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Value-priced, the Toshiba Pocket PC e310 is the best-suited productivity companion for customers who require additional expansion and multimedia features in their handheld device. Packed in an attractive and sleek, lightweight silver chassis, the Toshiba Pocket PC e310 integrates a bright, 64K color display for easy readability both indoors and outdoors. The Toshiba Pocket PC e310 builds upon the mobile computing leadership of Toshiba focusing on developing the best mobile solutions to solve real customer needs.

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Installed Memory: 32 MB

Operating System: Windows Mobile 2002

Interface Connection: 1 x USB, 1 x IrDA Infrared, 1 x DC Power Input, 1 x Cradle Connector, 1 x Mini-phone Headphone


Product Title: Toshiba Pocket PC e310

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Lowest Price: $379.00 from Marketplace

Power Score: 3.8 | 9 Reviews

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AWESOME! I looove everything about...

Strengths: Great Screen, Programs, OS, OVERALL AWESOME!

Weakness: battery life is 7 hours (7-8)

AWESOME! I looove everything about this PPC! The maker is great, I have a Sattelite (laptop) and its overall just Great! Good features :D. The screen size, small overall size, and great functions make this better than the IPAQ and the Jornada and the Dell series Axims.

By teilis - Oct 24, 2004

Migrated from the Palm world, and...

Strengths: Excellent integration with Outlook and Office programs. Good screen. Excellent portable-Office functionality.

Weakness: Battery life could be a little more robust.

Migrated from the Palm world, and very pleased with product. Very good unit. Can fit in a shirt pocket, as does a Palm. Block recognition very close to Palm grafitti writing, which makes transition easier. Some cool additions include ability to play MP3 files and easy integration with office programs - can bring spreadsheets and doc files along for reference or modification. Can respond to emails...
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By bjbolduc - Mar 28, 2003

Well the price I paid is lower...

Strengths: It is so thin, Palm looks like a giant next to this PPC. 206 MHz processor is more than enough speed for most of the apps. Price. Paid $200 at

Weakness: Screen quality is nominal. 32 MB storage is too small. No CF, SDs are expensive.

Well the price I paid is lower than most of the PALMs out there. 206 Mhz porcessor handles videos fine. Screen quality is considerably low comparing to my old CASIO 125 with 150MHz. But size matters with PDAs. Smaller is better. In your shirt pocket, e310 is almost invisible. Gotta get a SD card if you want expandibility and more storage for videos. Overall, this is a good machine for beginners....
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By online_buyer_since_1996 - Nov 5, 2002

This Pocket PC has most of the...

Strengths: Screen size, resoultion and color. MP3 playback. Good assortment of Apps. Light weight and compact.

Weakness: Small base memory. No expansion slots (i.e. Compact flash.) No internal modem. Expensive wireless networking option.

This Pocket PC has most of the apps you'd expect and some features like MP3 playback that make it a well rounded investment. Battery life is exceptional for a device in this portable category. Small base memory is limiting, especially if you want to store MP3 songs. You will definitely need an additional SD memory card. No modem makes connecting to the internet impossible unless cradled and...
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By myafchak - Oct 29, 2002

This is a fantastic little unit...

Strengths: Extremely thin, light. Long lasting battery. Good price.

Weakness: No Compact Flash slot.

This is a fantastic little unit that serves my needs very well. I use the unit many times a day for it's calendar, tasks, and contacts functions. I also use Pocket Excel for relatively simple calculations and am reading books with Microsoft Reader, and the unit meets my every expectation. The side scrolling thumb wheel is great for reading books as you can switch hands for page turns when you get...
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By johnb210 - Sep 24, 2002

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