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Fellowes PS-62C

Strengths: Quiet, confetti cut is more secure, easily handles multiple pages at a time, compact size good for under desks, stylish, reliable brand, made in the USA, 5 year cutter warranty (you won’t need it)

Weakness: Bin capacity is low—must be emptied after around 50 sheets, shredded paper requires frequent packing down to prevent cutter from jamming

The Fellowes PS-62C is a very capable paper shredder. Because it does a confetti cut, paper is shredded into pieces 5/32” x 2"—thin but a bit long, though not really a security concern since text will usually be perpendicular to the 2” cut. It also easily handles multiple pages (up to 6) at a time, and can also shred staples and credit cards.

The shredder is very quiet: rated at 67 dB, probably one of the quietest shredders you can find. The size is different than most shredders too, designed to be placed under a desk so it’s short and wide.

However, the short height makes the collecting bin small—the one major caveat of this shredder. This requires frequent packing down of the shredded paper, otherwise it will start to jam since it will be clogging the cutter. So this shredder better suited for people who shred papers as they come, rather than collecting and shredding papers as a large batch (typical in an office or business).

Fellowes is a very reputable shredder brand. I have an older shredder (more than 10 years old) and still going strong, and I have no reason to believe that the PS-62c will be any different. You can tell that the shredder is durable and well-built, and it’s no wonder since it’s made in the USA (like many other of Fellowes’ shredders).

As with any shredder, it will require periodic oiling which actually does not require that much effort (just shred a piece of paper with a zigzag stripe of cooking oil). Do this and PS-62C will last you a long time.

By praetorian - Jul 16, 2006

Good Shredder

Strengths: Confetti Cut Shreds 6 sheets at a time Quiet operation 3.5 gallon pull-out waste basket with clear window shreds credit cards

Weakness: Amazing how often you have to empty the bin!

The machine comes pre-assembled, so it really is a case of Unpack-and-go. When in use you'll need access to the top and front sections, for shredding and disposing of the shredded waste.
Cross-cut/confetti shredders need oiling more often that their strip-cut cousins, as they have to do more work. It's recommended that you oil the teeth at least once a month.

By zcylobo001 - Jan 16, 2006

Good but not Perfect

Strengths: it is very compact, fits narrow places,confeti cut, quite

Weakness: small bin, jams easy, a little slow

this is my first shereder very usefull for destroying financal documents.the only problem i had was it jams quite easy. it's spec says up to 6 papers at a time.but it has a hard time doing that.i have quite bit of a paper backed up to destroy it took me a very long time to do that. the bin also fills up very quicly and it gets messy while empting it. other than that for daily use of few papers it does the job.

By Cerhaneci - Nov 3, 2005

Fellowes PS-62C Paper Shredder

Strengths: Already Pre-Assembled Ready to go right out of the box. Instructions/operating manual short and very easy to follow. Compact, sturdy, and stable design. 5 Yr/1 Yr Limited Warranty.

Weakness: Very Minor small waste basket needs to be dumped more often.

Another great feature is that Fellowes offers a Toll-Free
help line for the shredder. A great low price for a great little machine. Easily handles staples, credit cards without any problems (does have a Reverse switch for clearing jams).
Relatively light to handle, the front and back handling slots allow for easy picking it up and carring it.

By Evadcare - Apr 12, 2006

I've got the PS-62C shredder

Strengths: Just right model for the beginner (as considering the price). Also good if you want a light duty model.

Weakness: Even though it's a light duty model, it's heavy. Making some noise as expected (however, I cannot compare it with others). A little too classic design and color. Waste bucket filled pretty quickly.

I tested it several times and it's working fine so far.
I did not expect that much from this model, so I am kind of satisfied with it.
Overall, if someone needs a shredder once a week (several papers) like me, this is not a bad candidate for him/her.

By rdna02 - Mar 24, 2006

Great Shredder! Always room for improvement...

Strengths: PRICE, confetti cut, automatic sensor, built-in handles, dont have to buy 'shredder oil', preassembled, attractive design

Weakness: MESSY, must empty often, not easy to clean inside, must stretch grocery bags to fit, no included oil

Vendor: TechForLess
Price Paid: $27 + $9.52 ship(17 lbs. UPS Ground) = $36.52
**they just dropped the price to $18.59
Condition: Factory Sealed
Box Contents: Pre-assembled shredder, user manual

Why did I pick this shredder?
It's financial aid/tax time, so I decided to get with the program and buy a shredder for sensitive documents. Plus I've been getting a bunch of credit card offers/junk mail...with identity theft on the rise its time to get safe and of course McGruff was on the box reminding me to take a bite out of crime. :)
Being a poor college student, I looked for something inexpensive, reliable, and delivered right to my door. I searched TechBargains for shredders and saw that the PS-62C was recommended for 'medium use' in a home office, which should suit my needs. The few reviews I saw were generally positive, it wasnt ugly, and the price was right.

Product Claims:
*Engineered for medium use (25-50 passes of 6 sheets/pass for 150-300 pages/day) in a home office setting
*Maximum security - confetti cut
*Max. 6 sheets of 20lb, 8.5"x11" paper (copy paper)
*Shreds staples and credit cards
*Run time of 10-12 min, with recommended 15 min cool down
*5 year cutter warranty, 1 year everything else
*Quiet operation

Personal Experience:
I've been saving stuff for a while, so I was able to run a variety of items through the shredder including: copy paper, receipts, post-its, envelopes/junk mail, cardstock, slick cardstock, stapled sheets, and glossy paper. The shredder jammed when I inserted thick junk mail, 9 sheets of uniform copy paper, and when the bin was too full. The reverse mode could be better, the paper didn't come out very far...often I had to pull hard or rip the jammed paper out. It took about 60 sheets of regular paper in order to completly fill the bin, but that requires opening and packing the confetti down to get that much in. I recommend emptying the bin after 35-45 sheets to avoid jamming and extra mess. I shredded about 350 sheets of paper in about 90 min, taking breaks to empty the bin, gather paper, and a few random activities. I wasn't able to induce the auto shutdown in this period. I also did not shred any credit cards (though i hope to be able to in a few months when i get it paid off). It was much quieter than the large heavy duty shredder at work, but I still had to turn up my TV in order to hear everything.

My biggest proble with this shredder is the MESS! The confetti will be on the floor and inside the shredder once the bin is removed. I tried using a plastic grocery bag to minimize the mess, but it was hard to fit on the bin and it covers the window so you can't see when the bin is full. Unless you have a large bag to empty the bin into, its gonna be messy to empty the bin. I stopped using the grocery bags, and it was no problem because its easy to remove all the confetti from the bin...the bottom is smooth. The inside of the shredder has lots of sections and grooves in the bottom, which trap the confetti that falls from the cutter blades when the bin is removed. So you have to invert and shake the shredder to remove all the paper--which has to be removed since the shredder will not work if the bin isn't pushed all the way inside.

This shredder would be perfect if:
They solve the mess problem. Make the inside bottom surface similar to the surface on the inside of the bin, so that its much easier to wipe clean.
They include a botle of oil. Maximum security confetti cut shredders work harder, thus requiring more frequent oilings than their strip-cut cousins. The manual says that near-capacity use requires monthly oiling...why not throw in the first bottle for free? I'm very happy that any non-aerosol vegetable based oil will work.

The user manual states that the PS-62C is the new and improved version of the P450C-3.

Overall, I think its a great well, not too loud, not ugly, great price, but mess is a bit of an issue.

By angel4d - Mar 12, 2006

fellows 62 c

Strengths: quiet

Weakness: jams easily,small bin,will not operate for 10 min continouisly as stated.

over priced low end shredder!ok if you shred single documents as the postman delivers them!dont dare ask it to handle a old binder full of financal docos,you will be there for a month waiting for the 20min cool down period (as stated in the manual)this time is correct as opposed to the continious shredding time stated of 10 min,,,grrrrrrr...taking the unit back tommorow for refund

By drinkbeer - Oct 15, 2008

Good Shredder

Strengths: Can feed multiple sheets at a time. Runs very smoothly and fairly quiet.

Weakness: Mechanical Sensor

This shredder has worked very well for me so far. It is fairly quiet and is somewhat compact, it could fit into the computer tower slot on my desk. The only problem I see is that is has a mechanical sensor rather than an optical one. If paper is skinny like a receipt and its placed in slightly crooked it will at some point no longer be on the sensor and the shredder will stop before the receipt is fully through the cutting tines. Of course this is easily remedied by shredding a full sheet of paper afterwards since it can handle multiple sheets.

By Cobraspaz - Mar 8, 2007

feedback about the PS-62C Higher SecurityCrossCut

Strengths: Great cross cutting and quite

Weakness: Basket is too small

The design of the basket which slides into the side of the shredder can get stuck if the basket is full, then you have to dig out the cut paper from the bottom of the shredding mechanism. Good product for "light " use....shreds and empty basket after every use.

By pjwilson - Dec 22, 2006

Excellent shredder

Strengths: Well made quality unit waranted for several years.

Weakness: Would prefer if it could handle more pages, but a minimal weakness

Fellowes is the only brand shredder to buy. All the other brands break down and wear out quickly. Remember to buy the shredder oil and oil the unit from time to time. Most people never oil their unit and that's the reason for premature failure. Better than the newer unit it the pull out shredder door rather than having to take off the top.

By james; - Jul 13, 2006

Little Shredder That Can

Strengths: Consistent power, quiet, very discreet product

Weakness: None so far.

I have jammed this unit once, and it was pretty easy to undo. It's quiet and handles the work advertised.

The collection basket is nice and doesn't allow paper shreds to get all over.

It is a very nice convenient size, too.

By krucat - Jul 12, 2006

Fellowes PS-62C Higher SecurityCrossCut

Strengths: Compact, neat bin, not too heavy

Weakness: None for me so far. I had it for just over a week. Its perfect.

I got this shredder for my personal home use. I typically shred documents every other day and its just perfect. I have enjoyed it so far. I Highly recommend it.

By derondad - Jun 30, 2006

Fellowes PS-62C Higher SecurityCrossCut Shredder

Strengths: Versitle,good looking,good brand,strong

Weakness: small wastebasket

I have checked all over the web for a shredder that would do credit cards at a reasonable price.
Nowhere could I find one till now.This is the best

By hocepuk - Jun 19, 2006

PS-62 shredder

Strengths: crosscut, cuts CCs and staples, fits nicely under a desk, quiet

Weakness: paper tank fills up very quickly - a bit too small

This is a great bang for a buck at $25. The shredder is quiet and quick. Capacity of the tank is a bit of a problem if there is a lot of shredding at a time, but for occasional usage is quite sufficient. Empty the paper before it reaches the full mark or else you may end up with a lot of messy paper confetti on your floor, and cleaning it from a carpet is a pain. Capability to shred CDs would have been nice to have.

By witoldmoskal - Jun 8, 2006


Strengths: small size, cross cutting

Weakness: jams, difficult to empty without spilling

This shredder lasted only a month before it self destructed on itself. Within the motor section there is a plastic casing with grooves for the metal teeth. It’s designed so poorly that this casing somehow got shredded within the metal teeth. I discovered this had happened when I noted a horrible chomping sound, and then disassembled the parts to see what was causing the problem.

The container that collects the paper is also badly designed. It's made of plastic with a pin that inserts into the body of the machine for it to operate operation. Since this paper container is made of such poor quality material, the pin on it doesn’t allow for easy opening/closing of it. All instructions were properly followed in operating this machine - in fact only 3 sheets at a time were fed into it, & it obviously couldn't handle that. Nothing other than paper was ever shredded.

By anonymous; - Nov 28, 2005