpensive 42 inch plasma monitor, I don't think you can do much better than this one. I may change my mind if anything breaks after a while, but so far, so good (great, in all honesty).

By tadietz - Oct 14, 2006




Ok... My co-worker and I each bought one these units in April of 2007...
In September I noticed that the sound would cut out for no apparant
reason and then come back on later.. After this went on for a week I
decided to call AKAI (Which by the way has the worst customer service
of any company I have ever dealt with.) It took over 2 weeks to get a technician out...
When they came out they said the main board would need replacing...
Two weeks later I was told they cant get that board anymore...
So again, I called AKAI and was issued a Case Number... And that someone would get back to me...
Here it is... August of 2008... And several more run around calls...
And still the problem has not been resolved... This Is A Joke...
My Co-Worker has had an even worse experience...
His Akai PDP4273M Plasma completely went out in November 2007.
(7 Months into the warranty) He has had the same problems getting
it repaired or replaced... Again it is now August 2008 and he recently
got a RMA Number so that his caould be picked up... Now think for a minute...
He has been without his TV for over 11 months...
HOW INSANE IS THAT! I am still waiting to hear from AKAI and how
they are going to deal with this... At least I was able to bypass the
speakers in the television and plug directly into my home theatre
system to get audio... so that I could use it...
We are both so disgusted with the response from AKAI...
Their not taking care of their customers and products when under
warranty literally borders criminal negligence...
DO NOT PURCHASE ONE OF THESE SETS... I will never purchase another AKAI product ever!!!!!
They Are The Worst!

By anonymous; - Aug 7, 2008

pdp-4273M 42

Strengths: strong, sturdy design, picture are excellent for the price range

Weakness: flimsy remote, buttons are not as interactive

the plasma tv is excellent as far as how it look, pictures are great, great contrast, wish it was more userfriendly menu, the remote is weak, buttons are small and have to press and hold a little bit for the command to execute.

By queenofrain - Feb 8, 2007

PDP-4273m 42" Plasma TV (16:9, 1024x1024, 3000:1, HDTV)

Strengths: Great Picture for the price.

Weakness: The Remote control doesn't respond to the Dish Network Codes.

I bought this at the DAy after Christmas sale tat Fry's electronics. It came with a DVD/VCR combo drive and a Wall mount for $899.00. It sounded like and is a bargain for the price.. Great TV picture

By faazid - Feb 2, 2007

Great After Xmas Price for an Akai Plasma

Strengths: Easy to set up and use.

Weakness: Sensitive screen and scratches easily.

This monitor (not a TV as there is no internal tuner) is an EXCELLENT value for the $900 I paid on 12/26/06. Spend the money on a monster HDMI input cable.

By rayluvsmar02 - Dec 28, 2006

pdp4273m plasma

Strengths: look good, nice design, very good picture

Weakness: kind a heavy, cheap remote control

ths akai is very good tv for the price, very nice looking and the buttons layout is concealed. the remote is very cheap looking and feel, and the response to the commands is terrible.

By kingofrain - Dec 23, 2006

Bargain HDTV, weak remote

Strengths: Great picture resolution, clear & bright

Weakness: Meciocre black reproduction, Terrible remote

I'm glad I purchased this Plasma. Overall it has a great picture but with somewhat weak ability to resolve dark shades of grey & black. The big problem is the remote. The TV doesn't respond to the remote half of the time & changing video source inputs is a pain. If you will be using only one video source, buy this TV. If you want to run two component video sources, HDMI & computer, it's a pain in the butt to switch between them due to the weak remote. You'd be better off to get another TV or a receiver that can do the switching for you.

By jzclarke - Sep 17, 2006

Akai 42" Plasma Monitor

Strengths: BBE Sound with 20 watts of power is fabulous. Ballanced and Vibrant colors. Small Black Bezell clean look

Weakness: Remotes should have single button for picking the picture format. This Monitor requires two buttons

I purchased this Plasma screen from Sam's warehouse for $1400.00. I am delighted with the quality of the picture and blown away by the theater sound coming from the two monitor speakers no extra equipment needed unless you must have surround sound. If this monitor can last for 10years I will be totally satisfied with my purchase.

By anonymous; - Jul 31, 2006

The reason why I went to HDTV is this TV, and it turned out to be a great choice.

Strengths: PRICE: I paid $1299 for it. Quality: No real complaints!

Weakness: Yep, the remote has to be pointed directly at the TV or no dice. Also, and I don't know about other HDTVs, but it might be a little too often that I need to tweak the color/black-levels settings...

I'm a noob when it comes to HD but after some callibration, I am in AWE of what this television delivers... espcially when I compare pricing with every other.

I'm very happy with it and I'm a stickler for price vs quality.

Oh, and yes people, the quality of the component cables DOES matter.

By anonymous; - Apr 24, 2006