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The HR-S2902U offers high quality and high performance features as Super VHS Resolution, Super VHS ET Recording, Hi-Fi VHS Stereo with MTS Decoder, Active Video Callibration and Picture Control. The HR-S2902U offers easy installation and operation by utilizing Plug&Play, Shuttle Plus, Express programming plus more.


Product Title: JVC HR-S2902U S-VHS Hi Fi VCR

Manufacturer: JVC

Power Score: 4.0 | 4 Reviews

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Use for VHS to DVD transfers

Strengths: S-Video Out

Weakness: Lightweight materials

I ordered this as it was one of the few VCR's to have an S-Video out for slightly better quality to my DVD recorder. Works just fine for me.

By Bill5925 - Feb 9, 2006

Perfect VCR for quality picture needed for hdtvs

Strengths: simple, easy to use, good picture quality, s-video

Weakness: wish it was slimmer

I bought this vcr because we just bought a new hdtv, and we wanted the best vcr to show on the screen, since i heard any video source from a composite source looks worse on hdtvs than regular tvs. So, this was my first choice since it wasn't the cheapest vcr with an s-video and it did not disappoint. Although i wish it was slimmer, considering its been ages since the first vcr came out, but...
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By sammy18700 - Nov 28, 2005

Good for VCR->DVD transfers

Strengths: picture quality SVHS, S-Video

Weakness: cheap platic chassis

When I received my unit, the rear chassis was cracked. It is a fairly flimsy plastic case on this unit.

The unit was returned and the second one has worked very well. I may be the last person to convert their old VHS home movies to DVD, and this unit gets a superior picture to my previous standard VHS decks. It will even track some older, tricky deteriorated tapes.

By Spektre - Jul 31, 2005

Sure you can pay more for a VCR,...

Strengths: Good solid features for a reasonable price. SVHS, hi-fi, S-video and audio in/out.

Weakness: Kinda flimsy feeling, but once it's setup you really can't tell.

Sure you can pay more for a VCR, but do you need to? This VCR is a hi-fi, SVHS unit with s-video and audio in/out. If you're looking to capture higher video resolution source or better audio quality source, VHS technology is probably not where you want to invest anyway.

By dhom88 - Apr 20, 2004

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