Handspring Treo 300 PDA

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A Whole New Way To Look At Wireless: The Treo 300 communicator lets you do it all-in full color-with the power of the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network.

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Operating System: Palm OS 3.5.2H

Interface Connection: 1 x IrDA Infrared


Product Title: Handspring Treo 300 PDA

Manufacturer: Handspring

Power Score: 3.4 | 4 Reviews

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I really like this phone/pda. I...

Strengths: I can carry my Palm and phone in one unit. The keyboard is big enough to use, long battery life for phone calls and schedules, lists, etc. My battery will last 2-3 days before needing recharging.

Weakness: Everyone is right that you can't see the screen in direct sunlight, but who uses their phone in direct sunight anyway? I can see fine in my car or in shade.

I really like this phone/pda. I had a cell phone and palm pilot and they were bulky in my purse. I was always searching for one or the other. I am very busy with heavy schedules of appointments and this one unit works great. I actually looked at the Treo 600, but it is REALLY small and the keyboard looks hard to use, it's too small. I don't sit and play games or get online with my unit. I have...
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By lsjp - Sep 29, 2004

I got my PDA for $150 last March...

Strengths: Phone works great, PalmOS support, Headset jack

Weakness: Screen is hard to read in direct sunlight, Battery life is good for about 2 hours of continuous use of the LCD + Radio.

I got my PDA for $150 last March from Amazon. It's a great phone. Fairly small (although not as small as the Treo 600). It's affordable and runs most PalmOS software. The browser that comes with it is pretty good but I'm convinced that it could be improved a bit especially when it comes to rendering times and minimal javascript support. The only downside to the device is I use it so much that I...
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By philipdl71 - Jan 2, 2004

I bought this phone because I...

Strengths: easy phone operation, quick responses, color screen ok indoors

Weakness: color screen is invisible in normal daylight; one-handed phone operation is quite difficult; speakerphone is so low as to be useless; a bit bulky; expensive

I bought this phone because I needed a PDA/phone convergent device and didn't want to wait to get one of the new ones about to be released. The reviews of the Treo were basically positive, so I was disappointed to find the phone totally unacceptable. I need a phone whose screen is visible in the daylight --- this one was almost invisible. The phone rang while I was walking to my car one afternoon...
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By danbee46 - Mar 13, 2003

Treo 300

We tried out four of the latest Mac-compatible handhelds that run Palm OS: Handspring's Treo 300, Palm Computing's Tungsten T and Zire, and Sony's Clie PEG-NX70V.
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By Macworld.com - May 21, 2003

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