SanDisk Sansa View 16GB Flash Portable Media Player

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The new Sansa View is a video MP3 player with a vast array of features and generous capacity, at an unbeatable price. Available in 16 gigabyte capacities, the sleek-looking Sansa View marries the finest MP3 player attributes with full-motion video support ), a larger screen, long battery life and generous capacity - all in a thin, easy-to-carry package. An MP3 player at its core, the Sansa View comes equipped with all the soup-to-nuts features typically found in the Sansa audio line. The smooth, backlit scroll wheel and vibrant 2.4 widescreen display make it easy to navigate to: a music library; video collection; digital photos; digital FM radio with 20 pre-sets; an integrated microphone and voice recording, and Audible audiobooks.

Quick Glance

System Compatibility: PC

Total Included Memory: 16 GB

System Connectivity: USB Yes

Storage Media Supported: Flash Portable Media Player, microSD Card

General Features: Audio Player, Video Player, Photo Viewer, FM Tuner, Voice Recorder

normalized-Weight: 2.9


Product Title: SanDisk Sansa View 16GB Flash Portable Media Player

Manufacturer: SanDisk

Power Score: 3.8 | 10 Reviews

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Sansa View 16 GB

Strengths: Very easy to use with no format conversions needed like in some other players. With the large display the information is easy to read.

Weakness: None

Previously had an refurbished 8GB and had to upgrade to 16GB due to the volume of data. Found that the price on for a new MP3 player was 1/2 of what Sansa wanted for the same unit. At these prices this is a very good player for the money spent.

By riorio - May 23, 2010


Strengths: Good value, long battery life, compact size

Weakness: Doesn't synch all mp3s

I've been using the Sansa View 16gb for about 3 months now and it has worked perfectly for what I needed it for. I use it primarily at the gym and it holds more songs than I work out. I could probably upload videos into it but the small screen size would make it hard to watch while I'm on the cardio machine. For the price, it's a great value MP3 player and works quite nicely.

By dwtow - Oct 14, 2008

a very nice MP3 player with lots of storage

Strengths: nice big screen, lots of storage space, easy file management system

Weakness: headphone jack is in a really weird (and awkward) place on the bottom of the unit, video conversion is SLOOOOOW

I am really happy with my 16GB Sansa View. I've owned (still do) two 8GB Sansa e200-series, one for home and one for travel. I used them both just for music, and have liked (still do) both of them, but was running out of space. So, now I have double the space, with flash memory, not a mini-drive, and for a pretty good price too. The View has a larger footprint than the e200-series, but to me,...
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By suefuhs - May 30, 2008

More space! Better features! Better value!

Strengths: The larger screen is by far my favorite new feature. Updating firmware and transferring songs is a snap - there's no need to switch between USB modes.

Weakness: The scrolling wheel is a little too sensitive, so it's easy to accidently scroll past your desired selection. One more thing is that there is no place to loop a lanyard (a.k.a. Neckstrap).

I just bought this because my old model didn't have enough space. But I ended up getting much more than I bargained for. The large screen and the automatic USB connection are an absolute plus. If you've have used an older model of Sasna MP3 players, using this new model will take a little getting used to though.

By some_other_guy - May 29, 2008

All the features and less expensive

Strengths: Great sound.Massive storage and addtl micro sd slot. Nice sound with a durable feel. Movies can clearly be seen on the views screen. Scroll button is smooth and easily to manipulate.

Weakness: Due to the product design needs to be constantly cleaned. Some issues may be present with Vista but search for the work-arounds. Lack of documentation for some tasks but manufacturer forum is a help.

If you want all the bells and whistles but want to save a little cash take a look at this item. It plays movies with ease and sound and picture quality were great. You might need to be a little tech saavy to download movies since process is not detailed to buyer. I own a e270 and bought this one primarily due to the movie and audible book capabilities. I have given the e270 to a family member and...
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By dingoq - May 5, 2008

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