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The Palm TungstenT compact handheld combines a Texas Instruments ARM-based OMAP1510 processor with a new operating system, Palm OS® 5, that is specially optimized for a wide range of multimedia and BlueTooth wireless capabilities. It features a new color screen, a built-in voice recorder, a 5-way navigator button for one-hand operation, plus dual expansion for added functionality.

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Included Network Card: Bluetooth

Installed Memory: 16 MB

Operating System: Palm OS 5.0

Interface Connection: 1 x IrDA Infrared, 1 x Cradle Connector, 1 x Mini-phone Stereo Headphone

Slots: Secure Digital (SD) Slot


Product Title: Palm Tungsten T PDA

Manufacturer: Palm

Lowest Price: $239.00 from Marketplace

Power Score: 4.3 | 4 Reviews

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Slide-down feature is not-so-handy...

Strengths: Wonderful notepad, easy to sync

Weakness: Slide down not so easy

Slide-down feature is not-so-handy when you keep it in a case. You have to use your fingernail against the screen to pull it down. Overall, very pleased with performance.

By reynoea - Aug 11, 2003

I purchased the Tungsten T after...

Strengths: The size. The Screen. The voice recorder. The memory/SD slot. The processor. The 5-way nav button. The metal casing. The solid feel. And it looks cool to boot.

Weakness: The Zire 71 does have a better screen, brighter and more crisp. However as long as they are not right next to eachother, no problems.

I purchased the Tungsten T after my wife stole my new Zire 71 from me. I really didn't care for the camera feature, but she loves it. So, I went with the T because of its size and I have not been disappointed at all. Previously, I owned the Palm IIIc. This is such a better unit. The 5-way nav is very usefull. I installed 2 utility programs, Slidefree and Graffiti Anywhere, and now I no longer...
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By tallsalt - Jul 11, 2003

This unit is one of the better...

Strengths: Bluetooth, Great Screen, Metal casing (Very durable)

Weakness: Slide makes it smaller (a good thing), but when you want to write something and don't have it open it is annoying to have to stop and open it.. Thats more of a pet peeve than a weakness.

This unit is one of the better Palms that I have used. Bluetooth works great with the T-Mobile Sony Ericsson T68i phone, although initially a pain to set up. Use it for all of my email and web. Very durable, very rugged. Great screen. My only complaint is that it doesn't have wireless 802.11b - when I find a unit with both the wireless 802.11 and the Bluetooth, I am there. Of course the SD...
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By stingaway - Jun 17, 2003

Palm Tungsten T Handheld

This PDA has a lot of firsts for Palm, but comes at a price. Definitely a leap in the right direction for Palm....
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By - Dec 2, 2002

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