JayBrake P5090 Telephone Recorder

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With LCD Information Center and Caller IDAt home or in the office, a perfect record every time. The Telephone Recorder with LCD Information Center and Caller ID captures every detail of your telephone conversation, recording both sides with crystal clear clarity. A built in LCD panel displays incoming and outgoing telephone numbers, the caller's name , and the time and date of each call.Information is stored on cassette, and is displayed again upon reviewing the tape. The unit begins recording automatically when the phone is in use, or can be manual enabled to start recording silently at any time without clicks on the line. Record entire conversations, or program the unit to record only the first portion of each call. Slow speed mode permits over five hours of recording with standardC-120 cassettes.


Product Title: JayBrake P5090 Telephone Recorder

Manufacturer: JayBrake

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