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How DragonFly Does ItThe heart of DragonFly is the 24-bit ESS Sabre conversion chip, a high-performance solution that’s typically found in better CD and Blu-ray Disc players. DragonFly can accept audio and music files ranging from MP3s and CD-standard 16-bit/44kHz to native 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution, regardless of music file format. If your computer’s software can recognize and play a format, DragonFly will make it sound its best.However, high-quality digital-audio conversion alone isn’t why DragonFly sounds great. How the audio data is transferred from the computer to DragonFly required particular attention from DragonFly’s design team. Remember that digital audio is stored on computers and delivered to DragonFly as streams of 1’s and 0’s. Making beautiful music out of 1’s and 0’s isn’t a case of simply getting all the music data from point A to Point B. Maintaining subtle digital timing relationships is crucial in order to be able to reconstruct the analog waveform that we hear as dialog or music.Timing errors have long been the plague of digital audio playback, never more so than in recent years as computers have been pressed into service as audio source components. DragonFly uses a very sophisticated asynchronous* USB audio data transfer protocol. Rather than sharing crucial audio data clocking functions with the computer, DragonFly alone commands the timing of the audio data transfer, dramatically reducing digital timing errors. In addition, not all audio content is encoded at the same native resolution or sample rate. DragonFly uses two discrete onboard clocks so that the math algorithms used to convert the digital audio data to analog are always optimized for the native sample rate of the audio file or stream being played. This ensures the least amount of mathematical manipulation to the native audio data, which results in fewer errors and better sound. A smart LED indicator on DragonFly shows the


Product Title: Audioquest DragonFly Asynchronous USB DAC

Manufacturer: Audioquest

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AudioQuest DragonFly

Crutchfield has collected 2 user reviews for this product with an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars. The most recent reviewer said, "I am very impressed. My wife was using some nice PSB headphones on her laptop. She thought that was as good as it got. I plugged this into a USB port and in a minute had her listening to the same music with the dragonfly. She loved the sound. It is very user...
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By on - Aug 31, 2012

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