HP (Hewlett-Packard) iPAQ Pocket PC hx2795


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Protect your information using your fingerprint (or fingerprint combined with a personal information number, or PIN). The versatile iPAQ hx2795 Pocket PC has this cool capability, plus lots more: optimal configurations for performance, connectivity and expandability.

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Installed Memory: 192 MB

Included Network Card: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Operating System: Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium

Interface Connection: 1 x USB, 1 x IrDA Infrared, 1 x Mini-phone Headphone

Slots: 1 x SDIO, 1 x CompactFlash (CF) Card Type II


Product Title: HP (Hewlett-Packard) iPAQ Pocket PC hx2795

Manufacturer: HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Lowest Price: $295.00 from Amazon.com Marketplace

Power Score: 4.0 | 7 Reviews

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Small is good

Strengths: Its a little computer... I was surprised

Weakness: Can Occasionally bog down

I’ve been using desktops and laptops for years, for business and entertainment. Ive tried using hand helds off an on years ago and found them to be mostly ROM address books— so I just hung it up. I would watch others I knew use cryptic entry scribbles with little metal pens and after a couple of months I would notice they either bought the latest thing (hoping it would be better) or gave up...
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By anonymous; - Apr 13, 2006

HP Ipaq2795

Strengths: Powerful in a small package, dual memory slots, great wi-fi

Weakness: Soft reset necessary alot, hard reset necessary once while using biometric fingerprint reader

I have been using this little baby for over three months now. It is really my first PDA. I had to have one after I saw my daughter's connect wirelessly at a hot spot and the ability it has to surf the net almost anywhere. I would, however, like a more powerful browser- there are sites with limited productivity due to security concerns with the browser. I would also highly recommend getting a...
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By jbroo61 - Apr 10, 2006

Nice product, but it has its weaknesses

Strengths: Great graphics, good speed, comfortable fit in your hand, good battery life.

Weakness: Biometric security feature turns the PDA on by itself: runs down the batteries or worse locks up the system and a hard reset is the only option, HP support is useless: no fix for this problem.

I love the look, feel, and performance of this PDA. I upgraded from a Palm m505 and was extremely excited about the new options and capabilities this PDA was touted to offer. But, I struggled with it for the first 2 months: system would lock up, batteries drained in several hours or overnight, had to hard reset to recover 3 times and lost data in the process because EasySync and Active Sync...
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By ke1m2play - Mar 3, 2006

hx2795 iPaq - Excellent Match

Strengths: Good Battery Life Extremely Fast WI-FI and Bluetooth work like a charm HP Security Bundle Portrait and Landscape views Windows Mobile 5 Price is excellent if you do your on-line shopping

Weakness: Doens't have a VGA screen, but this probably gives the device better performance.

I have searched and read at least 15 websites for reviews on this product, and was not suprised to see several of these web-sites with the same two people giving it a bad review. It's my experience that many people start using the device and critiquing it only when they experience problems, and don't ever decide to consult the user manual to find specific instructions on how to perform the...
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By foxmcf - Feb 18, 2006

HP iPaq hx2795 PDA - Excellent Device

Strengths: Very fast, great colors, comes w/ windows mobile 5.0 (save 40 or so bucks right there), good feel w/ rubber siding, Biometrics is really cool for security

Weakness: I saw it turn on twice by itself! Also, its pricey, if you search the net for good deals you could get it for over a hundred bucks off. I bought mine for ~$450 w/ Mack 3 year extended warranty

I've only had this device for a few days, and its my first time buying a PDA, so i've really got to get used to using it. It really is a powerhorse, so fast! turns off w/in millisecond, and turns on blazingly fast too. The biometrics feature is cool too. So far it has been 100% accurate, my dad tried his finger (which was not registered) and the device said no match and did not allow him access....
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By joopnight - Jan 28, 2006

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