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This NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)spare battery works with selected Panasonic cordless phone systems. Be sure to check your owner's manual to verify compatibility with your specific model. Warranty: 1 year. Panasonic HHR-P104A is the rechargeable replacement battery for KX-TG2300 and KX-TG5200 series Panasonic Cordless Phone models, including kx-tg2302b, kx-tg2312w, kx-tg2344b, kx-tg2357b, kx-tg2313w, kx-tg2314w, kx-tg2322b, kx-tg2336s, kx-tg2343w, kx-tg2352w, kx-tg2356s, kx-tg2382b, kx-tg5202m, kx-tg5212m, kx-tg5200m, kx-tg5240m.


Manufacturer: Panasonic

Lowest Price: $10.99 from NewEgg Marketplace

Power Score: 4.7 | 3 Reviews

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Product Reviews (3)

Panasonic HHR- P104A

Strengths: Charges quickly.5 hrs of continuous talk.

Weakness: Normal life is 2 plus years depending on its use.

I have been using this battery for my Panasonic
Phone KX-TG5210 since Nov 2004. It works great. I am buying now a replacement for this. It lasted more than 2 years.
We used to use this phone 3 to 4 hrs of talk per day.

By jnarasimha - Mar 18, 2007

Panasonic HHR-P104A Cordless Telephone Battery

Strengths: Good product; fair price; timely service. These are the essentials to a successful business.

Weakness: None

When my cordless phone battery "died", I had no idea where would be the best place to find a replacement. Checking the "big box" stores, I soon discovered that everyone priced the battery for about $25. Imagine my elation when I found the same product for about 50% less. This was an EASY decision!

By anonymous; - Jan 10, 2006

Panasonic HHR-p104A Cordless Telphone battery

Strengths: THE BEST, I like and this is what I expected to all the production are out there.

Weakness: NON, there is no weakness on this battery. The best, I mean it is the best battery out there.

Excellent Price and shipping service. The battery itselft perform perfect. I would buy more panasonic battery.
I own it for six day now it never let my phone down. It always working and charging is great, I mean it the greatest battery I ever bought so far.

By anonymous; - Dec 24, 2005

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