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My wife and I spent some time...

Strengths: Quiet, powerfull, unobtrusive, easy to use, clear window on basket to see when full

Weakness: Small basket if used at the max "daily" capacity (25-50 shredding passes per 10-12 minutes)

My wife and I spent some time looking both online and in retail stores for a reliable, medium-duty, cross-cut/confetti shredder and came across this model in almost all of our searches. The Fellowes PS60C-2 shredder was exactly what we were looking for. In fact, so was everyone else! We couldn't find it in the stores - they were always sold out! This shredder is quiet yet powerful. It is easy to use, stylish (as stylish as a shredder can be) and has an automatic feeder that starts when paper or credit cards are inserted. The opening is big enough for 8 sheets of paper but not so large that small children or pets could be easily hurt. While we really only needed to shred about 30 documents per _month_, well under the shredder's capabilities, this is one of the best shredders we've seen for the price.

By Anonymous - Jan 11, 2004

Overall this shredder is much...

Strengths: Fairly quiet, strong motor, reasonable size basket

Weakness: Overheats once in a while

Overall this shredder is much better than the one it replaced; an over-the-trashcan type. It seems to do a good job on paper, staples, credit cards.

The only complaint I have is that once in a while it overheats. I usually go through a pile of stuff and decide what needs shredding. If I feed the unit lots of little receipts continuously it will overheat eventually (with no visual indication except that it quits working). It takes about a half hour before it will shred again.

Otherwise I think this shredder is a good value. It has a strong (albeit heavy) motor. I lubricate the cutters once in a while and rarely does it jam. You have to shake the basket to get the clippings to stop piling up under the blades though (which they do quickly). If you don't, they will eventually pile up and get pulled back into the cutter possibly jamming it (had it happen once). As long as you shake the clippings down when you see them piling up in the front window things are fine.

By gcarey3 - Sep 5, 2004

I got this after breaking my old...

Strengths: Automatic start sensor, good shred results

Weakness: Basket overfills quickly and is a bit flimsy

I got this after breaking my old one, which was very lightweight. This is much sturdier and does a great job of shredding. Good for household shredding duty but you'd want a better one for a home-office. Great for the price. Recommended

By Baldrick - Aug 16, 2004

This shredder does a great job for...

Strengths: Ability to shred paper/plastic/clips/etc.

Weakness: Size and stability of bucket.

This shredder does a great job for the money -- don't have to worry about putting paperclips or small staples through it, and it will also handle things like CD/DVDs and credit cards.

I haven't experienced any of the overheating problems mentioned in other reviews yet (after a day and a half of fairly heavy use), and my only complaint is that the basket could be a little larger and the base a little more wide/stable. Overall, though, a good buy within its price range.

By geo442 - Mar 8, 2005

This is a good home shredder. It...

Strengths: Shredder's cross cut does a great job.

Weakness: Have to take top off to unload waste.

This is a good home shredder. It is not very large and can be put almost anywhere. I wish the basket just slid out for emptying without having to take off the top. This shredder appears to be a good value.

By howard654321 - Jun 4, 2005

Although I bought this to donate...

Strengths: Very quiet. Automatic-start sensor. Reverse switch to undo paper jam. Confetti-cuts for increased security; will take paper clips and staples without jamming.

Weakness: The top is heavy, but this does prevent tip-overs.

Although I bought this to donate to a charitable organization, I tested it to be sure that it is a functioning gift. This model is a big improvement when compared to the one I have owned for several years, a Guardian Shredmaster, as the latter is quite noisy, smaller -- only 3-4 sheets can be shredded at one time, the basket has to be emptied too frequently). The Fellowes PS60C-2 easily shredded 8 sheets at a time, and because it is so quiet, one could use it at night while people are sleeping. It is labeled for "home office-medium use," is about the same size as a regular wastepaper basket, and has a 5 year-warranty for the cutter. The instructions state that it needs to be oiled monthly (lubricant info included) for proper maintenance. It will shred credit cards. I think I may just replace my Guardian with this Fellowes, and I would definitely buy from again as the price was competitive and I honestly had it at my doorstep in less than 24 hours! I ordered it on line in the late afternoon and did NOT request expedited delivery, yet the FedEx delivery man was at my door shortly after noon the very next day! That is service!

By pnemeth - May 20, 2004

I spent the afternoon shredding...

Strengths: Endurance, automatic start, and quiet. Nice size and features for the price.

Weakness: Small basket

I spent the afternoon shredding papers left over from a huge pile left after the melt down of my last shredder. I spent 55 minutes shredding with a couple breaks to empty the basket only. I was surprised that the unit did not overheat as was reported in a previous review and what I have experienced with all other shredders I have owned. Maximum number of sheets at one time was eight. I also ran a couple CD's through (one at a time) without a problem.

By CruiseCAT - Sep 2, 2004

Overall I was very pleased. More...

Strengths: Does a great job shredding, no chance of "Bad Guys" piecing together your card information or any other sort from here. Much better than strip-cut, and not nearly as loud.

Weakness: Basket fills up quickly (Could have been larger) and only 10 sheets at once (Or one CD, I did it, it worked!)

Overall I was very pleased. More bang for the buck than the high end models, but actually worked, as opposed to the more low end models. I've owned the PS70 (Next step up) but was not satisfied with it. Now I own this, and I am! Great shredder, would buy again in a heartbeat!

By poolgap - May 24, 2004

This is a good solution for home...

Strengths: Reasonably quick shredding Sleek looking Handles clips and staples

Weakness: Takes too long to cool down Emptying requires lifting heavy lid Wish size of confetti were smaller

This is a good solution for home use or for small business with only moderate need. It takes minimal room and is easy to get up and running. I think it could be improved by adding a "paper guide" at the opening slit to help line up pages so they get fed in straight.

By goman - May 7, 2004

Broke after a year of usage

Strengths: It was great when it worked.

Weakness: limited number of sheets, overheats easily, difficult to empty.

This is the second FEllowes shredder to break on me within two years. This shredder easily overheats and is a pain when emptying. I suggest getting another brand that works better

By anonymous; - Jun 27, 2006

This shredder is much better than...

Strengths: Quiet, easy to use

Weakness: so far none I am aware of

This shredder is much better than others I have tried at 2 friends of
mine. The price is very reasonable considering its good performance.
It arrived in only a few days, properly packed, after being notified
by an email. For sure I am going to consult PriceGrabber again before
buying anything.

By tittihof - May 5, 2005

I wish the cutted strips were...

Strengths: Good cutting speed, easy to use.

Weakness: I fills up fast.

I wish the cutted strips were smaller, the box should have a sample of cutting oil for the blades so people would rememder that it needs to be oiled at different intervals.

By capike1 - Apr 10, 2005

This shredder gives value for the...

Strengths: strong motor, eats staples, good for shredding confidential documents

Weakness: light weight basket

This shredder gives value for the $. So far, the heavy duty motor has been up to the task as long as it doesn't overheat from excess use. It has consumed the accidental staple without jamming. Good value in the low-mid price range.

By gerwen - Feb 24, 2005

The shredder arrived promptly and...

Strengths: The shredder is quiet and efficient. It was easy to set up and can handle a pretty good volume of paper. It also shreds credit cards!

Weakness: none so far

The shredder arrived promptly and was well-packed. It was very easy to set up and it had a pile of work waiting for it, as the previous shredder had burnt out. We promptly shredded that pile and some old credit cards as well. I like the crosscut capability. It is also quiet. I've only owned it for 3 weeks, but no problems to report so far.

By marena - Jan 20, 2005