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SanDisk Sansa C240 1GB MP3 Player - Black

Strengths: 1 GB Storage - Color Screen, FM Radio, SD Slot is cool.

Weakness: Proprietary Plug instead of standard mini USB, trouble with firmware updater and out-of box functionality.

This MP3 player is very attractive aesthetically. However, when I first opened it, the interface was not responding to inputs as expected, and locked up a few times. After a firmware update though, everything worked fine. The firmware updater was not very intuitive, it installed a service which added a tray icon which appears when player is plugged in to initiate update.

After getting all this sorted out, I've had a good experience. The FM radio is cool to have, and the mini SD slot. I wish Sandisk used a normal USB cord for the interface though.... I already have a million USB cables running to my PC.

By jwromeo - Jan 30, 2007


Strengths: It works sort of. The Micro SD slot is nice. It is loud with provided ear buds

Weakness: does not have enough output power for use with real head phones or noise reducing ear buds Tech support is inadiquate

I had a problem with the unit stopping sound output for 20 to 30 seconds in the middle of a song and sometimes jumping to the next song before the current song finished.
I called tech support twice the were clueless. First guy did not know there was an firmware update. The second guy had poor English and kept wanting to fix his problem not mine.
Instructions were not clear you HAD to use WindowsXP and Window Media player 10 or above to transfer songs into the unit.
This is my 4th or 5th mp3 player I rate it as average I don't think I would buy it again.

By mr16ga - Dec 15, 2006

Sansa C240 1 GB MP3 Player

Strengths: Holds up to 500 songs. Has great sound quality, built in FM radio, able to display photos right on player. Able to expand with Micro SD slot. 15 hr battery life (rechargable.

Weakness: Does not well defined user guide. It took me forever to figure out that to recharge it, you just plug it into the USB connection of PC

Great player, compatible with all formats, comes with everything you need to get up in running in less than ten minutes. Easy to use. Kudos to Sandisk. They have thought of everything. Would highly recommend. After having it for one week, I have since purchased three more for friends and family.

By vtxgal - Dec 23, 2006

sansa c240

Strengths: micro flash card, rechargable batteries fm with presets

Weakness: sound quality good but not great

I love this. It is easy to use. It accepts micro flash cards so you can add an extra 2 giga bytes by adding cards. You can have several cards and put differant types of music like jazz on one and rock on another. Battery life is good and you can change with aaa rechargeable battery. I would recommend for a good quality mp3 player. There are better units out there but not for the price with these features.

By bwardx5 - Dec 18, 2006

Missing some basic functions

Strengths: Slick, reasonably priced, microSD slot.

Weakness: No play-by-folder, non-standard USB cable, screen stays on during charging

I bought this MP3 player because it was on sale, and because I was fairly happy with the interface design of SanDisk's older player SDMX1. For a compact 1GB player with expandable microSD slot at around $50, this seemed like a good choice.
At first glance, the interface seemed pretty user-friendly. But once you get into it, you may realize that part of it is over-engineered, but at the same time missing some very basic features. My biggest gripe is that it cannot play songs by filenames or the folders they were saved under. It plays songs according to the album/singer/song/etc ID tags. So if you made yourself a compilation where you indexed each filename, you won't be able to play them in that order unless you also took the extra time to make a playlist.
The other thing that's somewhat annoying is the USB interface. Not only do you have to use its special data cable, you also have to set the player as MSC mode so that it can be treated as an regular USB storage device for easy file management. On top of that, all the songs have to be saved in a hidden folder.
Other annoyances include: Volume setting does not persist between boots. Taking a long time to initialize if you have songs on microSD. Screen remains lit during the whole time it's plugged into USB. The non-standard USB cable is the only included recharge method.
The battery life is alright, about 16hr or more, enough for two work days.
SanDisk's website doesn't provide much FAQs for this product other than some How To Videos. And I think they purposely designed their Support site to drive people away (Registration asks whether you own or rent your residence.). However, I've found a lot of tips from the site
SanDisk does provide firmware update every now and then. So here's hoping they fix some of those annoyances.

By jjmai - Apr 28, 2007

Good Product

Strengths: Good sound plus equalizer! Lots of functions and very user friendly (unit) Extra card option is nice. Buttons are just right and has lock option. Good battery life-easy recharge. Overall great.

Weakness: Software disk and User guide not very helpful. Tech support sucks, but it is not too hard to figure out. FM Tuner could be stronger.

Basically a really good product. Not every computer will accept it automatically as a drive. Tech support is useless, but you can google it and find blogs and such that will help. You can even record the radio, but if you are in a car, reception cuts in and out.
Display is clear and menu is pretty easy to figure out. Even my brother can do it and he is very techno-capped.
Great sound quality. This little Monsta kicks out some sound!
Check out to see more details.
For the money you are not going to beat this. Spend a few extra buck to get it at a electronic or department store. STAY AWAY FROM CHEAPY INTERNET DEALS, most are rebuilds or something.

By ALCONAXE - Jan 15, 2007

Serious Problems with Sansa c200 (c250) series

Strengths: Has the drop and drag feature, no special software, no proprietary formats required. Will play wma, mp3, and audiobook formats.

Weakness: Will NOT play subscription service DRM protected files. It will play permanent DRM wma encrypted files, but not subscription. See Comments for more problems

Screen requires backlight to read text. (This drains your battery quickly)
Contrast on screen is horrible. (Did they "look" at it before releasing it?)
Sometimes will show artwork, sometimes not.
Equalizer will not work with FM radio. (What a disappointment)
Will never show artwork from microSD drive.
All files on the microSD drive play twice. (What a HUGE bug!)
Support was horrible! They kept saying: "There's nothing wrong with your player" It must be a proprietary WMA DRM file... Then I put the same file and license on my friend's ZEN mp3 player. It worked perfectly.
Firmware updater is VERY clumsy. It often misreads your continent. I've had it suggest an upgrade when it was upgrading to the same firmware release.

If you want to subscribe to a service, like a public library audiobook, that is good for 21 days then you have to renew it, or any other subscription where the DRM encrypted wma files have an expiration on them, THIS PLAYER WON'T WORK.
And then you have endure the incredulity of tech support telling you there's nothing wrong with your device, over and over again, like a broken record.
No file-marking feature available. (a real problem if you are listening to books -- you have to fast forward from the beginning of the file)

This was an absolute waste of money! Now I've got to find another player that will take the microSD slot so I don't lose out on that too.
It's as if they never ran it through quality control before releasing it. All these problems could have easily been caught before production -- and now they refuse to even acknowledge that the problems exist. "There's nothing wrong with your mp3 player" "There's nothing wrong with your mp3 player" "There's nothing wrong ...

By jdarr0 - Jun 28, 2007

SanDisk Sansa C240 1GB MP3 player.

Strengths: Easy setup, excellent performance, it took me less than 30 min. unpack, loand down and play. This is my second one, I love it.

Weakness: Everything is perfect.

I recomend this item, the sound is very good. The menu is very easy and the LCD screen is very good like the sound. Thank you Price Grabber for search the best price!

By urunancy2002 - Feb 8, 2007

Nice little player

Strengths: Price, storage, expansion...

Weakness: Owners manual.

Great little player. Syncing is easy with WMP v11 and it holds a good number of songs. I am expanding with a Micro SD so I won't have to edit the playlists. I have ripped all my CDs and just stored 4&5 stars so far.

By Lowbottom - May 4, 2007

Fantastic MP3 player

Strengths: Small size, great sound, easy to use, durable.

Weakness: none

Love this little player! The size plus the low cost made this purchase a great deal! The only thing is that I wish it came with a carrying case but nothing wrong with the product. Highly recommend this!

By Linda J.; - May 31, 2007

Severe heat sensitivity

Strengths: Easy, versatile interface, drag'n'drop file copying, internal battery, expandable SD card slot

Weakness: Extreme heat sensitivity! Proprietary USB cable, no SDHC card support

I've had this MP3 player for about 6 months and at first was very impressed with its versatility and battery life and its easy, straightforward playing of the MP3s I fed it. Later I discovered its extreme sensivity to heat (don't DARE let it sit in the sun if you want to use it) as it will freeze after becoming anything more than "warm" in your hand. This is its greatest fault and downfall. If files are corrupted, you'll have to use the internal format command to wipe its internal memory and refill it with files. It now no longer will boot past the splash screen after the latest "overheating" incident in which I tried to transfer files to it while it sat in a ~90 degree room.
When overheating is not an issue, it is a breeze to use with my computer to transfer files. The battery life is very nice on the internal rechargeable (I HATE replacing AAAs).
As long as you're willing to keep it refrigerated while using it, you should have no problems. I find it unacceptable.

By truesanity - May 4, 2009

SANSA C240 v2

Strengths: Price

Weakness: Hit or miss functionality

I wanted a cheap mp3 player and I got just that. Firmware on this is buggy. I upgraded firmware and my problems doubled. Micro SD could not be read by this device. Songs cut out in mid song and I had to power down/up to reset. When connected to PC, the player does not read available memory accurately.......Needless to say, I got a bad one and returned it and bought something else...My advice: spend a little more and get a decent player...

By greglgolf - Mar 15, 2009

SanDisk Sansa C240 1GB MP3 player

Strengths: Compact, style, good sound quality, color display, with FM, SD slot

Weakness: None so far

I bought this player as a Christmas present to my kid. The unit is compact in size and the style is not bad at all. The sound quality is good but not superb. 1GB can store a lot of songs. The color display looks nice but of course not as sophisticated iPod. It has FM radio. It also has a built-in mic for recording. The SD expansion slot is very helpful if you have more than 1GB of songs. The built-in rechargable battery has a good battery life. On thing I don't like built-in battery is that you cannot replace it without paying a very high price. Rechangable battery has a limited life span.

By goodrisktaker - Mar 26, 2007

Awesome alternative to nano

Strengths: Small form factor , rechargeable battery. Epxandable! FM radio

Weakness: The MSC and USB modes have some interoperability bugs. USB is not a standard (used only by Sandisk players)

This player is good alternative to the nano. It is very small, not quite a thin as the nano , but it is comfortable for everyday use.

The MSC/USB connection is not interchangeable. So, if you load songs up in one mode, you cannot see them on your computer while the device is in the other mode.

Overall, with all the feature it offers, it is a great buy for the money.

By mudfoot - Feb 8, 2007

Sandisk Sansa C240 1GB

Sandisk Sansa C240 1GB receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 1.52 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #167 flash drive MP3 player of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value,...
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Audio is Average according to 4 MP3 Player experts. -- "the best its the best it got good sound quality it got good durabilty it got good ease of downloading music and the cost of benefit was good to." -- "The Sansa c200 is compatible with MP3s and both protected and unprotected WMA files." -- "Sound quality is fair to poor; music sounded...
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