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A Nokia apresenta a nova geração da Nseries, o Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. Ele roda Linux e tem suporte a várias aplicações da web. O N800 é uma evolução do Nokia 770, e tem tela sensível ao toque com resolução de 800 x 480 pixels, conectividade Wi-Fi e Bluetooth, e um teclado qwerty na tela, feito para ser usado com a ponta dos dedos. O Nokia N800 também possui o navegador Opera com Macromedia Flash 7 habilitado, com direito a microfone, uma webcam VGA, caixas de som de qualidade integradas e duas entradas de cartões de memória compatíveis com SD, MicroSD, MiniSD, MMC e RS-MMC com até 2 GB de capacidade. O Nokia N800 possui o navegador Opera com Flash 7 habilitado, dando acesso a qualquer página a partir do seu visor panorâmico LCD sensível ao toque.

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Installed Memory: 256 MB

Included Network Card: IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 Bluetooth

Operating System: Linux

Interface Connection: 1 x USB 2.0 - USB, 1 x Audio In

Slots: microSD Slot, miniSD Card, MMC Slot, Secure Digital (SD) Slot


Product Title: Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PDA

Manufacturer: Nokia

Power Score: 3.8 | 15 Reviews

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Surpasses my expectations

Strengths: Great screen contrast. Very versatile. Strong Bluetooth and Wifi transceivers for greater net availability

Weakness: Screen is small and font can be a challenge for the 'mature' crowd. :-) The software is still a little buggy and does need some 'linux' knowledge to fully unlock the capabilities of the unit.

This is an awesome tool. I wanted a lost cost, portable PC. This fits the bill. I strongly recommend the OS2008 update. The performance boost, bug fixes and added features are well worth the 'free' upgrade. OS2008 comes with a *lot* of software add-ons. There seems to be enough internal memory to accommodate all of the features I'm interested in, including grocery list management. :-)

By flyrlfs - Jun 18, 2008

Excellent portable device for Web, MP3 player and VoIP calls

Strengths: Excellent quality, near perfect form factor, useful applications, sharp screen for photos and videos

Weakness: Limited number of useful applications; screen brightness not uniform

This Nokia N800 is an excellent laptop replacement for Web browsing. The browser displays full-featured Web pages with photos, not those simple mobile Web pages. It is also a very good MP3 and video player. I also use it to make Skype calls and view PDF files on the go. The built-in camera has about the same quality as those in laptops. The tablet can save the wireless network setting and...
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By pricegruba - Jan 27, 2008

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Strengths: Skype, Convenience of use for travellers, huge development going on right now for apps

Weakness: unproven apps which can cause crashes and freezes

So far, I am VERY happy with my n800...have owned it for a couple weeks, and Skype works great!...perfect for travelling...avoid carrying a's a pocketable device!...great for doing word processing so far...built in camera hasn't been used's very cool, but Skype does NOT support it yet...bluetooth headset for skype is NOT supported (hopefully soon!)..the developer...
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By jackass124 - Aug 12, 2007

Impressive device by Nokia! Good job!

Strengths: 1. make VOIP phone call through Skype in N800 2. Access to the internet anytime where WiFi is found and check emails too. 3. Listening to music or watch videos on big screen at anytime and anywhere

Weakness: 1. Don't have MSN client 2. Opera in N800 doesn't support Asian languages by default 3. system can't display eastern asian languages either 4. not well support for MS office documents

Finally a improved version of N770 has been released - N800. This is a great device which allows you to surf internet and check email anywhere within wifi spot. Also, if you have a skype account, it allows you to make VOIP for free in US and Canada (you need to purchase a plan from Skype for $30 a year). This device is developed under open source Linux system which allows people to develop many...
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By spring83 - Jul 16, 2007

For $400 You can't beat it.

Strengths: Gorgeous display, fast browser, easy to add memory so you can carry all the songs and videos you want.

Weakness: The user's guide is pretty much useless, but there are a couple website that are huge help.

Overall, It is nearly perfect. Lots of useful features, and more are being put out constantly. Thanks Maemo. I recommend the N800 for anyone looking for a small, portable, full function web browser. And it can sniff out a wi-fi connections where other devices can't.

By hjon71 - May 26, 2007

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