Panasonic SH-FX50 Wireless Digital Transmitter & Receiver

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Frustrated at trying to figure out how to wire the rear surround speakers to your Panasonic home-theater system? Enjoy great sound and a neat, simple setup with this digital wireless transmitter and receiver. It works with your Panasonic home theater system (SCHT730, SCHT830V and SCHT930) to wirelessly transmit the audio signal from your receiver to your speakers. It eliminates the need to run speaker wires around your living room for a clean, hassle-free installation. It helps make surround sound simpler and easier to enjoy.


Product Title: Panasonic SH-FX50 Wireless Digital Transmitter & Receiver

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Power Score: 3.4 | 10 Reviews

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Panasonic SH-FX50 - Wireless - Well Sort of?

Strengths: Signal to the unit works fine. Sound is fine.

Weakness: Not exactly wireless. Panasonic Technical Support not too knowledgable about product.

I really thought this is unit would make all my speakers wireless. Well at least the surround sound speakers wireless. Actually both speakers have to be connected to some bulky receiver. Not exactly the wireless sort of product I was expecting. But I guess it's better than having a wire to be extended from my defective SC-HT830V Home Theater unit - (see my review.) I got an extremely good deal -...
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By MrMike1876 - Jul 13, 2006

Don't buy! Too much Noise!

Strengths: - Easy set up and looks good

Weakness: - Noisy output from rear speakers

Don't waste your money on this half baked product. Rear Speaker have too much noise- even when there is no output from them. Dissapointing product from a company like panasonic.

By arunk77 - Apr 30, 2006


Strengths: Ease of set up

Weakness: Rear speakers are still wired, useless if not going into a rectangular or square room.

Although it appears to be a wireless set up you are buying for your rear speakers be warned. We got the system excited to go wireless with the surround sound in the rear, and we disappointed when we openned the box and read the instructions. THIS IS A WIRELESS CONNECTION FROM THE RECEIVER TO A UNIT THAT REAR SPEAKERS MUST BE WIRED TO. Bought and returned within 24 hours. The only way this until...
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By splate2005 - Dec 27, 2005

Simple and Easy to use - Exactly as advertised

Strengths: Quality Product - works instantly

Weakness: Actually hoped that the speakers themselves would be wireless

I must admit at first I thought the device allowed the rear speakers to be wireless. They are actually wired to that little box thingy. But it allowed us to not have to run wires from the DVD player to the rear speakers - and I believe will allow us more flexibility in speaker placement later. Once you pop the little dohicky into the DVD player - and supply power - bang - it's up and working. I...
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By rwb01 - Nov 5, 2005

Panasonic Rear Wireless Digital Transmitter and Receiver

Strengths: Easy to setup. It took just 5 mintues for setup.

Weakness: None as i know. E-Buyer's Shipping was slow. Otherthan that i am happy with it.

Good thing is you NO need to run cable allover the place.
I didnt find any quliaty difference with Wired and Wireless setup.

I liked it very much. If you are looking for Wireless Receiver go for it.

By sudhakar76 - Oct 28, 2005

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